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SharePoint 2013: Move user PowerShell in SharePoint after Active Directory migration user

-spuser-identity $siteUser-web $site url-syncfromad 2>> $filepath. Txt$siteuser 1=get-spuser-web $site. url.tostring ()-identity $siteUser$FullUserLogin = $userPrefix + "|" + $NewUserTry{Move-spuser-identity $siteUser 1-newalias $newUser-ignoresid 2>> $filepath. TXT #move account must use the preceding statement to assign the account get out to the variable, before you can call the variable user in the Move statement otherwise error}Catch{$error [0]. Exception}}} }“ ”$site. Dispose ()}This artic

Walk into Sharepoint2013 to SharePoint Online migration

First, let's move on to the local file server data to SharePoint OnlineInstallation prerequisites for installing the Migration API:. NET4.0 : Management Shell : API can also be installed on client operating systems such as WINDOWS7, not necessarily installed on t

Active Directory Parent-child domain user migration: Tfs&sharepoint issues Summary (ii)

Then the previous article, continue to summarize the problems encounteredIV: SharePoint account name is not updated automaticallyProblem Description:After the user migrates, the account name still displays the original login nameProblem handling:After migration, run the command on the SharePoint server:Stsadm-o migrateuser-oldlogin olddomain\xxx -newlogin newdoma

Content-based data migration plan and solution-reprinted

More and more enterprises use content management systems to manage structured or unstructured data such as electronic invoices, electronic documents, and human resources, and outsource these businesses to third-party IT companies. Outsourcing companies, or existing content management systems, cannot meet business growth, performance, compatibility, and other needs, the company plans to adopt business management, performance and compatibility better systems. At present, some enterprises do not ad

A detailed explanation of SharePoint Data Migration Solutions

Ashamed to say, our SharePoint Intranet Portal ran for 2 years, overwhelmed, the amount of data is not very large, the library has about 60GB, data volume tens of thousands of, in short, for a variety of reasons, the website speed is very slow, specific problems studied for a long time, also can not solve, all consider using NET Web site, Data migration also leads to the problem of data

SharePoint Migration Practices

keep the same group information as it was exported, but the password is empty, so you need to change the password again. The last remaining step is to give the imported account a new permission in SharePoint, and the entire migration will end. SharePoint migration, previous attempts to use

SharePoint Database Migration Steps

Tags: des style http color os io ar strong forbackground: The project on a SharePoint site is divided into SharePoint front end and database, the front end is placed on the physical machine, and the database is placed in the VM9 virtual machine.Environment: Windows server R2+SP1, SharePoint server Enterprise, SQL Server r2+sp1, VM9 virtual machinethe problem: the

SharePoint migration-account planning

SharePoint design. At the same time, it is easy to maintain and a certain account has changed, only a service or a Web application is affected. User plan: Installer: the user who installs SharePoint Manage site configuration database connection User: this user will be considered as a system account WSS search service account WSS search content access u

SharePoint user permission migration

When a Sharepoint site set is migrated from Domain A to Domain B, user permissions must also be migrated along with the site set (only domain names change ). Because the website set user permissions are complex, you need to change the domain user for Migration (you do not need to reconfigure permissions ). Both powershell and stsadm provide corresponding methods. to process data in batches, I use stsadm

Plan and configure SharePoint incoming email

The procedure is as follows: 1. install and configure IIS 6.0 SMTP service on SharePoint Server 2. Create an organizational unit in Active Directory and grant the permission to the account of the application pool. 3. Configure incoming e-mail on the SharePoint Management Center site. · Use the created ou asThe container that holds the Active Directory of the new discribution group and contracts t

SharePoint 2013 Site Migration process

In the new Farm(Farm), create a new Web application (Webapplication) without creating site Collection(site collection) Copy(copy) custom developed WSP packages to new farmserver (farm servers) using PowerShell for deploy (Deployment) Web. config (configuration file) under Copy (copy) Web site to overwrite under new Web site copy(copy)The Bak backup file for the content database to the newly created empty database with the same name, using the

In-depth introduction to SharePoint-WSS upgrade and data migration

Environment Description: we are currently using WSS2.0, and want to upgrade to WSS3.0, and ensure that the data of the original site is intact. Our upgrades and data migration are mainly divided into two methods (the second method is recommended ): 1. Upgrade the installation method: 1. Run prescan.exe first before configuring the pilot program. This is the bin directory under the 12 directory. 2. Install WSS3.0 first. There are several options durin

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