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WWDC2014 app Extensions (app feature sharing)

one, about the app Extensions Extension is a new iOS8 extension mechanism for several fixed system regions, which can make up for the limitation of iOS's sandbox mechanism to the communication between applications to some extent. The advent of extension provides a convenient way for users to use the services provided in our applications in other applications, such as users can view the brief information of

Share Extension and appextensionshare in App Extensions

Share Extension and appextensionshare in App Extensions Reprinted please indicate the source: Preface Here are some introductions to App Extension and details about Share Extension. Other Extension introductions will be added later.2. Start This section mainly introduces App

App extensions increase your impact-ios8/os X v10.10 Application Extension Programming Guide

 When iOS8.0 and OS X v10.10 come, a whole new concept comes to our eyes: Application extensions. As the name implies, the application extension allows developers to extend the functionality of the application, and its fundamental role is to enable users to quickly and easily understand the application's information when using other applications through application extensions. You can develop an applicati

IOS 8 excellent cross-app communication effect: Interpreting action Extensions

course, we can also leave the content application blank. After all, our goal is to build a set of exemplary application extensions, so the app does not need real execution capabilities. But I personally want to show you how easy it is to implement active controller calls from within an application, and I'm sure you can learn how to incorporate additional action extensi

IOS app sharing Extensions

CallbackWhen we successfully display the Zsutitestdemo icon after the above steps, click on the icon and we can jump to the Zsutitestdemo app, and Apple's method of receiving callbacks in the iOS SDK has changed after iOS 9. So we need to make changes to different device versions:#if __iphone_os_version_max_allowed - (BOOL) Application: (uiapplication*) Application OpenURL: (Nsurl*) URL sourceapplication: (NullableNSString*) sourceapplication Annotat

Sharing data between app and extensions communication

time. Finally, add the import Datakit in the Appdelegate.swift to replace the application (application, didfinishlaunchingwithoptions)-> Controller.managedobjectcontext = Managedobjectcontext in bool method is Controller.managedobjectcontext = DataAccess.sharedInstance.managedObjectContext, which is no longer using the context instance in the previous template code, but using the Managedobjectcontext in the DataAccess single example. Similarly, the Savecontext () in the Applicationwilltermina

APP Extensions Sticker Pack Extension

picture. Here is not an example, interested can try it yourself.About IMessage sticker icons sizeAccording to the official website size design can be. In addition, if you have money, you can purchase the official recommended tool for creating stickers: Motion. But the charge .... Click here to see how you can use motion to create stickers.SummarizeThis blog mainly describes how to create a imessage app and how to create a sticker extension. relativel

There is a chrome web app for that: detects extensions matching websites

The iPhone advertisement "there is an app for that" has become a buzzword, chrome engineer Mihai parita, with the chrome extension "there's a web app for that", brought this sentence to the Chrome Web application store. Of course, we need to change the advertisement word: there is a chrome web app for that. After this extension is installed, When you access a

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