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301 redirect to a URL with WWW/IIS 301 redirect to a domain name starting with WWW

Prerequisites for using this method 1: You have control over the server and can operate IIS 2: You need to create two sites, one without WWW and the other with www. If your website is, then the was included for other reasons. And what you want is that is included At this time, we need to redirect to 301.

Website 301 Optimization Blog: site do 301 redirect after the impact of ranking and phenomenon

Now more and more webmaster to do 301 turn more and more attention, most stationmaster think do 301 after Baidu's attitude can use three words to describe: "Not reliable!". In the end what is the phenomenon that formed stationmaster's this kind of understanding? Next, we will use two station instance analysis: 301 REDIRECT

Setting method for 301 redirects under IIS7.5 (and pseudo-static 301 redirect Error cases) _win server

One, 301 redirect implementation: Our site ( The original domain name is, significantly worse, after changing the domain name, the first thing to do is naturally 301 redirect. One caveat: even if you are not changing the domain name, you should also consider "B.Com"

Implementing IIS 301 Redirection (redirect jump) with ISAPI rewrite

32Rewriterule ^/oldpage.html$ Http://[i,o,rp,l] # Isapi_rewrite 3.0 Version[Isapi_rewrite]# 3600 = 1 hourCacheclockrate 3600Repeatlimit 32Rewriterule ^/oldpage.html$ Http://[nc,l,r=301,o] Note: Isapi_rewrite 1.3 is an older version of the current domestic application that can be used for URL rewriting, but is not suitable for true 301 redirects. It is recomme

Website 301 redirect How to set

the following 301 jump{Header (' http/1.1 301 Moved permanently '); Issue 301 HeadHeader (' location: '. $the _url); Jump to the URL with www}?>Note: The code if ($the _host!== ' ') in the "!==" is not exactly equal to the meaning, you can also use "! =" does not mean that, in addition to the can be redi

Website Technology---301 redirect

Permanent page removal (301 redirects ) is a very important "auto-steering" technology. One of the most feasible ways to redirect URLs. When a user or a search engine makes a browse request to the Web server, one of the status codes in the header information in the HTTP data stream returned by the server indicates that the page is permanently transferred to another address. Domain OrientationThe change of r

Detailed 301 Redirect and implementation method

One, what is 301 redirect301 Redirect (or call 301 jump, 301 turn) is a user or search engine spider to the site server to make access requests, the service returns the HTTP data stream header part of the status code of one, indicating that this site is permanently transferred to another address. Other common status co

Detailed 301 Redirect

A lot of students can't figure out what 301 is. and the impact of 301 on search engines? How do you set up the final 301? So write this article. This article gives you a full understanding of 301 redirects, clear 301 redirects. What is 3

Win2008 R2 iis7/iis7.5 System http redirection (301 redirect) graphics and text method _win Server

First of all, learn about redirects, commonly used redirect methods are: Redirect, 302 redirect and Meta Fresh.when do I need to do 301 redirects?If you want to change the domain name, you can do 301 Redirect to achieve the search

6 simple steps to quickly fix Z-blog site 301 redirect

My z-blog new station in the completion of the classification home static optimization, after a few days to see a snapshot of Baidu daily update, included also normal, can be the key word ranking is still not up, I think this situation should have a great relationship with the weight. Yesterday to check Baidu Snapshot, only to find that there is a www and no www two home snapshots, while the internal page snapshots are all with the www. This just remember that the site did not do php asp JSP 301 redirect Code (set) _ Other synthesis

1, Linux host redirectGoDaddy Liunx host, GoDaddy itself has supported Apache, So you can create a. htaccess file directly, in general, you can't create it locally. htaccess can create a txt format file, and then rename it to ". htaccess" when uploaded to the root directory. A lot of tutorials on how to do 301 redirects on the web, whether it's a whole-station redirect or a single page

Analysis website 301 redirect implementation method, including Iis,apache,asp,php method _ website Application

Permanent page removal (301 redirects) is a very important "automatic steering" technology. First, give a tool to detect server header information, simply to see if your site 301 is successful. Do not underestimate this 301, if you are made into 302 or something, your station may be to let you happy to let you worry. Detection address: Http://www.seoconsultants

ASP. ASP 301 Redirect Implementation code _php tutorial

A lot of online tutorials on how to do 301 redirects, whether it's a full-site redirect or a single-page redirect. Take my www.bKjia.c0m for example, because many times you do not have a standalone server or your Apache does not support the. haccess file, and so on, you have to use the scripting language to instance 301

301 Implementation Method of redirect

Permanent page removal (301 redirects) is a very important "automatic steering" technology. 301 redirect can promote search engine optimization effect From the perspective of Search engine optimization, 301 redirect is the most feasible method of Web site redirection. When

Nginx the next 301 ways to redirect domain names _nginx

Linux Nginx 301 Redirect Jump method Summary, there is a need for friends to refer to. The first case: access to the AAAAAAA station directed to the BBBBBBBBBBB station Copy Code code as follows: server { Server_naaaaaaame; Rewrite ^ (. *)$1 permaaaaaaanent; } In the second case: not all redirects to the AAAAAAA station are redirecte

Apache use. htaccess file Implementation 301 Redirect Common methods

From a search engine optimization perspective, the current 301 redirect is the most feasible way to redirect the site directory changes. After you change the address using 301 Redirect, the search engine will only index the new address, but also the old address under the ori

Unified URL Standardization: A comprehensive analysis of virtual host 301 redirect

301 redirects can transfer multiple domain weights to specific domain names to enhance the unique allocation of domain name weights. On the other hand, after the domain name is replaced, use 301 redirect to the old domain name weight, redirect to the new domain name above. This 301

301 redirect Code and methods

301 redirect Code and methods 301 Redirects under PHP    Header ("http/1.1 moved Permanently"); Header ("Location:"); ? 301 redirects under ASP Response.status= "Moved Permanently" Response.AddHeader "Location", "Http://" %> Asp. NET,

WWW or no WWW is not the same! Fix with htaccess 301 redirect

use "www." in front of the domain name (example: ),And some of them do not. it is very common that both options will take you to the same place on the Internet, or at least the same information. that still does not mean search engines see it the same way as humans. You can skip right to the bottom of this article to read the fix for this, but I think you will benefit by first understanding what is wrong, and why you shoshould fix it.Note: Even if both versions of WWW or without

Website 301 redirect Answer

new domain page of the homepage will have any impact?A: The new Domain Home page will replace the old domain home page, the new domain name only inherit the old domain name of the home page properties, but will not produce 1+1>2 effect. The old domain name is still available for a short period of time, but over time, the old domain name will eventually be erased from the database due to quality degradation.Sometime, since a lot of webmaster friends concerned about the site

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