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A double-click Hot standby for MySQL database setup in Linux environment

Preparing the serverBecause the Binlog format may not be the same in different versions of MySQL (binary log), the best combination is the MySQL version of the primary (master) server and the same or lower from the (Slave) server version, and the

MySQL Cluster tutorial (iii) MySQL multi-instance (multiple database) setup

MySQL Cluster tutorial (iii)MySQL multi-instance (multiple database) setupMulti-Instance Overview:MySQL multi-instance refers to the installation of MySQL, we can start a Linux server at the same time multiple MySQL database (instance), do not need

MySQL for Linux database installation process

MySQL for Linux database installation processL installation Version: Mysql-advanced-5.6.12-linux-glibc2.5-x86_64.tar.gz, this version is a green version, just need to extract it to the relevant directory.PS: This installation method is not a common

Linux setup MySQL database encoding UTF8

Reprint AddressHttp:// the MySQL database, when the inserted data cannot support Chinese, the encoding set of the database can be set to UTF8, so the database encoding set and other character encodings are

MySQL database server Setup and basic management

1. Install MySQL DatabaseDownload from official website RPM Package: bundles for the current system bundle Collection Package[Email protected] Desktop ]# tar-vxf

Linux under Php+mysql+apache configuration process

The following software is required:apache:http://www.apache.orgMysql:http://www.mysql.comphp: Http://

MySQL Database Learning Note (i)----installation and configuration of MySQL-5.6.21 (Setup edition)

"Development Environment"Physical machine Version: Win 7 Ultimate Edition (64-bit)MySQL version: Version 5.5.40MSI (64-bit)First, the database type:(1) Relational database(2) Object-oriented database(3) XML databaseThe current mainstream is the

MySQL Cluster configuration basic command usage and one operation process record _ MySQL

This article mainly introduces the use of basic commands in the MySQL Cluster configuration process. The example of two node connections is provided in the real-time recording. For more information, see the following. 1. check whether you should use

Linux setup MySQL database encoding UTF8

Gbk:create database test2 DEFAULT CHARACTER SET GBK COLLATE gbk_chinese_ci;Utf8:create DATABASE ' test2 ' DEFAULT CHARACTER SET UTF8 COLLATE utf8_general_ciReprint AddressHttp:// the MySQL database, when

The basic commands used for MySQL cluster configuration and the real-time operation process,

The basic commands used for MySQL cluster configuration and the real-time operation process, 1. Check whether you should use a MySQL cluster. Reduce the pressure on the data center nodes and process large data volumes. MySQL is distributed and one

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