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SharePoint 2013 Development--sharepoint Designer 2013 Workflows

?Blog Address: Http:// Designer 2013 provides two modes for developers and advanced users to create custom workflows:The text-based designer-the way we've been using it all along.Visual designer-This requires Visio 2013.These two modes can be t

SharePoint create workflow by SharePoint Designer 2013

This article is based primarily on the previous article, create a sample workflow by SharePoint Designer 2013.Here's a brief description of what we need to do to apply workflow: Automatically triggers workflow to update the title value when the Add item is added to the list.First create a Custom list named ' MyList ' Si

Create a service Desk site with SharePoint 2013 to set up mail delivery actions using SharePoint Designer!

After we have completed the release of all the forms, we can create our service ticket based on the form, but there is one more question, how do I send this change email to our end users? This relies on our SharePoint Designer to complete this loop.We can then use our SharePoint Designer to push our email rules. We now

SharePoint 2013 workflows: Using Designer Configuration Sample articles

In SharePoint 2013, support for SharePoint Designer 2013 (SPD) to configure a simple workflow to complete our business needs. Below, let's give a small example of the SPD configuration workflow. 1. First, open the SPD, open the SharePoi

SharePoint 2013 Designer Workflow: Application of Parallel block

In the custom workflow, often encounter such scenes, a certain approval needs to be consulted by more than one person, each of the approvers are independent of each other, that is, each other, simply: "One person through, approval through; one person refused, approval refused". This is like a middle school physics parallel circuit, compared to series circuit, parallel circuit more flexible. In SharePoint workflow, an activity similar to a parallel ci

SharePoint 2013 Workflow Design: Using a visual view of designer

SharePoint 2013 enhances workflow capabilities, and designer also adds a visual Design view, which is similar to Visio's Design view (which requires Visio 2013 support), and here's a quick introduction to using workflows in Visual view. 1, create a list workflow, select the Workflow test list, the following figure:

SharePoint 2013 Workflow Learning: Annual Leave Approval designer configuration

This article describes SharePoint 2013 using the Designer tool, design annual leave approval workflow, because the process of the conditions and operations are relatively simple, so the main presentation, finally attached to the flowchart and flow of the text map, interested can refer to the experiment. If you are not familiar with the

SharePoint 2013 Word Conversion PDF Service Introduction and examples

During SharePoint usage, it is often found that the need to format a document, before you see SharePoint 2013 having a service to convert a PPT to a PDF document, only to discover that SharePoint 2010 begins, There is a service to convert the Word document to

PowerPoint translation PDF in SharePoint 2013 document library

By using PowerPoint Automation Services, you can convert from the PowerPoint binary format (. ppt) and the PowerPoint Open XML file format (. pptx) to another format. For example, you might want to upgrade a batch of PowerPoint 97–2003 files to an Open XML presentation file. You can also create a custom action on the Edit menu to allow users to create a PDF version of the presentation on demand. One, the effect demonstration: 1, create a new PPT doc

Beginning SharePoint®2013 Development 3rd chapter -- SharePoint 2013 developer tools using Spd to develop SharePoint applications

Beginning SharePoint? 2013 Development 3rd-SharePoint 2013 developer tools use SPD to develop SharePoint applications many developers say they would rather not use SPD as a tool to develop Sharepoint. However, if you do not includ

BEGINNING sharepoint®2013 Development 3rd Chapter--sharepoint 2013 developer tools Site Settings

BEGINNING SHAREPOINT? Development 3rd Chapter--sharepoint 2013 developer tools Site Settings One of the main parts of SharePoint that you should be familiar with (if you have) is site settings. You can access the site settings by clicking on the gear icon in the right-hand corner and clicking Site Settings. On this pag

One of SharePoint Server 2013: set sail for SharePoint

. SharePoint 2013 has three versions: Free Foundation, paid standard edition, and Enterprise Edition. Their functions are different, after finding some information, I found the following table, which clearly describes the differences between different versions. Let's take a look. If you want to see the original version, click the link at the end to download the PDF

Use SharePoint Designer to customize the development of employee logbook system instances!

2010. with SharePoint Designer 2010, you can create data-rich Web pages, build powerful solutions that support workflows, and design the appearance of your Web site. You can create a wide variety of sites, from small project management team sites to dashboard-driven Enterprise Portal solutions. SharePoint Designer 20

Count SharePoint 2013 for those great development tools

Count SharePoint 2013 for those great development toolsCategory: SharePoint2014-07-18 20:33 277 People read Comments (0) favorite reports CAML Designer 2013Caml Designer is a tool that helps generate CAML queries to query the SharePoint list. It can be said that there is

PerformancePoint Services in SharePoint 2013

IntroductionPerformancePoint Services is a SharePoint Server service application. It enables users to create business intelligence (BI) dashboards that provide insight into an organization ' s performance. You can create a custom reports, filters, tabular data sources, and scorecard transforms to extend the native functionality of PerformancePoint Services. Http:// Extensibility archit

Introduction to SharePoint 2013 Search features

I've also prepared a lot of new SharePoint 2013 features recently in government, such as SharePoint 2013 search. I'll have a chance to talk about Office Web App,workflow. SharePoint 2013 's search is powerful, especially in the s

Implementing responsive Design on SharePoint 2013

in the SharePoint implement responsive design aboveThis article is translated by Spfarmer RicardoLearn how to SharePoint implementation of a responsive design to allow a Publishing Site There are different displays at different resolutions. We all know that Web designer for a successful sharepoint implementation i

Why are options for the SharePoint 2013 workflow platform not available

Problem description When I wanted to create a SharePoint 2013 workflow, I opened SharePoint 2013 Designer (SPD) and found that there were no options for a SharePoint 2013 workflow. Ori

Default crawl file name extensions and analysis file types in SharePoint 2013

Summary: Learn about the file extensions that SharePoint 2013 crawls by default and the types of files they resolve, so you can learn about the files and supported features that search can crawl.If the list on the Manage File Types page contains a file name extension, the crawl component will crawl only the files. Content processing components can only parse the contents of a crawl file: When it ha

SharePoint 2013 operating document library ECB menu

In the use of SharePoint, we often need to customize a series of SharePoint menus, including the ECB menu. Below, we will briefly understand how the ECB menu is customized and how it works. 1. Normally, the ECB menu of the document library is as follows: 2. Copy the following JavaScript code and add references to the page. 3. Hide View/Edit attributes; The effect is as follows: 4. Hide a Workflow Resul

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