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SharePoint Online Create a site collection

time, after the site collection is created, we can also delete the site in SharePoint Central Administration, modify the storage quotas, modify the server resource quotas, or purchase new storage space without enough storage;If you delete the site

SharePoint 2013 renaming a site collection name (SharePoint Rename site collection)

Recently, in SharePoint, there was a need to rename a site collection, primarily the way the site was backed up/restored with a database, the address of the site collection, and then a search for PowerShell:$

SharePoint displays a list of other sites from the same site collection display SharePoint list from another site

SharePoint displays a list of another site from the same site collection display SharePoint list from another site recently encountered such a requirement, how to synchronize to display a list of another

SharePoint 2010/2013 How to see what site templates are used for existing sites new

This article describes how SharePoint 2010/2013 can view existing sites by using what site templates are new.Believe that many do SharePoint have encountered this problem, in fact this is very simple:Open an existing Web site, press F12 to mediate the IE debugger, search for

Getting Started with SharePoint 2013 development: Defining site Templates

SharePoint site templates are a great feature that makes it easy for us to develop a class of web sites and then build two of them, which is important for SharePoint use. Because the length is longer, therefore adds the catalogue, facilitates everybody to view: Add a master page for a

Site Collection Quota templates

Quota TemplateWhen managing SharePoint farm, administrators do not want site collection to grow indefinitely, so you need to set a size for site and not allow it to be exceeded.But if you set each site collection individually, it

Discussion: solution that SharePoint Publishing feature cannot activate in Site collection

Sometimes, we're using the sharepoint a function , you need activate some feature navigation activatepublishing feature activate this feature Problem Description: sitecollection Feature in the SharePoint Publishing Infrastructurefeature after the activation is successful, site Feature active in SharePoint

Microsoft has removed the public site feature in SharePoint Online

In previous versions of SharePoint Online, you could create a unique public site that could then be accessed anonymously by outside users. For the need to do some corporate image display needs, this is more practical, but for some reasons, Microsoft in January 2015 removed this feature.Microsoft will continue to serve 2 years for customers who have already used t

Microsoft removed the Public Site function from SharePoint Online, using pointsite

Microsoft removed the Public Site function from SharePoint Online, using pointsite In the previous SharePoint Online version, you can create a unique public site, and then external users can access it anonymously. This is more p

Introduction to SharePoint 2013 Cross-site collection publishing features

In the SharePoint Server 2013 site implementation, we often encounter cross-site collection fetch data, and 2013 of this cross-site collection publishing feature, just to meet our needs.With cross-

SharePoint 2013 new site collection plots

Original: SharePoint 2013 new site collection plotIntroduction: People who touch SharePoint may be more and more, but a lot of people are confused when contacted, ask how to create a new site collection in the technology group, su

Create a SharePoint Site Collection through PowerShell.

Create a SharePoint Site Collection from PowerShell with the following code:add-PSSnapin microsoft.sharepoint.powershellfunction createteamsite () {$webApps= get-spwebapplication $webAppsUrl=$webApps. Urlif($webApps. Count-eq1) {Write-host"You have the only one Web application:"Write-Host $webApps. Url $choice= Read-host"does want to create a

Convert a SharePoint 2013 site collection from path-based naming to host-based naming

Because you didn't know much about SharePoint at first, you didn't know a lot about path-based and command-based site collections, and all of them were created as path-based when they started creating site collections. Then need to use the authentication time, there are a lot of problems, so seriously learning some host command-based

SharePoint2013 IT Professional-How do I upload a restricted document type in SharePoint Site collection?

While using SharePoint, many companies encounter documents that cannot be uploaded in the site collection, but company employees also ask for the requirement that these restricted types of documents be managed in the SharePoint document library. Faced with this problem, IT managers need to consider how to meet the n

Error creating a site collection for SharePoint

After you delete the top-level site collection, create a new site collection error: The parent Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebApplication named "SharePoint-80" already exists under the name " A04d7106-70c3-4ac4-9d2a-45692032ec62 "is an object of type Microsoft.Shar

How do I use commands to query/change the properties of a SharePoint Site collection?

Many enterprises will add custom attribute values in SiteCollection for later use, such as the site collection setting attribute value labeling Company location, Department, group, security level and other information, convenient post-statistical classification and other uses. So how to query the value of the property on the site

New site collection in SharePoint 2013 illustrated tutorial

People who are in contact with SharePoint may be more and more, but many people are very confused in contact, ask how to create a new site collection in the technical group, such an illustration, help novice Learn how to build a site collection after setting up the

How do I determine the ID of the site collection in SharePoint?

Of course, the methods for determining these IDs can be retrieved from the database or output using the object model, but the simplest method is to view them at a few clicks on the interface. 1. Open the management center site and open the application management tab. 2. Click site collection administrators. 3. Select the

After a SharePoint user is deleted directly from a site collection, the query that deletes the record

Delete User (including ad group) directly from site collection, unable to view related records from audit log, found today can query related records through DB, the event is recorded in the Eventcache table of the db, where EventType = ' 1048576 ' indicates that the user (including ad group) is deleted from the site collectio

SharePoint 2013 creates a site collection that cannot be accessed by a domain account, only administrator can access

Workaround:1. When creating a Web application, the configurable account must be a domain account2. Make sure to turn off the firewall (this is the point)When I was testing, I found that port 80 and port 30714 were accessible on other colleagues ' computers (domain accounts), except that the two ports were inaccessible, and the following error occurred because the firewall was not shutting down.SharePoint 2013 creates a site

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