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Discussion: solution that SharePoint Publishing feature cannot activate in Site collection

Sometimes, we're using the sharepoint a function , you need activate some feature navigation activatepublishing feature activate this feature Problem Description: sitecollection Feature in the SharePoint Publishing Infrastructurefeature after the activation is successful, site Feature active in

Introduction to SharePoint 2013 Cross-site collection publishing features

In the SharePoint Server 2013 site implementation, we often encounter cross-site collection fetch data, and 2013 of this cross-site collection publishing feature, just to meet our needs.With cross-site

An anonymous user needs to log on to the publishing site template to create a list of website items.

Because a feature in the publishing site is opened, the list formpage is locked, so you need to log on and shut it down. Haha.English KB:Users are unexpectedly prompted to enter their credentials when they access a list in a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site that is based on the

SharePoint 2013 Site Template Development overview

SharePoint development, which has been in contact with designer, is designed to work with Visual Studio, the former design pages, the latter develop features, collaborate with each other, and complete SharePoint site development. Until SharePoint 2013 touches the site

Publish the infopath template to the SharePoint site

As we all know, infopath is a powerful electronic form creation tool for convenient control management and rule customization. However, it is inconvenient to use infopath on the client, if you can use the web method, it would be better. In SharePoint 2007 Enterprise Edition of MS, the form service function is provided. You can publish the infopath template to the ShareP

SharePoint Study Notes-site definition series-6. Create a list instance based on a deployed list template

When we create list instances and List Templates, they are all in a soltuion. If other members of our development team have developed and deployed some List Templates, now we need to use the developed list template in our new solution to create our list instance. How can we operate it? Here we take the list template in the custom list definition we created earlier as an example to create a new list instance

Workaround: The STP site list template in SharePoint has no way to export to other locales using

First in your English version, export the list or website template, this file may be such a drop: TEMPLATE.STP Name this file TEMPLATE.STP as Unzip this *.cab file In the unpacked folder, you will find a manifest.xml to open it with a text editor The code for this location, such as the one in this article (1031), is replaced with the following location: for example, 2052 1033\sts\ Layouts\10

SharePoint Study Notes-ECM series-content type publishing link not found

When debugging sharepoint2010, the Content Management Department enters the management interface of a website set and cannot find the content type publishing link. So we have the following knowledge points. Not allSite templateAre set to defaultPublish content typesThis function is calledTaxonomyfeaturestaplerOfFeatureProvided. You canFeatureDirectory C: \ Program Files \ common files \ microsoft shared \ Web Server Extensions \ 14 \

SharePoint 2010/2013 How to see what site templates are used for existing sites new

1033 Bicentersite#0 Business Intelligence Center 1033 Sps#0 SharePoint Portal Server Site 1033 Spspers#0 SharePoint Portal Server Personal Space 1033 Spspers#2 Storage and social SharePoint Portal ... 1033

SharePoint [Study Notes]-How to Find the template ID of the Sharepoint list

We can use visual studio2010 and owssvr. DLL to find the id value of the template used by the Sharepoint list.Owssvr. DLL is actually an ISAPI extension registered in IIS. Its method can be directly through/_ vti_bin/owssvr. dll HTTP access to call. many office applications (such as Word, Excel, infopath, and SharePoint designer) can be remotely integrated betwee

SharePoint learning notes-how to find the template ID of the Sharepoint list

We can use visual studio2010 and owssvr. DLL to find the id value of the template used by the Sharepoint list.Owssvr. dll is actually an ISAPI extension registered in IIS. Its method can be called directly through HTTP access to/_ vti_bin/owssvr. dll. Many office applicationsProgram(Word, Excel, infopath, Sharepoint designer, etc.) Remote integration between

Error: Access Denied-activate Office Sharepoint Server publishing infrastructure

Reprinted from: When publishing intrastructure is activated, Access Denied is received. This problem may be caused by the use of customProgramIf the account of the application pool is not authorized, perform the following steps: 1. Open

SharePoint solution generator-Part 1: Create a site definition from an existing site

;-) OK, lets get started. I created a site called teamsite based on the standard team site template. I have three language packs installed, English, German and Japan. I chose the English version. Without making any modification to the team site I fire up the SharePoint

Share Point Development Series II: Introduction to SharePoint site elements

content of the Web site Project: Project is the basic Creative website element, used to design and build the publishing site. For example, the company's Internet presence or corporate intranet site. These elements provide a display framework for Web pages, including logo,layouts, navigation, and other elements. Even

Back up, restore, or move a Sharepoint site

"Backup and Restore" function or other packaging functions? How can I move a Sharepoint website from one location to another? How can I publish or copy a Sharepoint website from one location to another? Back up website Restore a website Can I use "Backup and Restore" on the Office Sharepoint Server 2007

How does SharePoint 2013 obtain the list of "SharePoint Applications" in the "application directory" corresponding to the current site?

At first, I used the following method to traverse all site collections in the Web application of the current site ), search for the website set with the template "appcatalog" and find the list with the function marked as "0ac11793-9c2f-4cac-8f22-33f93fac18f2" under its root site. This list is the "applicable to

SharePoint Security-SharePoint site Common page URL index

LibrarySite Template Library/_catalogs/wt/forms/common.aspxSite template settings/_layouts/areatemplatesettings.aspxWeb Part Gallery/_catalogs/wp/forms/allitems.aspx/_layouts/newdwp.aspxMaster Page Library/_layouts/redirectpage.aspx? Target={sitecollectionurl}_catalogs/masterpage/_catalogs/masterpage/forms/allitems.aspxMaster Page settings/_layouts/changesitemasterpage.aspxSite Content Type library/_layout

Design and create your own Sharepoint Site

From: http:// OS However, after some time of Sharepoint development, Sharepoint is still a new thing for me. In retrospect, when I first came into contact with Sharepoint, I found a lot of information everywhere, however, I still don't know how to start Sharepoint development, and I hav

SharePoint [site definition series]-01. Create site columns

Site columns is an important underlying structure of a Sharepoint website. It is a reusable column definition or template that can be assigned to one or more lists of one or more SharePoint websites. A site column is defined by several attributes, including names and field t

SharePoint Web Service and template

Community Site Community#0 Document Center Bdr#0 EDiscovery Center Edisc#0 Records Center Offile#1 Business Intelligence Center Bicentersite#0 Enterprise Search Center Srchcen#0 My Site Host Spsmsitehost#0 Community Portal Communityportal#0 Ba

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