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[SharePoint 2010] How to install a SharePoint Web site with multi-lingual support

language files in the near future when it is launched.First, you need to download the SharePoint 2010 Simplified Chinese language file and install it on the installed SharePoint 2010 server.After the installation, the SharePoint Products and Configuration Wizard is then exe

SharePoint 2010/2013 How to see what site templates are used for existing sites new

This article describes how SharePoint 2010/2013 can view existing sites by using what site templates are new.Believe that many do SharePoint have encountered this problem, in fact this is very simple:Open an existing Web site, press F12 to mediate the IE debugger, search for

"Go" Change my Site in SharePoint Server 2010

When you install SharePoint Server 2010, the first site that is created is a "NetBIOS name" site, and at this time, "My Site" (or "personal site") is also based on this NetBIOS name, for example, If your computer name is SP2010, t

SharePoint 2010 Site Backup Restore Brief Introduction

the restore, the management center of the poor, do not know that SharePoint itself is a problem, or other problems, but this backup can be used to restore the command line, we refer to the above command line. There is a reference to the time, there are said to choose the template is not the same time, the site recovery will be problematic, I in the recovery, the

Sharepoint 2010 Custom WebService cannot find a site application problem

Error description: Net Development WebService invokes the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll server-side object model, there are applications that cannot find the Web site, or there are 500 errors. Error screenshot: [WebService call page ERROR] System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Find a WEB application that is not in place in http://localhost. Verify that you typed the URL correctly. If the URL needs to provide existing content, the system administrator may n

SharePoint 2010 Workflow Solution Creation custom Site Workflow Activity

Create a custom Web site workflow Activity First, create a project that contains and tests the custom workflow activity. Create a Site Workflow custom activity Item 1. Display the New Project dialog box by pointing to New on the File menu and clicking New Project. 2. Expand the SharePoint node under Visual C #, and then click

Practical SharePoint 2010 E-Book download site

Recently has been collecting SharePoint2010 information, and occasionally found a site is not bad, recommended to everyone, leather house, there are many SharePoint2010 e-books, Although all are English, but each book to excellence are better than hundreds of RMB, feeling and found treasure like. We are interested can see, to you cut a few pictures to see, quite interesti

SharePoint 2010 site allows anonymous access

SharePoint 2010 allows anonymous access to some SharePoint sites and allows anonymous users to access them. How can this problem be achieved? Follow these steps to enable Anonymous Access. 1. Choose Console> Application Management> Web application management.2. Select the application that you want to change to anonymous access, and click the authentication provid

The relationship of SharePoint 2010/2013/2016 content databases to site collections

"-$ ($_. Name) "; foreach ($site in $_.sites) {write-output $site. URL}}The red Arrow refers to the name of the content database, and the following is the site collection that is stored under that content database.You can see the content database: wss_content_2018 There are two sites below.Question 4: If I know the site

How to enhance your SharePoint Team Site home page

How to enhance your SharePoint Team Site home team site isn't that boring? Just a site with some documents, a list, and maybe a calendar. Here's a very simple way to get your team

Introduction to SharePoint 2010 Site Backup Restore

Today, I tried to SharePoint2010 the website backup and restore, search some documents from the Internet to see, and then try their own, feel and 2007 of the operation is not too much difference, with you to share the way you try the command line and database methods, 2007 of their common is also the two ways. 1, command line way, on the server side, all Programs-Microsoft SharePoint products-sharepoint Ma

Publish the infopath template to the SharePoint site

As we all know, infopath is a powerful electronic form creation tool for convenient control management and rule customization. However, it is inconvenient to use infopath on the client, if you can use the web method, it would be better. In SharePoint 2007 Enterprise Edition of MS, the form service function is provided. You can publish the infopath template to the ShareP

SharePoint 2013 Site Template Development overview

SharePoint development, which has been in contact with designer, is designed to work with Visual Studio, the former design pages, the latter develop features, collaborate with each other, and complete SharePoint site development. Until SharePoint 2013 touches the site

SharePoint Study Notes-site definition series-6. Create a list instance based on a deployed list template

When we create list instances and List Templates, they are all in a soltuion. If other members of our development team have developed and deployed some List Templates, now we need to use the developed list template in our new solution to create our list instance. How can we operate it? Here we take the list template in the custom list definition we created earlie

Workaround: The STP site list template in SharePoint has no way to export to other locales using

First in your English version, export the list or website template, this file may be such a drop: TEMPLATE.STP Name this file TEMPLATE.STP as Unzip this *.cab file In the unpacked folder, you will find a manifest.xml to open it with a text editor The code for this location, such as the one in this article (1031), is replaced with the following location: for example, 2052 1033\sts\ Layouts\10

SharePoint [site definition series]-05. list definition comparison with list template

In the previous article, we tried to use list template to help us quickly create a schema in our list definition. XML file, you may find that we cannot copy the corresponding definition content in the list template.The corresponding content in list definition is different in description, which is normal because list template and list definition are not exactly the same, although they are used to create list

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