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the PAA provides a number of action for sharpening the action, they have ingenious different, we can try more, but the basic use of USM sharpening filter. Here gives the "sharpening-lab method" some detailed instructions. Sharpening Lab Method This action is used in the processing of daily Photoshop sharpening the com

Adobe Photoshop cc new important feature showcase

Recent news has revealed that Adobe will officially release the Creative Cloud series on June 17, including Photoshop CC, InDesign cc, Illustrator cc, Dreamweaver cc, Premiere Pro CC and other series Design desktop products. One of the most interesting nature of all is Photoshop cc, and let's take a look at the new features and new features that are now known to be important to

Recommended Photoshop skills: 167

documents are of the same size (size), The dragged elements are placed in the same location as the source document (instead of in the center of the canvas ). If the target document contains a selection area, the dragged elements are placed in the center of the selection area. 31. in the action board, click the triangle button in the upper-right corner, select the loading action from the pop-up menu, and en

Photoshop skills: 167

), The dragged elements are placed in the same location as the source document (instead of in the center of the canvas ). If the target document contains a selection area, the dragged elements are placed in the center of the selection area. 31. in the action board, click the triangle button in the upper right corner, select the loading action from the pop-up menu, and enter the photoshopgoodiesactions Dir

Beginner's Guide to Photoshop: 26 steps to quickly master basic PS application tools

the color palette, and save it for use. T Threshold: this filter converts an image or selection area to a high contrast black/white image. Timeline panel: This panel is used for videos and public calls in Photoshop. It classifies and manages users' key frames and image sequences, and allows you to create, edit, or delete key frames when necessary. Tool preset panel: This Panel allows users to create, save, or load tool settings. Users who need to us

PS Tip 167 Article

Tips Tool Panel Tips 1. Quickly open file Double-click the background space in Photoshop (the default is the gray display area) to open the Browse window for the selected file. 2. Change the canvas color freely Select the Paint Bucket tool and hold down SHIFT and click on the edge of the canvas to set the canvas background to the currently selected foreground color. If you want to revert to the default color, set the foreground color to 25% grayscal

Photoshop 10 foreign experience in the use of great gods

number of pixels that are included in the Unit inch. With the development of image technology, the image resolution will be more and more large. But why do we have to adopt high resolution? The growing trend of display equipment is one reason, and the other is the control of network resource output. We all know that image material, as a kind of network resource, has its use value. When the use of the market demand is higher, first throw the low quality resources, and then through some means to

167 practical Photoshop skills (with examples)-PS tutorial

Classic Photoshop skills. if you are at the initial stage, read this article carefully and master it. now you are at the intermediate level. It's definitely not an advertisement. After learning it, you can go to the photo studio as a senior designer to learn common skills and typical Photoshop skills. if you are at the initial stage, read this article carefully and master it. now you will be at the intermed

Photoshop adds impact effect to plain digital photos

: Summarize Please do not see PS as a scourge or almighty God, ps just perfect our photos of a technical means, it is for your creative service, and your body, lens, filter system. PS avoid not one-step, try not to use those Photo studio action to complete your work, all the action, the preset is based on a relatively unified original film, in the studio commercial photographers can decorate

Photoshop View photos high quality dark color effect

A growing number of friends with high quality photos are using the raw format of the photo format and using ACR to restore the rich information recorded by Raw. Here is to introduce the use of "smart layer" mask to achieve different areas of exposure adjustment, while ensuring high quality performance. We all know the raw format of the photos, only into the PS to use the Mask tool, you can expose the photos, color and other local range of adjustment, but simply in the PS interface a

Experience Photoshop CS2 enhanced image processing capabilities

channel, as shown in Figure 44.    v. Intelligent sharpening Filters The Intelligent Sharpening Filter uses the new operation method, can better carry on the edge detection, reduces the sharpness produces the Halo shadow, thus further improves the image edge detail.    Practice The first step: Save the picture below to a location and use Photoshop CS2 to open it.   Step Two: Select "filter" → "s

167 Photoshop Image Processing skills (rookie change master)

between the lasso tool and the polygonal lasso tool. When you sketch a selection, hold down the SPACEBAR to move the selection you are sketching. Photoshop Tutorials 1. Copy layer, blending mode is filter color, 2. Coating 2 mask Reverse wipe out eyes 3. Stamped (alt+ctrl+shift+e) 4. Channel mixing gas, selected monochrome, red +54, Green +54, Blue +32 6. Blending mode-forward stack 7. Adjustments to the stamped layer, image-adju

10 courses for beginners in Photoshop (1)-PS tutorial

another document. The quickest and safest way is to create A new layer Shift ctrl n, splice all the following visible layers Shift Alt ctrl e, select all images Ctrl A, copy ctrl c, and deselect Ctrl D; delete the current layer. This group of commands is to create an image for the image, which contains all the visible layer images under the current layer, then your clipboard has left the image content, you just need to paste it in the required document. This is a typical example. although you c

Taste Photoshop KPT6.0 Filter effect

directory, otherwise it will not be used. When you install it, you will see a KPT6.0 submenu in the Filter menu. This tiny submenu contains a powerful KPT filter. The more representative filters are as follows: KPT Equalizer: Can be used to adjust the image to create a dream effect; KPT LensFlare: Create a true glow effect such as reflection, Halo and lens reflection; KPT Goo: A strong smudge tool that can smear an image like a liquid; KPT skyeffects: Natural Sky generator, make realistic sky e

Photoshop industrial-grade film color to change camera photos to screen movies in seconds tutorial

color search table in PS. First, you have created a color scheme by using the adjustment layer in Photoshop (some may ask "how to save it as a 3D LUT file", which has been solved by Photoshop after version 2014 ).Create a series of new adjustment layers for color. Of course, you can also use 3D LUT color. Remember, you only need to create and adjust layers. After the color. We start to export to

PS Compulsory Credits: A tutorial on batch revision

It's the most annoying thing to do when you're fixing a picture, but Photoshop can "record" all the steps and then "play" to finish the batch process. For example, every time you finish, you have to do "thumbnail + sharp + archive" of the photos, now just record these steps, then use Photoshop batch processing, and then go to a cup OF coffee to complete! Step 1 Open a photo, press the quick button "alt+f9

Delphi Image Processing-USM sharpening

cblurloop: movd xmm1, [esi] // for (I = 0; I The following is a simple call example: Procedure tform1.button2click (Sender: tobject); var BMP, BMP 2: tbitmap; data, data2: timagedata; begin // load image data from the file to BMP and bind it to data BMP: = tbitmap. create; BMP. loadfromfile ('d: \ source.bmp '); Data: = getbitmapdata (BMP); // USM sharpen: radius 3.0, quantity 150, threshold value 10 imageusmsharpen (data, 3,150, 10 ); // draw the i

Photoshop Eight salvage pieces of useful skills experience sharing

for those with slight blurring and for lens reasons. Seven, sharpen, do not use addictive When sharpening, the photos need to be handled carefully, sharpened, and the photos are prioritized to look very comfortable. After sharpening, the picture will be distorted, giving people a dry feel, look uncomfortable. So like sharpening can, but do not addictive. Let's take a look at several sharpening tools in

{Recommended} Top 40 Photoshop button Design Tutorials

tutorial, you will learn how to make a bevel button so easy. Simple button A simple tutorial where you will make a buttons and add an icon to it. Glowing button In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create a glowing button. Create a call to action button This tutorial will show you the basics on creating a call to action button and learn you how t

[PS] shortcut keys

alleviate your requirements for virtual memory. 37. When using the filter → render → Clouds filter, to generate more obvious texture patterns, you can hold down the Alt key before executing this command. 38. When using most tools, you can press the Caps Lock key to switch between the tool icon and the exact 10 lines. 39. Press the f key to replace the display mode order of the Photoshop panel with: Full Screen Display with menu in standard display. 4

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