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[Add to favorites] Simple Win2000 computer startup shutdown script

Title: Win2000 computer startup shutdown scriptKeyword: Win2000 computer startup shutdown scriptInformation Source: Qingshui piuping I. Introduction The Win2000 computer startup/shutdown script (startup/shutdown scripts) is a new feature of Win2000.

In-depth introduction to the Win2000 computer startup/shutdown script

In-depth introduction to the Win2000 computer startup/shutdown script   I. Introduction   The Win2000 machine startup/shutdown script (startup/shutdown scripts) is a new feature of Win2000. The STARTUP script is a batch file that invites users to

CentOS command learning Summary: shutdown

CentOS command learning Summary: shutdown Command introduction: This command can be safely disabled or restarted. The shutdown command can not only shut down the system, but also restart the Linux system. Command syntax: /Sbin/shutdown [-t sec]

Linux Command Learning Summary: detailed shutdown command _linux

This article tells the Linux command learning Summary: Shutdown command, specific as follows: Introduction to Commands: This command can safely shut down or reboot the system. You're not mistaken, shutdown command not only shuts down the system,

Android implementation shutdown and restart of several ways (recommended) _android

Let's look at how Android can shut down, reboot, and in Android, which often requires an administrator level, or root There are several ways to implement Android: The default SDK does not provide the application developer direct Android system

Linux shutdown commands explained to the home of the script

Some common shutdown/Restart commands under Linux are shutdown, halt, reboot, and Init, all of which can be used to reboot the system, but each command has a different internal working process.Linux CentOS Restart command:1, reboot2. shutdown-r now

Redis command Detail and Usage Scenario Example--script (script)

EVAL script Numkeys key [key ...] arg [arg ...] Starting with the Redis 2.6.0 release, the LUA script can be evaluated using the EVAL command with the built-in LUA interpreter.The script parameter is a LUA 5.1 script that runs in the Redis server

Linux shutdown command

The shutdown command is as follows: 1, halt immediately shut down the Machine 2, Poweroff immediately shut down 3, Shutdown-h now immediately shutdown (root user) 4, shutdown-h 10 10 minutes later 5, init 0 (for root users) if the Shut Down command

Ubuntu timed shutdown command

Source: 1. Shutdown Process When Linux is running, you cannot directly turn off the power supply. Otherwise, the file system may be damaged. Therefore, shutdown must follow the normal

Android system shutdown or restart implementation methods, android

Android system shutdown or restart implementation methods, android Some modifications were made to the Android system shut down or restarted some time ago, so I made some attempts and collected some information. Now I will sort out the information

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