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Understanding and selecting a Siem/lm: Correlation and alerting

Continuing our discussion of core Siem and log management technology, we now move into event correlation. this capability was the Holy Grail that drove most investigation in early Siem products, and probably the security technology creating the most consistent disappointment amongst its users. but ultimately the ability to make sense of the wide variety of data s

gartner:2015 Siem (Security information and event management) market analysis

July 20, 2015, Gartner released the 2015 annual Siem Market Analysis Report (MQ).650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 11.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1wvngns6n5oaae8wbqprq4610.jpg "/>Compare 2014:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Gartner_siem_2014.png "alt=" Wkiom1oulrgs8jgeaad_xifvuj0205.jpg "/>As you can see, Splunk h

Gartner: FAQs about Siem deployment failure

In August 21, 2014, Gartner released a new Siem Report: Overcoming common causes for Siem deployment failures. The author is Oliver, a newcomer who has just jumped from HP to Gartner. He is currently in a team with Mark niclett. The report provides six common causes for the current Siem deployment failure:The plan is not weekly, the scope is unclear, the expectat

The difference and connection between SIEM, SOC and MSS

SIEM,Soc,Mssthe difference and connection of the threePrefaceSiem and Soc are not a new term in China, but in the domestic security circle after the struggle of ten grieving,Siem has matured, but the SOC is still in a position of a chicken, I think the main reason is that SOC is restricted by domestic system, policy, relevant log standards, application environment and traditional cognition, so it appears in

Splunk the Gartner SIEM leader Magic Quadrant for four consecutive years

SAN francisco–august 15, 2016– Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ:SPLK), provider of the leading software platform for real-time operational Intelligence, today Announ CED It has been named a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Security information and Event Management (SIEM) * for The fourth straight year. Splunk is positioned as has the furthest completeness of vision in the leaders quadrant. Gartner evaluated the Splunk security portfolio, including Splunk Ent

Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient in Java (simple correlation coefficient algorithm for Java)

First, what is Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient (simple correlation coefficient)?Related tables andRelated diagramscan reflect the relationship between the two variables and their related directions, but it is not possible to indicate exactlyTwo variablesbetweenrelatedthe degree. So the famous statisticianCarl Piersonhas designedStatistical indicators--cor

Spearman rank correlation coefficient and Pearson Pearson correlation coefficient

1. Pearson Pearson correlation coefficientPearson's correlation coefficient is also known as Pearson's correlation coefficient, which is used to reflect the statistical similarity between the two variables. Or to represent the similarity of two vectors. Pearson's correlation coefficient is calculated as follows:  The

Statistical correlation coefficient (3) -- Kendall rank (Kendel level) Correlation Coefficient and Matlab implementation

Kendall rank (Kendel level) correlation coefficient 1. Introduction In statistics, the Kendel correlation coefficient is named after Maurice Kendall, and is often expressed by the Greek letter Tau (Tau. The kender correlation coefficient is a statistical value used to measure the correlation between two random variable

LoadRunner Scripting Auto-correlation and manual correlation

About LoadRunner AssociationsFirst, when to associate1. Meaning of the AssociationAssociation (correlation): InDuring the script playback process,The client makes a request through the left and right boundary values (that is, association rules) defined by the correlation function,The server responds by looking in the content, gets the corresponding value, replaces the variable in the formThe static value at

Linear algebra: Fourth chapter vector Group Linear correlation (1) vector Group's linear correlation vector group's rank _ linear algebra

Linear correlation of the first section vector group A Mathematical Concepts Defines 1.1 n ordered numbers, the array of which is called an n-dimensional vector, which is called n components of the vector, and the number I is called the first component. Definition 1. 2 to the directional measure group A:, for any set of real numbers, vectors A linear combination called a vector group A, called the coefficient of this linear combination. Define 3 to t

Correlation analysis of two variables in Bi's affair--correlation coefficient

For example, "the higher the intelligence of the Three Kingdoms, the higher the politics", or "whether the higher the Force, the higher the command;"Prepare the data Analysis environment:SELECT * from FactSanguo11 WHERE inch (n' xunyu ', n' zhow ', n' brag ' , n' cheng Yufan ', n' guo Jia ' )Cao Wei adviser, refers to Xunyu, Zhow, brag, Cheng Yufan, Guo Jia five people. Because these five people have great contribution to the establishment and consolidation of Cao Wei forces, so they are

Genetic correlation (genetic correlation) of complex traits/features (Complex Trait) calculated using GCTA tools

Gcta, described in the article "Genome-wide Complex Trait Analysis (GCTA)-genome-wide complexity profiling", is an analytical tool based on the development of Genome-wide association analysis, in addition to calculating genetic correlations between different traits/phenotype (traits) , you can also calculate the relationship, the near-cross coefficient ..., the following is a brief introduction to the use of gcta to calculate the genetic correlation o

The automatic correlation (correlation) of loadrunner11 fails.

can be ignored, such as thinking time ). After this option is selected, click "correlation" to automatically associate it. After Association, open the Script View and view the web_reg_save_param_ex function. The dynamic values between lb and rbare saved to correlationparameter_1. However, if we find that the user session ID cannot be the same if it is saved Based on the automatically associated left and right boundaries, this only means that the us

One-to-one correlation relation of hibernate correlation relation mapping

The relationship between a person and an identity card is a typical one-to-one association. There are two ways to implement a one-to-one correlation mapping, which is based on the foreign key, and one is based on the primary key, and we look at the foreign key-based correlation method.First look at their entity classes.Person classPackage Entity;public class Person {private Integer id;private String name;pr

Forum: One-to-many correlation mapping/unidirectional correlation/Two classes, can have two (multiple) association relationship/content for large text type/

>> One-way: Write only one end of the mapping attribute, the other end is not written (one end is not necessary); bidirectional: Write mapped properties on both sidesThere are two types of >> one-to association: a class of primary key-based ( generally not used ), a class of foreign key-based (key learning);Foreign key: is a normal field, and the value of the field is the primary key of the other table. For example, a field in a table is the primary key of table B, so he can be a foreign key to

The specific analysis of the correlation coefficient of "turn" Pearson,spearman,kendall

The correlation coefficient of measurement correlation is many, the calculation method and characteristics of various parameters are different.Related indicators for continuous variables:At this time, the correlation coefficient of product difference is generally used, also called Pearson Correlation coefficient, and t

The reciprocal of expected sort based on hierarchical correlation

The reciprocal of expected sort based on hierarchical correlationSummaryMany of the indicators for evaluating the results of information retrieval can be used in binary correlation situations, and there is only one indicator that can usually be used for hierarchical correlation, namely, the cumulative gain (DCG) of the discount. One drawback of this indicator is its added nature and potential independence h

Pearson (Pearson) correlation coefficient and MATLAB implementation

Transferred from: the statistical correlation coefficients used are relatively frequent, here are a few articles to briefly introduce these coefficients.Correlation coefficient: Examine the degree of correlation between two things (what we call variables in the data).If there are two variables: X, Y, the meaning of the final calculated

Spearman rank (Spearman grade) correlation coefficient and matlab realization

Transferred from: Rank (spearman rank) correlation coefficient1. IntroductionIn statistics, the Spearman grade correlation coefficient is named after Charles Spearman and is often represented by the Greek letter ρ (rho). The Spearman level correlation coefficient is used to estimate the

Gdal calculation Correlation Coefficient

Reference: I. Correlation Coefficient Definition Correlation coefficient, also known as linear correlation coefficient, is an indicator to measure the degree of linear correlation between variables. The sample correlation coefficien

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