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Linux Shell Exercise Training

Shell Exercise Training Sum of 2 numbers Calculates the 1-100 and Change the extension of all files in a directory to Bak Compile all. c files in the current directory: Print root can use the number of executable files to process the

Walk into Sharepoint2013 to SharePoint Online migration ②

First, let's move on to the local file server data to SharePoint OnlineInstallation prerequisites for installing the Migration API:. NET4.0 : Management Shell

The understanding of shell and kernel

The Shell's English interpretation is the shell, echoing with the kernel kernel noun, one outside, one shell and one core. The kernel is like the Bank of Switzerland's treasury, storing the customer's gold and many other (hardware) assets,

20 most powerful browser-based online code editors

Have you heard of or used the 20 most powerful browser-based online code editors?1. Compilr Compilr is an online compiler and an online IDE. You can use it to develop PHP, C, C ++, and Ruby. Compile Java, C #, and in the browser. Use now 2.

Wampserver Write the website, how to let extranet access?

I wrote a website under Wampserver's wwww directory. Now in the company's local area network, someone else's computer through my IP address can be accessed by my site. How can I make the extranet accessible? Tokyu Reply to discussion (solution)

Python employment class shell operations exercise training

Note: Beginner shell, the following is my own written answer, if there is better, please advise!1. Ask for the sum of 2 numbers:2. Calculate 1-100 of the and3. change the extension of all files in a directory to bak4. Compile and execute all. c

Shell scripts automatically back up MySQL to FTP and periodically clean up expired backups _linux shell

The previous company used an online search for MySQL automatic backup to the FTP shell script, has been used well. But the problem is with more and more backup files, have to regularly clean up FTP old backup files, very inconvenient. In fact,

Collection of 48 shell scripting tips _linux Shell

This article collects a bunch of shell scripting tricks, I said, I write a blog mainly to make some learning notes to facilitate their own review, so I will make such an article, there is nothing incomprehensible. About the origin of these

Shell script for backing up MySQL to FTP with automatic cleanup function

In the past, the company used a Shell script to automatically back up MySQL to FTP on the Internet, which has always been used well. But the problem is that as the number of backup files increases, it is inconvenient to regularly clean up the old

Port 445 intrusion details

Port 445 intrusion detailsAbout port 445 intrusionPort 445 intrusion detailsSearch for more information about port 445 intrusion on this site Port 445 intrusion. Before that, we should first look at port 445 as the intrusion port. Why?Port 445 is

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