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Silverlight utility tip series: 51. Zoom-in and zoom-out of Silverlight page controls, and mutual operations between Silverlight and HTML controls [with source code instance]

This section describes three tips for using Silverlight: Zoom-in and zoom-out of Silverlight pages, HTML operations for Silverlight controls, and HTML operations for Silverlight controls. I. Zoom in and out the Silverlight page First, we can use scaletransform to set the can

[Share] Silverlight exploration course Summary (download)

Silverlight Exploration Series (61): Silverlight 4 combined with Visual Studio 2010 to develop product instances (3) The RIA application has become a hot topic for Internet applications. This course introduces how to develop a new Ria application using silverlight4 in conjunction with the TFS of visualstudio2010, this course describes how to use blend for UI beautification and VSM design, and provides ser

[Silverlight getting started series]. NET Framework class libraries supported and not supported by Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-browser and cross-platform. NET Framework implementation for obtaining Web Media experience and rich interactive applications.Program. The. NET Framework supported by Silverlight is called". NET Framework for Silverlight". NET Framework contains a subset of components and libraries, including data integration, extensible Windows

[Original] Silverlight series tutorial [1]-WPF/Silverlight architecture and Operating Mechanism

1. Introduction to WPF and Silverlight At the beginning of this tutorial, we will first understand what is WPF and Silverlight. This is very important. Only by fundamentally understanding this concept, so that we can thoroughly understand what it can do and what it is suitable. The definition of WPF is defined in msdn as follows: "WPF is the next-generation Display System, used to generate Windows clien

Silverlight cross-domain, Silverlight deployment in IIS and other issues addressed

   One: Silverlight cross-domain Silverlight has done a lot of thinking about network security when it comes to design, depending on the Silverlight SDK. Cross-domain communication is a Web service that uses the correct cross-domain policy file in the root deployment of another domain to enable Silverlight-based appli

Silverlight learning notes 1 easily create a Silverlight 4 Development Environment

[From] [] There is an article on "easily creating a Silverlight Development Environment" in yinzhong guowang"ArticleI believe it has helped a lot of new users with Silverlight, but this article introduces the Silverlight 3 development environment. This article will be updated based on the above to hel

Silverlight & Blend Animation Design Series 10: Coordinate systems in Silverlight (coordinate system) and vectors (vector) motion

If we are accustomed to a mathematical coordinate system, it may be somewhat unaccustomed to coordinate systems in Silverlight. Because the coordinate system in Silverlight is the same as the coordinate system in flash, everything is reversed. In a standard mathematical coordinate system, the x-axis represents the horizontal axis, and the y-axis table is the vertical axis, whereas the coordinate system in

Summarize the basic methods for interaction between Silverlight and HTML pages (JS calls Silverlight methods/attributes and silverlikes calls page JS methods)

Document directory No parameter event Parameter event Basic type (the so-called primitive types) Complex types This article summarizes the basic methods for interaction between Silverlight and HTML pages, including the method for js to call Silverlight, which is quite good. The interaction between Silverlight and HTML pages is implemented by a group of ty

Silverlight 3.0 no longer contains the ASP: Silverlight Control

The following error may be reported when you upgrade from Silverlight 2 to Silverlight 3,ProgramThe ASP: Silverlight control may be referenced in: Cocould not load file or assembly 'System. Web. Silverlight 'or one of its Dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified. Failed to Load file o

[Silverlight getting started series] Silverlight performance best practices

How to make your Silverlight ApplicationProgramHigh performance, fast and smooth operation? From the very beginning, we should know what practices will lead to poor performance of your Silverlight application? Which of the following best practices can improve the performance of our Silverlight application? Silverlight

Silverlight enterprise application development practices-5.0 Silverlight support preview on AgileEAS. NET platform

software enterprises in China. In terms of rapid development, AgileEAS. the. NET platform provides enterprise application development tools such as ORM, IOC, distributed communication, plug-ins and platform infrastructure, and a system for Quick Generation, it covers the design, coding, integration, deployment, O M, and other aspects of the development process.2. Support for Silverlight on the AgileEAS. NET platform I will not mention the

Silverlight™3 SDK (software development kit) has removed ASP. NET mediaplayer and ASP. NET Silverlight.

Original article: 2 SDK (installed with Silverlight 2 tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1) provides 2 Silverlight ASP. NET Server controls: · ASP. NET mediaplayer ControlIntegrate audio (WMA) and video (WMV) media sources into Web ApplicationsProgram. · ASP. NET

(22): How does Silverlight 2 use JavaScript to call. Net code in Silverlight?

Summary The release of Silverlight 2 beta 1 brings us a lot of surprises from runtime and tools, such as supporting the framework languages Visual Basic, Visual C #, ironruby, ironpython, A series of new features such as JSON, Web Service, WCF, and sockets support. The article "one-step learning Silverlight 2 series" takes you to Silverlight 2 development quickly

Silverlight 1.1 was officially renamed Silverlight 2.0

From today on, Silverlight 1.1 was officially renamed as Silverlight 2.0. The reason for renaming is mainly because of the huge changes that the original Silverlight 1.1 will undergo -- Today, in March September, Silverlight 1.0 was officially released. Its main goal is to bring richer media experiences to Web browse

Silverlight Visifire Control chart making--silverlight background method ControlChart.xaml.cs

, 0);This.btnDown.Margin = new Thickness (322, 12, 0, 0);This.dtName.Margin = new Thickness (412, 16, 0, 0);This.showData.Margin = new Thickness (470, 18, 0, 0);4. Query method (call WCF to get paint information)Query ();private void Query (){Dbserviceclient svc = new Dbserviceclient (); Call the WCFCommissionedSvc. getsinglechartdatacompleted + = new EventhandlerCalling WCF's Getsinglechartdata method(For more information, please refer to the blog: Silverli

Silverlight: "debugging cannot be started-When Silverlight developer is not installed. Install a version matching solution.

Because of the project requirements, you need to use Silverlight. You have to learn how to use it. My colleague sent the SDK, tool, and demo related to Silverlight to me. At the beginning of debugging and running, the following problems occurred: Unable to start debugging -- The Silverlight developer Runtime is not installed. Install a matching version. Local Env

Communication between Silverlight and WCF (5) Silverlight Application and WCF service publishing methods

A friend of the last blog post asked about the issue of Silverlight program release, the last one is a Silverlight access to the host on the console WCF, in fact, about WCF and SILVERLIHGT communication problems there are several ways, here is a list of The client and server use HTTP protocol communication (in two, same domain or different domain) The client and server use TCP protocol communication (in t

[Silverlight entry series] Silverlight Memory leakage Tool

loss. GC object collection mechanism Whether an object will be recycled depends on whether the reference can be accessed during reference traversal by the garbage collector. If the reference cannot be accessed, it will be recycled. If the reference can be accessed, it cannot be recycled. That is to say, before GC collection, GC determines that the object has no reference. GC's mechanism for identifying "useless" objects is to determine whether the objects are referenced by "root. Here, "roo

One-step learning of Silverlight 2 series (23): windowless mode mixed with Silverlight and HTML

Overview The release of Silverlight 2 Beta 1 brings us a lot of surprises from Runtime and Tools, such as supporting the framework languages Visual Basic, Visual C #, IronRuby, Ironpython, A series of new features such as JSON, Web Service, WCF, and Sockets support. The article "one-step learning Silverlight 2 series" takes you to Silverlight 2 development quickl

Silverlight Development Environment configuration-Latest Silverlight Development Environment configuration Introduction

Currently, the latest Silverlight version is Silverlight2.0 Beta. Many tools are required for Silverlight development! So I will introduce it in detail here to help more friends get started with Silverlight faster. Silverlight 2 beta1 download-Silverlight 2Silverlight downlo

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