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Shell script programming under Linux 1

1. What is a shell script?It is a scripting language, not a programming language.You can use some logical judgments, loops, and other syntax.You can customize the sub-function, which is a collection of system commands.Shell scripts enable automated

Logical judgment File directory attribute in shell script determine if special usage case judgment

I. Logical judgments in shell scriptsIn the shell script, many will logically judge, judge a certain value, judge a file, or a directory, we do some action against the result of the judgment, if there is no judgment, there is no way to do some

Shell Script Programming Learning Note-shell Scripting Basics Introduction

A Shell script Introduction and First specification shell Script Description 1.1 Shell script Introduction What is 1.1.1 shell?The shell is a command interpreter which is responsible for directly working with the user in the outermost layer of the

Shell script programming and file system Repair

Shell script programming and file system RepairGuideThe Linux Foundation has initiated the LFCS certification (Linux Foundation Certification System Administrator) Linux Foundation Certified Sysadmin, which is a brand new certification system, the

Linux Discovery Tour | Part V Lesson two: a shell deep like the sea, cool shell love

--book author Shenmon reprint please specify the source Content Introduction Objective What is a shell? Our first shell script Run the shell script Summarize Part V Third lesson preview: variable in hand, shell not

Basic shell script syntax

I. Basic Shell syntax1. VariablesBy convention, Shell variables are composed of uppercase letters and underscores (_). There are two types of Shell variables:Environment VariableEnvironment variables can be transmitted from the parent process to the

From Bash and Korn to C shell: Evaluate the shell in Linux

Shell is like the editor: everyone has their own choice and tries to defend the choice and tell you why it should be used ). Indeed, shell provides different functions, but they all implement the core concept of development decades ago. I used

Shell script programming Selection Control Structure

Shell script programming Selection Control Structure There are two programming languages: interpreted language and compiled language. An interpreted language is an interpreted statement that can be executed on Demand Based on the process control

"Reprint" A shell script to monitor whether a process exists or does not exist the instance started

Use the shell script to monitor if the process has an instance that does not exist, starting with code dry:#!/bin/shPs-fe|grep processstring |grep-v grepIf [$?-ne 0]Thenecho "START process ..."Elseecho "Runing ..."Fi#####Processstring represents a

Linux Shell Programming

1) Unix command: Although any Unix command can be used in shell scripts, some more common commands are used. These commands are usually used for file and text operations. Common command syntax and functions: Echo"Some text": print the text on

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