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Method for partition of SSD solid state hard disk

If you are using or preparing to buy SSD, you will certainly have some understanding of it. Now because the structure of solid-state hard disk and mechanical hard drive are fundamentally different, solid-state drives to achieve real performance

After running the BIOS Secure Erase feature or the ThinkPad Drive Erase utility, it is possible to restore data on the Toshiba solid-state Drive

Failure phenomenon: Lenovo Security Bulletin: LEN-9458 Potential impact: After running the Security cleanup utility, it is possible to recover drive data. Severity: Medium Impact Range:

Usage tips based on hard drive Working Principles

BT and thunder do not hurt the hard drive, you will know after reading Reference someone's words first. Someone thinks Bt and thunder hurt the hard disk: Why does frequent read/write damage the hard disk? The lifetime of the head is limited.

Is the hard drive divided into several areas best?

In a long time to write a section on the article, because too lazy, thinking is not clear, there is no how to pen, want to write when I do not know how to writing, recently saw friends to talk about zoning issues, the size of the area, how to

What should I do if my laptop battery is charging?

Notebook battery Charging dissatisfaction How to do, many children's shoes are always asked small, in fact, laptop batteries need personal maintenance. If you want your battery to be fully charged, you should set the Power management mode to

How to choose mechanical hard disk and SSD

How to choose mechanical hard disk and SSD The giants of the tide we all see in the eyes of pain in the heart, after all, they are accompanied us through a lot of years old brand. And for consumers, in the end should buy large-capacity mobile hard

Read Liu Weipeng "How you should learn C + + (and programming)"

tags (space delimited): provincesOriginal address: How you should learn C + + (and programming)I reflect on my own years in school to learn the half-watered. See this article, feel a lot of harvest. As if there is a sense of their own road, of

[to] the triple state of the test

The first level of testing: around the bug to "conscious decision action, action decisions" is a well-known famous in management.  The first realm of testing : Around bugs"Conscious decision action, action decision result" is a well-known quote in

Fusion-io: the application should be flash optimized.

In the past, people only knew that flash should replace hard disks, and Flash should be optimized for applications. However, with the development of the flash application, the application needs to be optimized for flash. Fusion-Io is working to

2015-2: Novice Beginners also need to use the Kaili

Front: Some cramps today, see the video of the station (Baidu search keywords: Baidu post station Kali video), suddenly some Dan itch, decided to play Kali, these days have been watching CCNP also have some of the rhca of the tutorial, feel the need

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