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Shell script programming under Linux 1

1. What is a shell script?It is a scripting language, not a programming language.You can use some logical judgments, loops, and other syntax.You can customize the sub-function, which is a collection of system commands.Shell scripts enable automated

Shell script programming and file system Repair

Shell script programming and file system RepairGuideThe Linux Foundation has initiated the LFCS certification (Linux Foundation Certification System Administrator) Linux Foundation Certified Sysadmin, which is a brand new certification system, the

Logical judgment File directory attribute in shell script determine if special usage case judgment

I. Logical judgments in shell scriptsIn the shell script, many will logically judge, judge a certain value, judge a file, or a directory, we do some action against the result of the judgment, if there is no judgment, there is no way to do some

Shell script programming Basics

Shell programming BASICS (from the UBUNTU Forum) (12:49:20) Reprinted Tags:Shell Classification: programming (C ++) Http:// Why shell programming?In Linux, although there

Shell script Basics

Common shell: -------------- from "laruence's Linux private dish" In the early UNIX era, there were many developers, so shell had many versions based on the developer's differences, such Frequently heard Bourne shell (SH ),C shell,Commonly used

Linux Shell script programming Basics

Document directory Variable assignment and reference If sentence & | Operator Case statement Select statement ============================================== = While/for Loop Quotation marks Binary to decimal conversion Circular file copy

Shell Script Authoring Tutorial

Create a scriptThere are many different shells in Linux, but usually we use Bash (Bourne again shell) for Shell programming because bash is free and easy to use. So the script I've provided in this article is all about using bash (but in most cases

This article describes how to compile a shell script based on a large number of instances.

Why shell programming? In Linux, although there are a variety of graphical interface tools, ghost is still a very flexible tool. Shell is not only a collection of commands, but also a very good programming language. You can use shell to automate a

Turn: Shell Programming--This article combines a number of examples to illustrate how to write a shell script

Turn from: The world of the Intelligence ReporterThis article combines a number of examples to illustrate how to write a shell script.Why Shell ProgrammingIn Linux systems, although there are a variety of graphical interface tools, sell is still a

Linux Shell Script Basic Learning Details (full version) one

Basics of Linux Shell scripting here we first talk about the shell of the basic syntax, the beginning, comments, variables and environment variables, to do a basic introduction, although not related to specific things, but lay the foundation is to

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