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Setup Apache + PHP + MySql on Windows 10

The below steps recorded my experiences to setup the Apache + PHP + MySql on my Windows 10.1. Download Apache http Server from HTTP://WWW.APACHEHAUS.COM/CGI-BIN/DOWNLOAD.PLX, unzip and put it to C:\ApacheServer.2. Download php from, unzip and put to C:\PHP.3. Download Mysql from Https:// in

Windows 10 System Setup automatic connect wireless network tutorial

If you want to automatically connect to the network is actually very simple as long as you click on the network "automatic connection" and then selected, this can be, as shown below. Method One: 1, the left mouse computer "network icon" as shown below; 2, then in the pop-up interface click on "Automatic Connection" selected after we click "Connection" can be. Method Two: 1, in the taskbar to the right of the notification area of the "Network icon" on the right button t

Inno Setup Introduction (10)--operation Registry & self-starter program

}"; components:help; Flags:isreadme[Registry]; Key values in the registry for this segment of the handlerROOT:HKLM; Subkey:software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run; valuetype:string; Valuename:test; Valuedata:{app}\ipmsg.exe; Flags: uninsdeletevalue Next to the end, after the installation is complete, you can check the registry:Indeed added to the registry to go, through the Jinshan Guardian also confirmed this point:Since the flag bit u

Quick FIX: Windows Setup cannot configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware

withManual OperationMsoobe.ext Enable the configuration method,Quick FIX: Windows Setup cannot configure Windows to run on this computer's hardwareI installed my own encounter is blue this error, the following this also has netizens said to install the driver and other methods to solve.Note: The main content of this article is transferred from other netizens, I w

WINDOWS8 10 Setup program for system default browser

Starting with Win8, Ms modifies the way files and protocols are associated, and normal registry modifications are not valid.You must use Group Policy object GP. Windows-8-associate-a-file-type-or-protocol-with-a-specific-app-using-a-gpo-e-g-default-mail-client-for-mailto-protocol.a SpxHttps://

10 things you need to know to install the Windows 10 preview

Player unable to play DVDs and remove Windows Media from the upgraded Windows 8.1 Professional Edition Center. If you have an extra computer, test the preview version on it. But most users should install Windows 10 Technology Preview in a virtual machine, or create a new hard disk partition to make up a dual system.

Dockone technology Sharing (13): 10 questions take you to know Windows Docker

relationship between the container and the sandbox?Once saw a great comment, must share to you: Sandboxing is focused in just security with code isolation. Containers has some security code isolation, but it's not the only or primary purpose. One-to-think about containers are as a layered/quarantined filesystem which makes it quick/easy/lightweight to run an A Pplication and also makes the application (in the container) very portable. As we can see, in

WINDOWS XP Ultimate Setup (painstaking edition) 1th/2 page _ Application Tips

Windows XP Ultimate Setup Windows XP Ultimate Setup (painstaking edition) Statement: The above data are collected from the Internet from the collation, I have not one by one test, so in the change to be careful, do a backup, preparedness, hehe. First, system optimization settings. 1. Delete

Windows Media Services Server SETUP

Microsoft's website.Before introducing the setup of Windows Media Server, let's first understand what stream media is, What Is unicast and multicast "; what are professional technologies such as "on-demand broadcast release point" and "broadcast release point" and Microsoft's proprietary terms.Streaming MediaStreaming Media, as its name suggests, can be regarded as a mobile media. It transmits digital medi

Windows XP Ultimate Setup System Optimization Chapter _windowsxp

' to ' manual ' or ' disabled '.    6, speed up the XP switch machine 1) shorten the waiting time Open Registry Editor, find Hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetcontrol, Set the WaitToKillServiceTimeout to: 1000 or less. (Original Set Value: 20000) Find the Hkey_current_usercontrol paneldesktop key and turn the right window Waittokillapptimeout to 1000 (the original Set value: 20000) is to close the program only wait 1 seconds. Change the Hungapptimeout value to: 200 (original Set

Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Development Series (1): Environment setup (Reprinted from Jake Lin)

Windows Phone 7 and the points of attention during the setup. Environment Construction System Requirements For Windows Phone 7 development, the development computer must meet the following requirements: * One of the two operating systems: Windows 7 and Windows Vista SP2. Bo

Zhaoyang K49, E49 installation or modification of Windows XP system Setup Instructions

Reason Analysis:Because Microsoft no longer provides Windows XP system technical support, the computer uses the hardware technology design time no longer consider XP system compatibility. In addition, with the development of hardware technology, the XP system released more than 10 years ago cannot support the new hardware technology platform. Therefore, the new model does not recommend installing the XP sys

Automatic landing Setup method for Windows xp/2000/2003 system

; "Security Options", double-click "Interactive logon: Do not need to press Ctrl+alt+del" on the right 5. Select "Enabled" and click "OK" At this point, the boot does not need to press "Ctrl-alt-delete". Part Two, remove the boot login window After completing the previous steps, the login window still appears 6. "Start"-> "Run 7. Enter "Control Userpasswords2" and click "OK" 8. In the "Native user", click the user who will automatically log on, and here, for example, "Administrator": 9.

Windows System installation Error "Setup cannot locate an existing system partition or create a new system partition"

Knowledge Point Analysis: When you install a Windows system, it often occurs when you choose to install the partition interface prompt, "Setup cannot locate an existing system partition, or create a new system partition", sometimes by removing all of the existing partitions, the repartition can be resolved. In some cases (such as the addition of SSD, new hard disk, etc.) repartition can not be resolved.

Setup and configuration of php + SQL Server Apache + php + mysql in windows

Setup and configuration of php + SQL Server Apache + php + mysql in windows Setup and configuration of php + SQL Server Apache + php + mysql in windows Php is fast and secure because of its high execution speed (compared with asp, it cannot be better than jsp. ICBC uses jsp or Microsoft to help it ). Because iis requi

The ultimate tip of Windows XP acceleration Setup _windowsxp

file, as long as you copy the installation files, you can do so.) Since you have nothing to say about this, 6, My Documents, ie temporary folder to other disk (partition). (at the same time to the system speed, and hard drive are good, if the use of dual systems, it is best to put both systems of IE temporary files in the same folder, so as to speed up the space to save) 7, the virtual memory also transferred to other disk. (is to put these things in peace temporary download files in a small

Detailed setup steps for Windows Server 2003 load Balancing (reprint)

which the user is connected cannot be persisted between sessions, so the list of clusters in the left pane is empty each time the Network Load Balancing Manager is started. However, the user can save the list to a text file and load the text file at a later time when the tool is launched. Execute the File/Save host list/load host List command sequentially in the Network Load Balancing Manager window (10). , NB Sp Other eve

Windows Server 2008 Server File Share Server Setup

) this.width=650; "src=" "style=" float: none; "title=" 26.png "alt=" Wkiom1vlw9oypqmqaaga9vmril4881.jpg "/>650) this.width=650; "src=" "style=" float: none; "title=" 27.png "alt=" Wkiol1vlxuehkv87aag15htcuuo644.jpg "/>650) this.width=650; "src=" "style=" float: none; "title=" 28.png

Installation and setup of IIS (Windows version)

according to the selection.4. Click OK to start the installation and finish.5. After the installation is complete, go back to the Control Panel and click Administration Tools6. Double-click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager7. Click Default Web Site, double-click the ASP option on the right, click Enable parent path, select True, and then click Apply on the right.8. Click on the Coursecenter website on the left, set the Site directory, click Advanced Settings on the right, and in the p

MySQL Windows ZIP-free setup and startup

Tags: mysql free install versionMySQL Windows zip free install, set up and start the process is actually quite troublesome. The following step-by-step article describes the process used:1. Download windows (x86, 64-bit), ZIP Archive:2. Unzip the zip file3, copy the My-default.ini under MySQL, create My.ini under the same directory. Simple configuration:Basedir = d:/mysql-5.6.22-winx64DataDir = D:/mysql-5.6.

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