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Short-circuit evaluation of conditional expressions and delay evaluation of functions

The delay evaluation is. NET is a very important feature in Lisp language, this feature relies on macros to do, in c,c++, can be done by a function pointer, and in. NET, it is done by a delegate. If you don't understand what a deferred evaluation is,

The short-circuit evaluation of the conditional expression and the delay evaluation of the function, and the expression evaluation

The short-circuit evaluation of the conditional expression and the delay evaluation of the function, and the expression evaluation The latency is. A very important feature of. NET. In the LISP language, this feature relies on macros. In C, C ++,

The role of sequence points in the evaluation of C-language expressions

Summary:This paper is a pioneering analysis of the role of sequence points in the evaluation of C-language expressions: The operand to the left of the sequence point is evaluated before its right operand. The comma operator, logic and operator &&,

Function of sequence point in C expression evaluation

Function of sequence point in C expression evaluation Abstract: This article first analyzes the role of a sequence point in the C language expression evaluation: the operand on the left of a sequence point must evaluate the value on the right of the

PLT: Talk about evaluation strategy

BriefWhen learning methods/functions, we always have access to two concepts of value-based and reference-passing values. Like C # is a value-by-value, but when the argument list is added ref/out It is a reference value, but something strange happens.

Hardware circuit Design Chapter

1) MCU reset pin circuit design, general use of RC mode, please calculate the basis of RC selection value;2) The current circuit board design for 5V to 3.3V mode, Chip asm117-3.3, trouble to give the current circuit board power supply formula

[Python] The problem of and and or priorities in calculating leap years and short-circuit logic

Well, the topic is very easy. But some of the details are quite interesting.The title is: Calculate whether it is a leap year, infer a leap-year condition, meet the years modulus 400 is 0, or modulo 4 is 0 but modulo 100 is not 0The answer is

Short-circuit logic and delayed Loading

I. Short Circuit Logic Short-circuit logic is also called lazy evaluation. It has an interesting feature in well-known Boolean operations: the value is evaluated only when the value is required. For example, conditiona () and conditionb () are true

Study on grading standard of computer Products evaluation technology

Evaluation criteriaIn the computer procurement, people first think of the Big Three is: CPU performance, memory capacity, display. Because the monitor update speed is relatively slow compared to the CPU, at the same time, the use of KVM makes

Cable interference and Countermeasures

Cables are the main cause of electromagnetic compatibility problems in the system. Therefore, in practice, it is often found that when the external drag cable on the device is removed, the device can pass the test smoothly. When electromagnetic

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