shell script to check network connectivity

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Detection of network connectivity using shell script function

Typically, there are two ways to detect network connectivity for Linux systems:1. Through "ping command + Destination IP" or "Ping + target IP domain"Note IP network detection for IPV6 address need to try ping6, while ping6 can not use parameter

Vim editor and Shell command script

1.Vim Text EditorA text editor installed by default on all current Linux systems, with three modes:1. Command mode: Control cursor movement, can copy, paste, delete, find and so on text.2. Input mode: normal text input.3. Last-line mode: Save or

Shell script implements Linux system and process resource monitoring _ basics

In the process of server operation, often need to monitor the various resources of the server, such as: CPU load monitoring, disk usage monitoring, process number monitoring and so on, in order to alarm the system in time of abnormal, notify the

Using shell scripts to monitor Linux systems and process resources

Shell IntroductionThe Shell language is familiar to anyone who touches LINUX and is a system user interface that provides an interface for users to interact with the kernel. It receives the command entered by the user and feeds it into the kernel to

Docker Advanced Networking Practices Linux Network namespace & pipework

ObjectiveIn the previous article, "to understand the basic principles of the Docker network", we have learned about the 4 kinds of drivers that Libnetwrok offers in Docker, but there are some limitations in each approach. Assuming you need to

Shell Scripting App (iii)

Security code: Waves will sometimes, straight hanging cloud sail sea Shell scripting App (iii)Foreword: It is difficult to write all the code in sequential order when it is hard to satisfy the requirements when facing various lists and repeating

Two scripts to check Linux network status _linux Shell

First, through the timing of email to detect network connectivity Copy Code code as follows: #/bin/bash echo "Daily Test mail" > State.txt Mail-s Server_state Rm-df./state.txt ~ Crontab-e Add the following

Linux theoretical knowledge points (for exams)

PS: For its 10 days or so the Linux training is coming to an end, ahead of schedule, in order to better pass after the exam, read more exam questions and knowledge points in advance. This is a post that you see in the Chinaunix forum, posted to

Linux FAQ Highlights

This article goes from, where I thank the author for sharingA Fill in the blanks questions:1. In a Linux system, access the device as a file.2. When booting from the Linux kernel, read the file system

Linux Question Summary __linux

Reprint: A Fill in the blanks question:1. In a Linux system, access the device in a file format.2. When the Linux kernel boots, read the file system to be loaded from the file/etc/fstab.3. Each file in

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