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Current status of web analytics industry

Although there have been many years of practice, but the global web site analysis is still a new development of science. This is because the website analysis method and the practice is in recent years only systematized theory. Nevertheless, web

Google Analytics-10 useful tutorials

Almost every website collects statistics on its browsing status: daily IP address, PV, bounce rate, conversion rate, and viewer attributes. Understanding this data helpsIt is helpful to better understand the attributes of the browser and where the

Google Analytics (Google Analytics) tips for using

Google Analytics (Google Analytics) is Google's free web analytics service, which has been well-received since its inception. Google Analytics is very powerful, as long as you add a piece of code to the site's page, you can provide a rich and

Google Analytics Common problems in use (V)

Google Analytics FAQ Series continues to update, this week mainly to solve the use of some of the details of the problem. For example: Some keywords of the number of visits is 0, which in most reports the amount of data is not large, even if the

Adding Google Analytics to your Zen Cart store

Google Analytics, a free web Analytics tool, can provide-a range of statistics on your website traffic and market  ing effectiveness. One of the more useful features of Google Analytics are the ability to flag certain pages as "goals." This is

[New Technology Learning] Google Analytics vs. piwik

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The new secrets of Google analytics--How to define visit

   "Preface" Visit this metric is the cornerstone of web analytics. But even with such a basic metric, Google Analytics's definition of it is not entirely immutable. In order to adapt to new browser changes and people's access to Web site

Use Google Analytics to count traffic in your garden

There has been a small regret since I opened my blog in the garden, that is, I don't know the traffic of my blog. Just as a student does not know his or her own exam scores, he or she does not know his or her current scores. I have worked so hard to

A talk on Web Analytics (i)

The beginning of 2017 was still in the mobile era, as the number of smartphones in the past few years has been growing at a high speed. This year's Google IO conference, Google has said to move from mobile first to AI first, followed by the Alpha go

2016, 10 trends in text analytics, sentiment analysis, and social analytics

Text analytics, sentiment analysis, and social analytics help you transform the "voice" of customers, patients, the public, and the market on a certain scale. The technology is now widely used in a range of industrial products, from healthcare to

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