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MySQL master copy (2)

MySQL master-slave replication architecture and implementation Miscellaneous 1, set slave node as read-only modeMariaDB [(None)]> SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES like ' read_only '; +---------------+-------+| variable_name | Value |+---------------+-------+|

MySQL log management details _ MySQL

This article describes MySQL log management in detail. This article describes log types, log functions, and common server variables related to MySQL logs, if you need it, you can refer to the log file. it is very important for a server. it records

Mysql Log Management Detailed _mysql

Log files are very important for a server, it records the operation of the server information, many operations will be written to log files, through the log file can monitor the running state of the server and view the performance of the server, but

Mysql Log System, mysql Log

Mysql Log System, mysql LogLogs Mysql Log classification: Server logs Records special events during the process startup and running to help you analyze problems encountered by the mysql service. Capture specific SQL statements as needed

The files in MySQL!!

Files in MySQLParameter file: MySQL configuration file, save the configuration information of MySQL. File name my.cnfBy default, the MySQL instance reads the configuration file in a certain order in the specified file, and the user canMySQL--help |

MySQL Log system

Log Categories of MySQL logs: Server logs Records special events during the process startup process, helping to analyze problems that the MySQL service encounters. Capture specific SQL statements as needed to

Mysql log analysis tutorial


MySQL Learning notes log management (1/2)

One, log type: MySQL has several different log files that can help you find out what's going on inside Mysqld: The type of information that the log file is logged into the fileThe error log records issues that occur when you start, run, or

Mysqlmaster Switch Log Analysis sample

Here is the MHA from boot, to failover's complete manager.log, and all of the MySQL General.log in the cluster. We can learn more about the workings of MHA through these logs. There is a lot of help in using good MHA.The architecture is as

MySQL transaction-to-transaction isolation

Since the introduction of the InnoDB engine in MySQL, in MySQL support transactions, the transaction is a set of atomic query statements, but also a number of queries as a separate unit of work, usually by submitting a unit of work to complete the

MySQL log features detailed query, slow query

MySQL log features detailed query, slow queryMySQL log: A large number of IO operations are not recommended to write to a fileMysql> show global variables like ' innodb% ';mysql> show global variables like '%log% '; General_log | OFF Log |

MySQL master-slave replication architecture and implementation

MySQL master-slave replication architecture and implementation of MySQL master-slave replication configuration Master node: Start binary Log Set a globally unique ID number (Server-id) for the current node Create a

MySQL semi-synchronous replication of the database

1 OverviewSemi-synchronous replication refers to a subset of host synchronous replication, and another part of the host asynchronous replicationThe logic of synchronization is that the user writes to the primary server, the primary service is logged

mysql5.5 read-Write separation semi-synchronous

Read/write separationGenerally we are only responsible for the client's read request from the server side, the main service side is responsible for writing the request. Then configure it!First look at whether read-only mode is turned on from the

MySQL turn on slow query log

The so-called slow query is the query time of a SQL statement more than the predefined well-defined query time, these statements are to be recorded for the use of statement optimization, the following is how to record the slow query statement method:

MySQL enables slow query logs

Slow query: the query time of an SQL statement exceeds the predefined query time. These statements must be recorded for statement optimization. The following describes how to record slow queries. Slow query: the query time of an SQL statement

Detailed explanation of MariaDB logs and transactions and basic operation statements under CentOS6.5

MySQL Log category:General query logs: log, general_log, log_outputSlow query log: the query execution time exceeds the specified query time, that is, the slow query;Error Log: generally refers to the error log information, usually the log


The logs in MYSQL/MARIADB are broadly divided into the following categories:Query LogGeneral Query log:Slow query log:error LogBinary logRelay LogTransaction logA brief introduction to these kinds of logs, logs for our analysis of MySQL service has

How does MySQL calculate the number of opened files _ MySQL

How does MySQL calculate the number of opened files each time a MyISAM table is opened, two file descriptors are required. let's verify how MySQL calculates the number of opened files. I. test We can see from the manual "6.4.8. How MySQL Opens and

MySQL5.5 semi-synchronous Replication

Mysql also supports semi-synchronous replication in master-slave replication. mysql replication is asynchronous because of poor synchronization performance. After the master database delivers an event, you must wait for the slave database to copy

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