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Application of detailed diagrams (minimum spanning tree, topological sort, critical path, shortest path) _c language

. The Status topological Sort (Algraph g) { //forward graph G uses an adjacency table storage structure. //If G has no loop, then output 1 topological sequences of vertices of G and return OK, otherwise error. Findindegree (G,indegree)//For each vertex indegree[0..vernum-1] Initstack (s); for (i=0;i 3. Critical Path (AOE network): in the aoe-network some

Sdut 2498-aoe Online critical path (spfa+ dictionary sequence Path)

AoE critical path on the web Time limit:1000ms Memory limit:65536k have questions? Dot here ^_^ Topic Description Narration a non-circular, forward graph is called a non-circular graph ( directed acyclic Graph dag figure. AOE (activity on edge) network: As the name implies, use the edge to represent the active network, of course, it is also a DAG. Unlike AOV ,

Topological ordering, critical path and shortest path algorithm of graphs--C + + implementation

critical path: The path length from the source point to the sink point is the longest route called the critical path. A (1..N) in the figure represents the time spent between two activities. : The key

Figure: Finding the critical path

case of a shell completion event, in order not to affect the duration: Shell completion Activities at the earliest, it started at a point, and it must start at two o ' night. The maximum power value of 3 means that all activities must be completed after three hours, while the shell will take only 2 hours to complete. Therefore, the middle of the idle time has one hours, in order not to affect the entire du

Topology sequencing critical path (depth first search)

/*Name: The critical path for topological sequencing (depth-first search)Copyright:Author: A clever clumsyDate:17-11-14 21:02Description: The key path of topological sequencingIn a weighted graph, the event is represented by a vertex, an activity is represented by a forward edge, and the weight on the edge represents the cost of the activity, such as the duration

Critical Path algorithm

Related concepts:(1)AOE (activity on Edges) network if there is a forward edge in the non-forward loop of the weighted direction graph to indicate the activities in a project , the weight on the edge represents the duration of the activity (Duration), When a vertex is used to represent an event , such a graph is called a network with an edge representing the activity, or AOE (activity on Edges). The AOE Network is a weighted, forward-free, circular

Teach you to easily calculate AOE Network critical path

use AOE net to estimate the time of project completion?Two principles:?? Only events that are represented by a vertex can start with activities from that vertex?? Only events that enter a vertex end, and the event that the vertex represents can occur?Calculate critical pathsFirst, in the AOE network, the path from the beginning to the end with the maximum

Sdut AoE Online Critical path (spfa+ forward star) Topic DescriptionA non-circular, forward graph is called a non-circular graph (directed acyclic graphdag aoe (activity on Edge) Net: As the name implies, use the edge to represent the active net, of course it is dag. Unlike aov, activities are represented on the edge as shown in: NBS P as shown above, there are 11 activiti

Critical path problem--perfect version

("\ n");}printf ("\ n");printf ("Note: V is event, Ve[i] is the earliest start time, Vl[i] is the latest start time. \ n ");printf ("\ n");printf ("j----k----weights----EE----el\n");for (j = 0; j for (p = G.vertexs[j].firstarc; p; p = p->nextarc){K = p->adjvex;Dut = p->weight;EE = ve[j];El = vl[k]-dut;printf ("%s-->%s%3d%5d%5d", G.vertexs[j].data,g.vertexs[k].data,dut,ee,el);if (ee = = EL)printf ("Key activities");printf ("\ n");}//forprintf ("\ n No

PAT Key activity topology sequencing-critical path

Link:Key activitiesIdeas:1, first through the queue and adjacency table to complete the topology sequencing:All nodes A with a degree of 0 in the queueFind all subsequent nodes of a in the adjacency tableSubsequent node penetration-1If the subsequent node is in the degree of 0Then the successor node is enqueued2, the task scheduling is not feasible when the ring appears in the diagram:Just decide if you want to queue n times3, in the process of topological sequencing with the

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