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What is the shader model in the video card?

Shader model (commonly referred to as SM in 3D graphics) is "Optimizing the rendering Engine mode". Shader (rendering or coloring) is a program that can operate on 3D objects and be executed by the GPU. With these programs, programmers are able to get the most desired 3D graphics

How to view the computer graphics card model?

Now the computer has become our favorite, not only the internet to look up information, but also play games to watch movie entertainment, so that the computer has become our life a good companion. Some computer enthusiasts do not know how to look at the computer graphics card model and configuration, we are here today is mainly to explain how to see the computer

Graphics card model

The most complex part of a video card model should be an English letter after the model. Because it represents that although the video card uses the same graphics core, but the market positioning is different. The most troublesome thing is that the suffixes used by ATI and N

Win7 How to look at the graphics card model?

User questions, I like to play the dark destruction God game, know Diablo 3 to launch a new copy, so want to play, but I do not know the computer (Win7 system) graphics card can run the game, so I would like to check their own computer graphics card

How to view the model of a laptop graphics card in Windows/Linux

How to view the model of a laptop graphics card in Windows/Linux In Windows/Linux, how does one view the laptop graphics card model and laptop graphics

3 minutes to figure out the credit scoring card model _DM

approaches: doing dummy variables, and doing the target based variable coding. The dummy variable is a relatively natural operation, for example, an independent variable m has 3 kinds of values are m1,m2,m3, then can construct two dummy variable m1,m2: When M takes M1, M1 takes 1 and M2 0; When m takes M2, M1 takes 0 and M2 1; when M takes M3, M1 take

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