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CRM Afternoon Tea (21)-Root Siebel

management of the Department is very effective, so Siebel I want to convince Larry Ellison can be treated as a product at the Oracle company level. But Ellison obviously don't think so, Siebel think this is a large BRIC, the boss does not know what I do, anyway, is already the Oracle Sales Vice president, presumably know a lot of customers, don't worry find a list without food. Oh, why sales people start a

Will the CRM software be available to IDC service providers or need to be deployed locally?

CRM is a software that manages customer relationships. CRM software is deployed in two ways: one is to install the CRM software on the vendor's cloud server, called the "Cloud CRM Syste

The key to CRM success is not the software itself

The key to CRM success is not the software itself Author: techupdate.comMonday, June 30 2003 pm What do you need to knowUnlike what software vendors claim, the key to the effectiveness of Customer Relationship Management is not to buy software. Enterprises that can succeed in

CRM software design evaluation points and collection evaluation points

functions such as call centers and text messages that enterprises often use will also be involved. In fact, even if the CRM system does not contain these management functions, the user is bound to deal with the problem of integration with these functions. System Functions In the Security Management Section, whether encryption, session protection, data encryption, and other functions determine whether system access is secure. Specifically, that is

CRM, more than a set of software!

As we all know,CRM, is usually said "customer relationship Management", refers to the use of CRM to manage the relationship between the enterprise and customers. But what makes many business owners puzzled is that we are actually using the CRM system, but the effect is very little, what is the reason? In the end, CRM i

Openerp,odoo, Crm,tms,fhsaastms (Feng and logistics software) 2.0

Openerp,odoo, Crm,tms,fhsaastms (Feng and logistics software) 2.0Third-party logistics management system: Distribution Center, financial settlement, human resources, basic data.Distribution Center: Consignment Order (new consignment list, single list), Transportation Order Management (new consignment order, transport order management), receipt management, car distribution (new, query)Financial settlement: r

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