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Let SharePoint 2010 broadcast your PPT presentation online

A few days ago, a teacher had to do online video training, the condition is to synchronize to see the PPT presentation, and, in view of his research in the forefront, the presentation can not be copied to everyone, there is a condition, is in the training point of time, there is a business trip on the road, only mobile phones can access the Internet; he asked me if I could make it I've been working on SharePoint

OpenShare frequently asked questions and answers

foundation; In addition, SharePoint Foundation is only suitable for very small-scale teamsQ: All system operations require approval of the process and there is some doubt as to the universality of the openshare.A:openshare can be integrated with virtually all BPM tools on the market, and the openflow of the photosynthetic information development can interface with almost any workflow/bpm engine in the worldWhether the use of Q:openshare and

Duet enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP

Document directory How sap information is displayed on SharePoint Server and Microsoft Outlook 2010 Preset Functions Template and other construction Blocks Monitoring and Troubleshooting Security Duet enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP is a new product jointly developed by SAP and Microsoft to implement interoperability between SAP applications and Microsoft

How to integrate other application systems in Sharepoint Server?

allows you to access and operate multiple application systems on a unified interface and view information in each system. For the integration of the presentation layer, we also need a Web-based platform to do this, which is the strength of SharePoint Server. Secondly, in many cases, we may not need "heavy weapons" such as BizTalk Server.ArticleLater we will see that only in some complex scenarios, more specifically, customers already have a lot of

Interview: What is SharePoint? What are the advantages?

implementation technology. My focus is not to tell you What SharePoint can do, it is a solution for you. You can do it as long as you want, but it is a cost problem! It may be from different perspectives. I am a person who solves your requirements to make functions, and you are a person who takes the PPT to the top five hundred. Haha! To sum up two points: [1] interview is not necessarily your presentati

OpenShare Document Center

Documents are important intellectual assets of the enterprise. In the enterprise, documents are generally in the form of electronic documents, such as Microsoft. doc format, xls format, PPT format, pdf format, plain text. txt format, etc. from the content, may be business contracts, meeting records, product manuals, customer information, design documents, promotional copy, competitor information, project documents , experience and so on. These documen

Reprinted-SharePoint related resources

ArticleDirectory Free SharePoint Web parts (3rd party) Office 2007 Moss tools SharePoint tools Sdks guide SharePoint service packs Free SharePoint Web parts (3rd party) ActiveX Scripting Web Part (Simon mourier) Ad Management Web Part (Fabian) Alert Manager, subweb viewer Web p

Moss webpart and link

Document directory Office 2007 Moss tools SharePoint tools Sdks guide SharePoint service packs ActiveX Scripting Web Part (Simon mourier) Ad Management Web Part (Fabian) Alert Manager, subweb viewer Web parts (Mart Muller) Avail lists Libraries (SIG Weber) Blogparts (Steen molberg) Breadcrumb site navigation Web Part Calculator User Control container Web parts Calendar Web Part (custo

SharePoint Online: Software Boundaries and limitations

SharePoint Online: Software Boundaries and limitations This article describes some of the important limitations you might need to know about different SharePoint Online programs in Office 365. For example, it provides information about the number of users supported, storage quotas, and file size limits. This article describes the limitations of paid subscriptions. You may see different limitations of the tr

A small example of Sharepoint client Object Model

I want to write a paragraphCodeRun the code on the client to test the performance of the Sharepoint Server. The client cannot access the server side object model. Therefore, in addition to calling the web service, we can also consider using the client side object model introduced in SharePoint 2010. The following functions are required to obtain all the files in a document library. Different function

What is SharePoint?

Before you talk about SharePoint development, it's important to say what SharePoint is.During my work, I often encounter situations where customers don't know much about SharePoint. There are customers who say that SharePoint sucks, what Dropbox can do, and that SharePoint c

Go SharePoint App Development (2)-building a development environment

This article belongs to the SharePoint Apps Development series article, and this series of articles includes: SharePoint app Development (1)-What is a SharePoint app? SharePoint app Development (2)-Building a development environment (this article) Before you develop a

SharePoint + Office Infopart + Quick app for SharePoint to build a paperless work platform

implementation is more funny, and others are PPT master, one holding a beautiful ppt to find it program Ape meeting, this said I want to make such an effect, that said he want to make such effects, a variety of popular website special effects, program Ape tactfully replied: "These are need to write code implementation, You're not defending yourself. "Hehe, submissive also have, not obedient a lot of times,

Cloud collaboration new utility: Microsoft SharePoint online

Sharepoint is a set of products that Microsoft uses to quickly build enterprise information portals, collaborative communication, content management, search, business processes, and Bi. SharePoint online is an online version of SharePoint and a public cloud version of SharePoint. S

Sharepoint2013-office Web App server2013 detailed installation and deployment

also very simple, open the SharePoint PowerShell script window and execute two sentences:New-spwopibinding-servername Set-spwopizone internal-httpDescriptionWACSERVERNAME Specifies the name or fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the WOPI application, such as the server running Office Web apps server.The first sentence is to establish a relationship between the SharePoint farm and the Office Web Apps Farm

) What kind of system thinking should we use to understand SharePoint and its value?

What kind of system thinking should we use to understand SharePoint and Its Value glossary? SharePoint refers to Microsoft's SharePoint service, Sharepoint Foundation, and Sharepoint Server. This is a series of technologies, products, and solutions launched by Microsoft for

View office PPT Word Excel in a browser.

office2003 is installed, an ActiveX control is installed in the system, which is located in "program files/Microsoft Office/office11/owssupp. dll ". Through this control, JavaScript on the client page can activate the local office software to open and edit office documents. (In addition, Office XP should already contain this ActiveX Control .) First, use a script to create a local object: Opendocobj = new activexobject ("Sharepoint. opendocuments.2")

SharePoint 2016 integrated deployment Office Web APP Server (iii)

---------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Next .... Next ... then we'll test it directly.We try to open a PPT file650) this.width=650; "Width=" 622 "height=" 497 "title=" image "style=" border-right-width:0px;background-image:none; border-bottom-width:0px;padding-top:0px;padding-left:0px;margin:0px;padding-right:0px;border-top-width:0px; " alt= "image" Src= "

SharePoint Study Notes-architecture series-client Object Model of SharePoint)

After a look at the server-side object model of SharePoint, let's take a general look at the client Object Model (client object model: client om) of SharePoint ). The first thing to understand is that the client model of SharePoint was introduced in sharepoint2010. 1. Why should we introduce the client object model? This is because with the promotion of

Default crawl file name extensions and analysis file types in SharePoint 2013

Summary: Learn about the file extensions that SharePoint 2013 crawls by default and the types of files they resolve, so you can learn about the files and supported features that search can crawl.If the list on the Manage File Types page contains a file name extension, the crawl component will crawl only the files. Content processing components can only parse the contents of a crawl file: When it has a format handler that resolves the file for

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