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Mysql variables (local variables/global variables)

Mysql variables are divided into local variables @ and global variables @. They are all in different sizes, but the usage of the two variables is slightly different. Next I will introduce the production usage. Commonalities: case-insensitive, all

MySQL status analysis show global status

mysql> show global status; Can list MySQL server running various status values, my personal preferred usage is show status like ' query value% '; One, slow query mysql> show variables like '%slow% '; +------------------+-------+ | variable_name

Session variables and global variables in MySQL

Variables are divided into user variables and system variables. User variable: User variables are related to database connections. variables declared in this connection will disappear when the connection is disconnected. Variables declared in this

MySQL show variables like xxx detailed

1. View MySQL server configuration informationMysql> Show variables;2. View the various status values running on the MySQL serverMysql> show global status;3, slow query1. mysql> show variables like ‘%slow%‘; 2. +------------------+-------+ 3. |

MySQL status analysis show global status

The company's Nagios monitoring Server long-term internal network with the MySQL database issued ctritical alarm, because I will other colleagues of the mobile phone SMS alarm also opened, make the whole system team colleagues are complaining (hehe)

MySQL view global variables and set values for global variables

1. View the values of all global variables for MySQLSHOW GLOBAL VARIABLESOrSHOW VARIABLESMySQL has a lot of global variables, including some basic information about the system, and some basic configuration of MySQL can be found in the global

Set and show syntax set can be used to set various variables or options

Show can describe information about the database system in various forms, such as data tables, fields, server status, and so on. There are roughly the following methods: Show [All] COLUMNS from tbl_name [to db_name] [like ' pattern '] Show CREATE

About MYSQL SHOW variables

Original address: MYSQLD server maintains two variables. Global variables affect the global operation of the server. Session variables affect specific client connection-related operations.When the

MySQL in global, session, and both (Global & session) range

1. Global & DynamicExample:slow_query_log? Display the value of the variable:Currently set to OFF? Set the variables of the global &dynamic type in a session:As you can see, a variable of type global must have its value set by the Global keyword. ?

Comparison of status and variables in mysql optimization

Differences between mysql status and variables First, you can use the following two commands to view the corresponding mysql system parameters.Show status like '% abc % ';Show variables like '% abc % '; However, many people do not understand the

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