setup git server windows 7

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git authoritative guide (note)

git authoritative guideJump to: Navigation, search Directory 1 initial knowledge of Git 2 git installation 3 git initialization 4 git staging Area (stage) 5 git objects 6 git reset 7 git

Git server setup and Client installation

Git server setup and Client installationOutline:I. Preface2. Build a Git Server Install the Git server in yum Create a git user to run the git Service Create a client logon Certificate Initialize Git Repository Disable shell Logon Clone remote

"Git" ubuntu12.04 landscaping gitweb__web

In the previous article, we installed a gitweb, the feeling of the interface is very difficult to see Ah, Firefox than Chrome look a little better. To beautify

Git basic operations

Git basic operations Git clone [-B branch name] chenlong @ http: // project/admin. git Default master branch without-B Parameter Git clone http: // project/admin. gitGit clone-progress-v http: // project/admin. git Git.exe clone-progress-v "http: //

Install and use Git standalone version

Install and use Git standalone version Introduction: Git is an open-source distributed version control system. It is one of the most popular and advanced version control software today.Git is a distributed version control system. On the contrary,

Version tool management----GIT

How to view hidden folders:If you don't see the. git directory, you need to make the hidden files visible. This is done by opening a terminal window and entering the following command:Defaults write appleshowallfiles TRUEIn order to

Common git-related knowledge and commands

install git program Contos Yum Install–y Epel-release Yum install–y git Ubuntu Sudo apt-get Install git Install on Windows Https:// The final step is required after Setup is complete git config--global

Build a git server in Ubuntu

Recently, the company was preparing to enable git to manage the company's projects. Under the guidance of the CTO header, it finally completed the configuration of the GIT server. Before using git, you must first define several concepts: git server,

7. Construction and simple operations of git server gitolite

Recently, people are relatively lazy. In order to change their skills, they decided to take the time to learn new technologies. These new technologies are currently not very demanding, you only need to get started. Because I only spent three or four

Install git server on centos

1. Yum install lrzsz wget git 2. Install gitosis: gitosis is a git user permission management system. It manages user permissions by managing the/home/git/. Ssh/authorized_key file on the server. It is a python module package. # Yum install

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