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How to upgrade the Apple Iphone/ipad after escaping from prison? Upgrade Tutorial after the iphone jailbreak

There are a lot of users who haven't figured out what's going on in a jailbreak, and then they have all sorts of trouble upgrading the new version of the firmware. So can the iphone be upgraded after the jailbreak? How to upgrade it? Can you upgrade after prison Break? The answer, of course, is OK. But upgrades are not always the way

How to upgrade iPhone to IPAD upgrade current target for iPad in gray

Document directory The following describes how to upgrade or migrate an iPhone to an iPad-supported instance: Note: Upgrade current target for iPad gray Solution Upgrade current target for iPad gray Solution In the current wave of iPad, We will port the appropriate iPhone

Alipay 9.0 How to upgrade the iphone Alipay 9.0 upgrade method

1, we click on the iphone Desktop App Store and then we click "Update" If there is Alipay, you will see there is Alipay 9.0 updated, click the "Update", as shown in the following figure. 2, good updated, will be pop-up prompts, now we just click Well, as shown in the following figure. 3, in this process we just have to wait until the update is complete. After the update is complete, your Alipay 9.0 will be upgraded successfully,

Why is the ios8.1 card of the iPhone 5C upgraded? Step 1 of iPhone 5C upgrade ios8.1

IPHONE5C Upgrade ios8.1 Card 1, iphone5c mobile phone upgrade ios8.1 is a little slower than iphone5s2, but as a whole, if you upgrade iOS8 then ios8.1 will not affect you3, ios8.1 than ios8.0 to use some oh, feel a little faster IPHONE5C Upgrade ios8.1 Steps 1. Using online upgrades, we will be able to see the io

iphone upgrade iOS 9 cotton problem reason and solution

Reasons for upgrading iOS 9 cotton and how to fix it: 1, although Apple does not push the iOS 9 official version for a long period of beta and public testing, but after the official version of the push upgrade, the number of general user upgrades is too large, and the user's device may have a variety of previous tests have not encountered the situation, which may lead to Carrington. Usually after the official version of the push, Apple will

Quick app upgrade supports iOS 6 and iPhone 5 4-inch screens

On the early morning of the 19th, Apple released the latest official version of ios6, xcode4.5, and 10.8.2. the upgrade was completed one day and one night with the company's network updated yesterday. It took several minutes to upgrade the original app perfectly, supporting 1136*640 resolution. Since the app was originally compatible with the iPhone/iPad, that

iphone Apple ios7.0.2 Upgrade Tutorial graphics and text detailed

early this morning Apple officially pushed the ios7.0.2 firmware upgrade. this time Apple has focused on fixing a bug in privacy files that came out of the official release of iOS7 that could bypass the lock screen and view photos directly. The updated ios7.0.2 firmware, does not repair to iOS7 jailbreak related field characters, that is not to affect the IOS7 official version of the jailbreak process, we can rest assured download updates. Here are so

Touchflo's Important upgrade: touchflo 3D, HTC released a diamond mobile phone that competes with the 3G iPhone.

HTC has run the 3D effect well this time. You can go Http:// Id = 46294 Feel this URL. All operations can have a good 3D effect. This is the disadvantage of the iPhone. IPhone: multi-touch + 2d HTC: Single-touch + 3D Both of them are thick and thin, and the iPhone application multi-touch has been used for a year; It took two years fo

(3/18) re-learn Standford_iOS7 development _ Objective-C _ course notes, iPhone 4 upgrade ios7

(3/18) re-learn Standford_iOS7 development _ Objective-C _ course notes, iPhone 4 upgrade ios7 Lesson 3: This course is mainly a demo of game implementation. Therefore, I will extract some simple programming skills from the course, focusing on how to implement the requirements in my homework. Card game implementation: ① The game is a part of the Model (understand What the Model is: Model = What your applica

(4/18) re-learn Standford_iOS7 development _ framework and course notes with attribute strings _, upgrade iOS 7 for iPhone 4

(4/18) re-learn Standford_iOS7 development _ framework and course notes with attribute strings _, upgrade iOS 7 for iPhone 4 Lesson 4 (dry goods course ): (I have to review the exam recently, but it cannot keep up with the pace. The content of this lesson is still very important. Understanding it carefully will have a great impact on future programming) This course mainly involves the Foundation and UIKit f

IPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/iPad/iPod upgrade iOS8

Preparatory work: 1, download itunes software, to the Apple official download: 2, download IOS8 official version of the firmware, Apple official download address: 3, we first back up the phone, open itunes and press Shift+s can be backed up OH: Right-click the device name in the list to select "Backup" Upgrade tutorial (for example, ipod,

IOS 9 Upgrade process sinks in white Apple iphone or ipad solution

There must have been a lot of friends recently upgraded iOS 9, but some friends encountered white Apple problems during the upgrade. That is, the card during the upgrade process, unlimited restart. At this point, you can only go through the DFU to upgrade.iOS9 How to enter DFU mode:1. Turn off your iphone.2. Press and hold the switch key and home button simultane

iphone upgrade ios7.1 Hint This update is not installed What do you mean? How to Solve

1. Click on the "Settings" button in the Apple phone to enter, as shown. 2. Click the "General" menu to enter in the Open interface. 3. OK in this list there is a "dosage" menu we click on it. 4. Then the system will detect how much of your cell phone storage space, as shown in the following figure. 5. If there is not enough space we will see the following application Occupation list, we can delete these occupy a larger application, especially album, video and so on. 6. If we clic

How can I upgrade iPhone 4S to iOS8 with insufficient capacity?

Method One, delete the data on the mobile phone, make room to 1. If you don't need much space, we can delete some useless apps or photo videos or something. 2. Delete method in the Apple phone "settings" application, as shown in the picture 3. Open the "universal" option in fact 4. Here there will be a "dosage" button to click on it to enter. 5. Here we click on "Storage Space"-"Manage storage space" option, click it. 6. Next you can see to occupy the size of the application rankings

Apple officially released the iPhone 5 upgrade 4-inch, with a lighter screen.

Apple's new iPhone New camera Phoenix digital news September 12 News, the United States time on September 12 ten o'clock A.M. (Beijing Time on September 13 1), Apple held a conference at the San Francisco lawn Art Center, released a new generation of iPhone. Phoenix digital is broadcasting the press conference. The brand-new iPhone is officially named iphone5, w

How does Iphone/ipad mobile phone upgrade to the latest system?

1, we use the OAT upgrade must save the phone is iOS7 system, so we can upgrade to the mobile phone directly to ios7.0.6, no use of the computer and itunes to update it. 2, here I take ios7 as an example, we click "Settings"-"general" here the system will remind you of the message, we click on "Software Update" If you are not the latest version of the iOS7 will tell you can

Apple Ios10 phone blacklist how to set up iphone upgrade Ios10 blacklist settings method

The iphone upgraded IOS10 system after the blacklist function has not changed or strengthened, for this question we show you the IOS10 blacklist settings to know. Apple Ios10 phone blacklist how to set 1, go to iOS10 and find the phone that's going to be blacklisted. 2, click to enter the number of the information interface "Block this caller number" effect as shown below. 3, after the interface only we click "Block Contact" to open

Iphone/ipad upgrade iOS8.2 After blue screen This problem solution

"How to resolve the blue screen after iOS8.2 upgrade" Yesterday, the major media reported that profiteers tampered with the IPhone6 serial number and IMEI code caused the phone to update iOS8.2 after the frequent blue screen Restart news, if your iPhone6 is not a national line version, and after the update iOS8.2 after the blue screen restart situation, it is likely to be cheated by profiteers. Some profiteers in order to earn more profits, the

What about the speed of the iphone? The iphone is running slow optimization method

If your iphone appears to be in use with cotton, it may be because it is in the background trying to apply the upgrade, which can be done manually. To change the settings for an automatic upgrade application, you need to go to the setup >itunes Store and app store> to automatically download the item, and then turn the "

Design and Manufacturing Process Analysis of iPhone 4 to iPhone 6, iPhone 4iphone6

Design and Manufacturing Process Analysis of iPhone 4 to iPhone 6, iPhone 4iphone6 Here I will explain some of my views on the design and manufacturing processes of these mobile phones. These five models have three appearances: Sandwich Design for iPhone 4. Three-Stage aluminum alloy Integrated forming of

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