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Social features of SharePoint 2013 (ii) features of community sites

after the community site is established, there are commonly used functions, and the administrator should make the settings in advance. @ function. @ features are symbols that are widely used on Weibo and social networking sites. Enter a person's name after @ , and the system will automatically search for it and send a notification email to it. to use the @ feature, first make sure that the server farm's ou

SharePoint 2013 Development--other social features

Blog Address: Http:// previous article describes how to get the related properties of a user profile, which is a small component of the social features of SharePoint 2013. Social features are a great highli

Social features of SharePoint 2013 (a) community sites (Community site)

In the last two years, social networks have risen. SharePoint is also closely following the pace of the Times, in the 2013 version, added the community site. Community site provides a forum function, users can ask questions, others can answer. Moderators can also give medals to those who have contributed.You can turn on community-related functionality in the foll

Post/reply a post by social feeds REST API in SharePoint 2013

'. Social.socialrestpostcreationdata '}, ' ID ': PostID ' creationdata ': { ' __metadata ': {' type ': ' SP '. Social.socialpostcreationdata '}, ' ContentText ': "The Reply content text", ' Updatestatustext ': false}}), headers: {"Accept": "App Lication/json;odata=verbose "," Content-type ":" Application/json;odata=verbose "," X-requestdigest ": $ ( "#__REQUESTDIGEST"). Val ()}, Success:function () {Console.log ("Reply to Success");}, Error:function (

Introduction to SharePoint 2013 Search features

I've also prepared a lot of new SharePoint 2013 features recently in government, such as SharePoint 2013 search. I'll have a chance to talk about Office Web App,workflow. SharePoint 2013

Beginning SharePoint®2013 Development 3rd chapter -- SharePoint 2013 developer tools using Spd to develop SharePoint applications

Beginning SharePoint? 2013 Development 3rd-SharePoint 2013 developer tools use SPD to develop SharePoint applications many developers say they would rather not use SPD as a tool to develop Sharepoint. However, if you do not includ

BEGINNING sharepoint®2013 Development 3rd Chapter--sharepoint 2013 developer Tools Web-based development in SHAREPOINT

BEGINNING SHAREPOINT? Development 3rd Chapter--sharepoint 2013 developer tools as mentioned before in Web-based development in SharePoint, there are several ways to define SharePoint development. As an advanced user, you might use more native

Beginning SharePoint®2013 development 1st chapter -- SharePoint 2013 describes how to handle developers' needs

Sharepoint to create interesting experiences based on your audience requirements. You should always remember these options when designing and building your own SharePoint experience. Expand SharePoint 2013 although SharePoint represents a series of connected apps and

Beginning SharePoint®2013 Development 3rd chapter -- SharePoint 2013 developer tools use Visual Studio 2012 to develop SharePoint

Tab: 2013 SharePoint vs2012Beginning SharePoint? 2013 Development 3rd chapter -- SharePoint 2013 developer tools use Visual Studio 2012 to develop SharePoint applications vs2012 with st

BEGINNING sharepoint®2013 Development 3rd Chapter--sharepoint 2013 developer tools Site Settings

BEGINNING SHAREPOINT? Development 3rd Chapter--sharepoint 2013 developer tools Site Settings One of the main parts of SharePoint that you should be familiar with (if you have) is site settings. You can access the site settings by clicking on the gear icon in the right-hand corner and clicking Site Settings. On this pag

Crawl best practices in SharePoint Server 2013

SharePoint 2013 runs as a Web site in Internet information Services (IIS), administrators and users rely on the accessibility features provided by the browser. SharePoint 2013 supports accessibility features for supported browser

How to configure incoming e-mail messages using Exchange 2013 in SharePoint 2013

The previous article on SharePoint's outgoing e-mail, this article explains how incoming mail should be configured. This article is written according to the structure of the content on TechNet. SharePoint 2013 uses Exchange 2013 to configure outgoing messages First you need to install the SMTP relay server on the SharePoint

Mobile devices and SharePoint 2013-part 5th: Customizing apps

Blog Address: Http:// addressIn this series of articles, the author shows an overview of the most significant new features of SharePoint 2013-Support for mobile devices. This series of articles:mobile Devices and SharePoint 2013-part 1th: Overvie

About SharePoint 2013 Multi-tenancy (i)

implemented in different ways, which affects the design of multi-tenant solutions. To determine the list of service applications available in SharePoint 2013 and their availability between SharePoint versions with Multitenant features, see Services and features in general g

SharePoint 2010/2013 How to see what site templates are used for existing sites new

This article describes how SharePoint 2010/2013 can view existing sites by using what site templates are new.Believe that many do SharePoint have encountered this problem, in fact this is very simple:Open an existing Web site, press F12 to mediate the IE debugger, search for G_wsasitetemplateid in HTML:For example, sts#0 is the site template ID for the current

SharePoint 2013 Configure My Site graphics guide

Blog Address: Http://'s take a look at something about my site (my Sites) in SharePoint.My site is a platform for end users in SharePoint 2013, and in version 2013 it is a central manifestation of the social modules in SharePoint features.My site prov

Microsoft's new Office features: highlighting social and cloud services

touch as naturally as the keyboard and mouse. Users can slide their fingers across the screen or hold their fingers to zoom to read the file. Through the touch of a finger, the user can get new content and use new features. Users can use the stylus to create content, take notes, and use features. A user can reply to a handwritten e-mail message and then automatically convert it to text. Users can use the

SharePoint 2010 upgrade to 2013 time to ensure that users can connect, but cannot change the upgrade data

SharePoint 2010 upgrade to 2013 time to ensure that users can connect, but cannot change the upgrade dataI summarize the steps in red please note their meanings. Step 1: Connect to the content of the SharePoint 2010 database on the SQL DBS. Step 2: Set the read-only state of the SharePoint content database to True. Ste

Optimize SharePoint 2013 sites on mobile devices

organization even further optimizes the mobile site. When a user accesses a Web site, the main site detects users that are accessed from the mobile device and automatically redirects to the mobile version of the site. It's not hard to imagine that building and maintaining two completely different sites is not only costly, but also time consuming. Each update is executed separately. Even so, today's mobile devices are so diverse that the problem is still unresolved. A single mobile site that ca

jquery is introduced in the master page of SharePoint 2013

jquery is introduced in the master page of SharePoint 2013Category: JavaScript SharePoint2013-02-03 22:01 1978 people read comments (0) favorite reports Design Managerjqueryjqueryjqueryjqueryjquerymaster Pagesharepoint 2013 IntroductionThis article describes how to introduce jquery in the master page of SharePoint 2013

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