short circuit operator

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Java short-circuit operators and non-short-circuit Operators

Basic Short-circuit operators are commonly used "&" and "|", which are generally called "Conditional operations ". Class logic {Public ststic void main (string [] ARGs ){Int A = 1;Int B = 1;If (A System. Out. println ("Oh, that's impossible !!! ");

Java && | | Short-circuit explanation

Short-circuit operators are our common "&&", "| |", commonly referred to as "conditional actions." Class logic{Public ststic void Main (string[] args) {int a=1;int b=1;if (aSystem.out.println ("Oh,that ' s

Java by bit and (&) and short circuit and (&) by bit or (|) and short circuit or (|) Difference Summary

Bitwise AND & short circuit and & difference: & Both bitwise AND logical operators, & both sides can be Int or boolean expressions. When both sides are int, the number on both sides of the operator must be converted to the binary number before

Application Analysis of PHP short-circuit operator

/** * PHP Short-circuit operator * Edit by */ mysql_query ($sql) or Die (' Execute failed! '); !file_exists ($cache _file) && @update_cache ($id); File_exists ($CWD. " /download/". $down _id) | |

Logical operator short-circuit effect in Java

In Java logical operators && and | |, they all have short-circuit effects.For a && B, the entire expression is true only if both A and B are true (in Java, the expression A is first, and if A is true, the expression B is continued, and only A and B

Java Basics Review -2 (Boolean short-circuit problem, operator precedence and reference data type)

1 short circuit with &&, when the left is false, do not execute to the right;Short Circuit or | |, when its left is true, does not execute to the right.2 int a=1;if (a++==2) {A = 7;}System.out.println (a);The output is 2, because when + + is on the

General description and function of C # operator Encyclopedia _ various operation symbols

The following is a detailed summary of the description and function of various operational symbols in C #first, []square brackets ([]) are used for arrays, indexers, and properties, and also for pointers.1, the array type is a type followed by

Design the PLC ladder diagram based on the circuit diagram of the relay

PLC uses a ladder chart language that is extremely similar to the circuit diagram of the relay. If PLC is used to transform the relay control system, it is a shortcut to design a ladder chart based on the relay circuit diagram. This is because the

Linux short-circuit operating symbols and Applications

Short-circuit OPERATOR: and | or short-circuit operator should remember one principle: 1. Any number and operation must be performed on any number 0 and any number. 00 and any number, or operation must be performed on any number 1 and any number, or

Python binary operator, logic operation Short Circuit principle

The previous round spoke of Python's history and its basic applications. For this round, you can say Python operators. Very simple. Operators, as the name implies, are taught in math classes in school, subtraction. +-*/This is the way the computer

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