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JS Frontend passes the JSON array to the server side and parses the implementation.

In a recent small project you need to pass the JSON array data to the server side to save, now share the solution.Environment: EASYUI+MVC 4.0As follows:In the above section of the red circle, you need to save the data through an AJAX request after

Building a backend management system for ASP. Mvc4+ef5+easyui+unity2.x Injection (10)-System menu bar

It seems that we need more modules, we have a sample program, can help us in the future system development to do a lot of control, we later also have the System log and system exception record, when the browsing has been difficult, we this section

PHP3: Cross-platform server-side embedded scripting language

Server-side scripting technology is a very useful thing, combining it with client script technology to create a very powerful page. It seems like a long time ago, which version (appears to be the WWW edition) discussed ASP to the point of full swing,

Dr-helper Project Design Introduction (a point meal management system including mobile and web-side)

One, source code pathHttps://, the interfaceTo access the Web service through the browser, you can see the interface such as the following:Adt-bundle compiles project build dr-helper.apk. After installation, you

Details about CMS garbage collection mechanism and cms garbage collection

Details about CMS garbage collection mechanism and cms garbage collection Originality is not easy. It cannot be reproduced without permission ~~~   In general, the execution process of CMS can be divided into the following stages: 3.1 initial tag

CMS garbage collection mechanism

Original is not easy, without permission, not reproduced ~ ~ ~ What is a CMS?Concurrent Mark Sweep.See the name to know, CMS is a concurrency, using the tag-purge algorithm GC.CMS is a GC that is recycled for the old age. What is the

Leisurely strum: On the evil side of "Wheel Party"

What do you call a wheel party? Here is a general definition, the wheel party, is to see the open source author's work, after a clean and neat behind the two words: the wheel. Of course, there are some new variants, such as: Send a "but egg". But no

ExtJS Gridpanel in the case of paging, the service-side statistics Total implementation mode

1, the application scenario in the time when there are pagination calculation totals can not be used ExtJS Gridpanel provide the ftype:summary way to solve, otherwise only calculate the current page of the total (because the data only extracts the

Learn more about the properties of page layouts in CSS

css| Web page Layout (Layout) Properties: In the previous HTML, the elements were placed in the order of the elements, and in the CSS you could locate the elements more precisely. Netscape has raised the layer tag, which is good for precise layout,

Classic database article! (Required)

Storage Process Writing experience and Optimization Measures Introduction: complex business logic and database operations are often encountered during database development. In this case, SP is used to encapsulate database operations. If there are

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