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Inno Setup determines whether the Windows system version (in fact, Delphi code, can also check the domain controller and the Home Edition)

. ', Mbcriticalerror, MB_OK, MB_OK); Result:=False; Exit; End; //in Windows XP, check the SP2 ifVersion.ntplatform and(Version.major=5) and(Version.minor=1) and(Version.servicepackmajor2) Then beginSuppressiblemsgbox ('when you run Windows XP, you must install Service Pack 2. ', Mbcriticalerror, MB_OK, MB_OK); Result:=False; Exit; End; Result:=True;End;Https://

Samsung Galaxy CORE Max (g5108q) Press the home key to answer the phone setup tutorial

1. We click on the "Phone" icon in Galaxy CORE Max to open it.2. Then, as shown in the picture, I click on the three Point "menu" button, select "Set" to open the entry, details such as the figure.3. Click on the "Call" option, and then I open the entry.4. Click on the "answer/End call" option to open into the picture.5. Click on the "main screen key to answer the phone" to check it, you can turn on the home page key to answer the call.And then we jus

Home wireless Network router Setup multi-SSID Tutorial

Many families and small and medium-sized enterprises have set up a wireless network, the most commonly used device is the wireless router, which focuses on the wireless AP and broadband router functions. The use of wireless routers, mobile users can have wireless network card equipment to connect to wireless networks, so as to achieve mobile interoperability, for the general user, wireless router after the purchase, after a simple setup may work, or e

My e-Home wireless router Setup

Some people say, set up my e-Home router is not the same as the normal router, but if you really are the same as the normal settings, with network cable to connect, then it is a waste ah. Here is a look at small knitting to teach you how to do my e-Home wireless router Setup method. Step one, before setting up the router, we must know the Internet account number

How to use ASP to generate a home page like the Setup Wizard

How the Setup Wizard uses ASP to produce the home page of the Setup Wizard What are the main problems facing them: 1. The interface is exactly the same as a Windows wizard, with the Next and Back buttons 2. Users can use the Back button to return to any previous step and can change what has been selected in any previous step 3. Form must remember all the content

App-side home page htm simple setup

App-side home page htm simple setup

Home Router Setup method

Basic Home Routing Settings 1, the 4-port 10/100m switch is usually embedded, and the installation is very simple. When you apply for a broadband connection, the ISP will install the line for you, you only need to connect the incoming line (the network cable or Adslmodem LAN port) to the router's WAN (WAN) interface, and then connect the router's LAN (LAN) interface to the hub, switch or computer network card. 2, the router supports commonly used th

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