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SharePoint 2010 Workflow Solution to import SharePoint Designer Reusable Workflow vs

Import a SharePoint Designer reusable workflow into Visual Studio Workflows created in SharePoint Designer (that is, declarative workflows) consist of XML statements, not code. SharePoint Des

SharePoint create workflow by SharePoint Designer 2013

This article is based primarily on the previous article, create a sample workflow by SharePoint Designer 2013.Here's a brief description of what we need to do to apply workflow: Automatically triggers workflow to update the title v

Designing a SharePoint 3.0 workflow with SharePoint Designer 2007

This is an example of a SharePoint 3.0 workflow designed with Officesharepoint Designer 2007. Scene a example of a programme revision. The analysis of the process, design and implementation of the description are more detailed than the effect. You can take a look at all the interesting SharePoint or WF. Scene descrip

Developing a circular workflow using SharePoint designer

Introduction We all know that there are two development (Design) methods for Sharepoint workflows: SharePoint designer and Visual Studio. L using Visual Studio, developers can flexibly develop SharePoint workflows by coding. L using SharePoint

SharePoint 2013 Designer Workflow: Application of Parallel block

In the custom workflow, often encounter such scenes, a certain approval needs to be consulted by more than one person, each of the approvers are independent of each other, that is, each other, simply: "One person through, approval through; one person refused, approval refused". This is like a middle school physics parallel circuit, compared to series circuit, parallel circuit more flexible. In SharePoint

An error occurred while designing workflow in SharePoint designer. What should I do?

It seems that this problem is really tricky, because it is a built-in usage method provided by Sharepoint, it is difficult to see the error information, but it is not impossible. There is a hidden list in the SharePoint site called workflow history. You can use the information in this list to help you view the running status of

SharePoint 2013 Workflow Design: Using a visual view of designer

SharePoint 2013 enhances workflow capabilities, and designer also adds a visual Design view, which is similar to Visio's Design view (which requires Visio 2013 support), and here's a quick introduction to using workflows in Visual view. 1, create a list workflow, select the Workfl

SharePoint 2013 Workflow Learning: Annual Leave Approval designer configuration

This article describes SharePoint 2013 using the Designer tool, design annual leave approval workflow, because the process of the conditions and operations are relatively simple, so the main presentation, finally attached to the flowchart and flow of the text map, interested can refer to the experiment. If you are not familiar with the

SharePoint designer workflow is not updated

When you use spd2010 to update a workflow, you may save and publish, but when you go back to test your workflow, you will find that the old version is still used. The solution is: % SYSTEM drive %\ Users \ % USER % \ appdata \ Local \ Microsoft \ websitecache \ Delete the folder corresponding to your website, close SPD, open it again, and then publish the workflow

SharePoint Workflow architecture (1) Integration of SharePoint and Workflow Runtime, sharepointworkflow

SharePoint Workflow architecture (1) Integration of SharePoint and Workflow Runtime, sharepointworkflow According to Andy Li, I have read the best and most thorough article on SharePoint Workflow architecture. After reading his ar

SharePoint Workflow Architecture (i) combination of SharePoint and workflow runtime

[Translator Press] Andy Li's article is the best and most thorough article I've ever seen about the SharePoint workflow architecture. By reading his article, I was clearly aware of the workings of SharePoint workflow and knew how to find a problem when I encountered a problem. Therefore, I hope to be helpful to the dev

SharePoint Workflow visualization visual workflow design.

SharePoint Workflow visualization visual workflow design. SharePoint is a powerful platform that offers a number of useful features that help us a lot in our daily work. A recent project used workflow, so I learned some ways to share the visual development

SharePoint workflow solution (1): ordered workflow and state machine Workflow

SharePoint workflows are based on the Workflow Foundation. Let's talk about WF first. Only by having a correct understanding of WF can we find the SharePoint workflow solution. Two of the most notable features of the Workflow Foundation Directly supporting the State Mac

SharePoint workflow errors: Descriptions, resolutions and workarounds

Transferred from Blogspot address (days do not allow access): the following table lists some of the common errors that can occur in a workflow developed using SharePoint designer. A shor

Silverlight Open-Source Workflow designer and silverlight Workflow

[Switch] Silverlight Open-Source Workflow designer and silverlight Workflow Statement This workflow is a self-designed passive data trigger mode workflow. There are no existing workflow design standards (such as WFMC or WSFL) or i

Infopath + designer WorkFlow Design 2-WorkFlow Design

1:Set the working status = the workflow is being started. Please refresh Operation 2:Use data connection for submission Click "add" to create a data connection and submit the wizard. Select New connection. Because data is submitted, select submit data only here. List library submitted to SharePoint Set the form library address (that is, the address to which the current form library

SharePoint 2010 Workflow Solution Creation custom Site Workflow Activity

Create a custom Web site workflow Activity First, create a project that contains and tests the custom workflow activity. Create a Site Workflow custom activity Item 1. Display the New Project dialog box by pointing to New on the File menu and clicking New Project. 2. Expand the SharePoint node under Visual C #, and

SharePoint 2013 Development--sharepoint Designer 2013 Workflows

?Blog Address: Http:// Designer 2013 provides two modes for developers and advanced users to create custom workflows:The text-based designer-the way we've been using it all along.Visual designer-This requires Visio 2013.These two modes can be toggled by clicking the View button on the menu.SPD 2013 has new top-level containers and o

Install and configure SharePoint Workflow

account and certificates, as shown in: Click Next and it will take about 10 minutes for the configuration to succeed, as shown in: Finally, enter IIS to check if the workflow Management site application was successfully created (containing two specific ports, 12290, 12291) as shown in: Back to top configure Workflow Manager for use with

Manage SharePoint designer settings in SharePoint Management Center

Managing SharePoint designer setting up SharePoint designer 2010 (SPD) in the SharePoint Management Center is a powerful tool to help you quickly create a solution. By connecting to the site, you can freely make changes to the site. Including appearance,

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