setup rsync between two servers

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A tutorial on using rsync

Contents Introduction How does it work? Setting up a server Using rsync itself Rsync on the net Introduction Rsync is a wonderful little utility that's amazingly easy to set up on your machines. rather than have a scripted FTP session, or

Web site mirroring and backup with Rsync [reprint]

Brief introductionFor small and medium-sized businesses or websites that choose Linux as an application platform, they often face problems with remote backup of data or mirror images of the site, although there are commercially available backup and

Rsync+inotify implementing real-time synchronization of directory files between servers (RPM)

Software Introduction:1.rsyncCompared with the traditional methods of CP and Tar Backup, rsync has the advantages of high security, fast backup, support of incremental backup, and so on, rsync canTo address the requirements of low-real-time data

Rsync file synchronization tool,

Rsync file synchronization tool, Some time ago, due to the needs of the company, we needed to synchronize and save the backup files. Later we thought of the file synchronization work Rsync which we are all most familiar with, so we had a great

Linux File System synchronization

Synchronization is the writing of dirty pages in physical memory to disk, ensuring that the contents of the disk and physical pages are consistent.When to trigger a sync operation:1. periodic kernel threads, scan dirty pages, select dirty pages

SSH requires no password key login

Excerpt a On the machine.1) Run: ssh-keygen-t RSA2) Then take two returns (select default)3) Run:Ssh-copy-id-i/root/.ssh/ [email protected]or ordinary users:Ssh-copy-id [email protected]4) Re-enter the root password on the 16

Operation and maintenance automation deployment of Linux operating system using Cobbler automation

What is 1.Cobbler?Cobbler is a Linux installation server that can quickly set up a network installation environment. It automates and slipstreams many Linux-related tasks, so you don't need to switch back and forth between a wide variety of commands

Overview and architecture of puppet

1. OverviewPuppet is an open source software automation configuration and Deployment tool, which is easy to use and powerful, and is getting more and more attention, and now many large IT companies are using puppet to manage and deploy the software

Overview of mail systems under Linux

There are many packages under Linux that can implement standard mail services. Unix/linux e-mail system model can be divided into the mail delivery Agent MTA, mail storage and acquisition agent MSA, and mail client Agent MUA three modules. Although

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