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Modifying Instance name SID in Oracle

Modifying Instance name SID in OracleModify the ORACLE Instance nameSystem Environment: CentOS 6.5ORACLE version: 10.21. Check the original database instance name$ Echo $ ORACLE_SIDOrcl$ Sqlplus/as sysdba> Select instance from v $ thread;INSTANCE----

Steps for modifying Instance name SID in Oracle Database

Steps for modifying Instance name SID in Oracle Database Sometimes we need to modify the instance SID of the Oracle database. The following is an instance tutorial for modifying the Instance name of ORACLE10.2 in Centos 6.5. If you are interested in

Relationship and functions of db_name/SERVICE_NAME/Sid in Oracle

Show parameter service_names select instance_name from v$instance;   Db_name is a real physical name. SERVICE_NAME carries the domain name, because if the two databases do not have the same domain, they can have the same name. The SID is the

Roles and differences of SERVICE_NAME and Sid in Oracle

In init. ora contains db_name, instance_name, and service_name. in the operating system, you must configure oracle_sid in listener. ora contains SID_NAME, GLOBAL_DBNAME, in tnsname. there are so many SERVICE_NAME and SID in ora that you are confused.

Modifying Instance name SID in Oracle

Modifying Instance name SID in Oracle Modify the Oracle Instance name System Environment: CentOS 6.5ORACLE version: 10.2 1. Check the original database instance name$ Echo $ ORACLE_SIDOrcl $ Sqlplus/as sysdba> Select instance from v $

Understanding of SERVICE_NAME and SID in TNSNAMES. ORA

Understanding of SERVICE_NAME and SID in TNSNAMES. ORASID specifies only one instance, while SERVICE_NAME specifies multiple instances in the RAC environment.The configuration specifies the HOST of a node as follows:RAC1 =(DESCRIPTION =(ADDRESS_LIST

ORA-12505: TNS: The Listener currently cannot identify the SID in the connection Descriptor and other error Solutions

When encountering a ORA-12505: TNS: Listen Program Currently, you cannot identify the SID and other errors in the connection descriptor. You need to check the following Configuration:1. check the tnsnames in the database client $ oraclehome/client_1/

The relationship and function of Db_name/service_name/sid in Oracle __oracle

Show Parameter Service_names Select instance_name from V$instance; Db_name is a real physical name. Service_Name with a domain name, because if two databases no longer have the same name as the same domain. The SID is the instance name of the

How to Control Oracle RAC for parallel operations

A major advantage of RAC is that it can perform parallel computing across nodes. How can we control parallel computing? This is the content to be discussed in this article. To set cross-node parallelism properly, you must first set some parameters:

TM and TX Locks for Oracle

Depending on the data that is protected, Oracle's database locks fall into the following major categories:1.DML Lock (data locks Lock) for data integrity protection;2.DDL Lock (dictionary locks Dictionary Lock), used to protect the structure of

Frequently Used database interview questions

Answer: -- 1Select * from students where Sid in(Select r_sid from sresult where r_cid = (select CID from course where cname = 'tax basis '))-- 2Select * from students where Sid in(Select r_sid from sresult where r_cid = 2)-- 3Select * from students

WebGIS Design and Implementation Principles

WebGIS Design and Implementation Principles Dr. Hua, one of the representatives of the series 2006-2-18cheungmine1What is WebGIS?My definition is the process of requesting map data or related operations from the WWW server in the Internet field to

MySQL Add foreign Key Association

SELECT * from stu st,course co,score sc where st.sid = sc.sid and sc.cid = co.cidIf we are going to give SID a constraint, that is, the SID in the two tables should correspond, so we're going to add the foreign keyScore Association Stu:At this point,

SQL query Job Answer

A topic Two answers A topic1, query the name of all courses and the corresponding teacher 's name2How many men and women are there in the student list?3, the name of the student who queried the physical score equal to 1004, the name and

Oracle 11g Clientid_overwrite Event

A new Clientid_overwrite event has been added to Oracle 11g so that v$session can automatically react to setting the result after executing the set_client_info information for the Dbms_application_info package. By default, after the Set_client_info

MySQL practiced hand

1. Create the following form according to the diagram  Tables that do not have foreign keys are created first, and are created in the order teacher,class,course,studentCREATE TABLE Class (CID INT NOT NULL auto_increment PRIMARY key,caption CHAR (+)

Slow mysql subquery

When you use the explain tool to view the execution plan of the SQL statement, if the select_type field contains "DEPENDENTSUBQUERY", you should note that, you have fallen into the slow mysql subquery "pit... Here is a specific example of a query

Deep understanding of ORACLE Lock Mechanism

A database is a shared resource used by multiple users. When multiple users access data concurrently, multiple transactions can access the same data simultaneously in the database. If concurrent operations are not controlled, incorrect data may be

[Slow query optimization] use MySQL subqueries with caution, especially when DEPENDENTSUBQUERY is marked down.

[Slow query optimization] use MySQL subqueries with caution, especially when you see the DEPENDENTSUBQUERY tag. The case sorting time is as follows: I have repeatedly stressed the importance of explain in slow query optimization 1 and 2, but

Static keyword _ javascript skills required for java

Static keywords, which must be learned by java, are hard to understand when many friends write and read code. The following describes how to learn static keywords. I. static keywords    The original member variables in a class, each new object,

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