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Shell Tetris _php Tutorial

#!/bin/bash# Tetris Game# 10.21.2003 Xhchen #颜色定义 Cred=1 cgreen=2 Cyellow=3 Cblue=4 Cfuchsia=5 Ccyan=6 Cwhite=7 colortable= ($cRed $cGreen $cYellow $cBlue $cFuchsia $cCyan) #位置和大小 Ileft=3 itop=2 ((

Linux programming signal (4): signal capturing and sigaction Functions

I. How to capture signals in the kernel If the signal processing is a user-defined function, this function is called when the signal is delivered. This function is called capture signal. Because the code of the signal processing function is in the

Tetris in shell

#! /Bin/bash # TetrisGame # 10.21.2003xhchen & lt; & gt; # define colors ($ cRed $ cGreen $ cYellow $ cBlue $ c #! /Bin/bash # Tetris Game #10.21.2003 xhchen # Color definition CRed = 1 CGreen = 2 CYellow = 3 CBlue = 4

In shell, the Russian box _ PHP Tutorial

The Russian Square in shell. #! Binbash # TetrisGame # # color definition cRed1cGreen2cYellow3cBlue4cFuchsia5cCyan6cWhite7colorTable ($ cRed $ cGreen $ cYellow $ c #! /Bin/bash # Tetris Game #10.21.2003 xhchen

"Go" shell script written by Tetris game

Pro-Test a very fun shell script written by Tetris game, script from Internet#!/bin/bash # Tetris Game# 10.21.2003 Xhchen #APP DeclarationApp_name= "${0##*[\\/]}"App_version= "1.0"

Linux programming signal (5): real-time signal and sigqueue Function

I. sigqueue Function Function: a New System Call for sending signals. This function is mainly used for supporting signals with parameters proposed by real-time signals and works with the function sigaction.Prototype: int sigqueue (pid_t PID, int Sig,

Tetris in shell

#! /Bin/bash# Tetris Game#10.21.2003 xhchen # Color definitionCRed = 1CGreen = 2CYellow = 3CBlue = 4CFuchsia = 5CCyan = 6CWhite = 7ColorTable = ($ cRed $ cGreen $ cYellow $ cBlue $ cFuchsia $ cCyan $ cWhite)# Position and sizeILeft = 3ITop =

HDU 3350 # define is unsafe (stack Application)

Http:// PID = 1, 3350 Problem descriptionhave you used # define in C/C ++ code like the code below? # Include # define max (A, B) (a)> (B )? (A): (B) int main () {printf ("% d \ n", max (2 + 3, 4); Return 0 ;} Run the

Reprint: Process exit State--waitpid status significance

Recently encountered a process abruptly exiting the issue, because there is no registration signalhandler so no signal is captured.However, from the log to see the status of Init Waitpid returned to 0x008b, before the status is not very

Linux programming signal (I): basic signal Overview

1. In order to understand the signal, let's start with the scenario we are most familiar:1. Enter a command to start a foreground process in shell.2. Press ctrl-C to cause a hardware interruption.3. If the CPU is currently executing the code of the

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