simple certificate enrollment protocol

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OpenSSL digital certificate common format and protocol introduction

information is included in the complete CRL, and the delta CRL is a series of CRLs that indicate the revoked certificate information, and each CRL that is published is an incremental expansion of the previously published CRL. The basic CRL information is: The serial number of the revoked certificate, the revocation time, the revocation reason, the signer, and the CRL signature. CRL based authentication is

Go The principle of SSL protocol and digital certificate

information, along with the signature information of the certificate authority. Users can use their own digital certificates for various activities related to them.Message digestSome people may tamper with or replace their original message, a way to guarantee message integrity is to send a simple digest of their message with the message itself, and the message is correct if it matches.Digital signaturesNon

"Other" Request a free SSL certificate and deploy the HTTPS protocol

Order:Today's development we will notice that a lot of web sites from the HTTP protocol into HTTPS, do not talk about technology, but from the appearance of the comparison recruit I love. So look into it today.  0x01: Simple Talk about the difference between HTTP and HTTPS.    http:HTTP is Hypertext Transfer Protocol, and data transfer is transmitted in clear tex

[ZigBee] 15, ZigBee protocol stack Application (i)--zigbee protocol stack introduction and simple examples (long wen, osal and ZigBee introduction knowledge)

the Protocol, can be understood as code, library functions for the upper application call, the protocol is the lower layer and the application is independent of each other. The commercial protocol stack only provides you with the interface (in fact, the Internet industry's API model is very similar). Just as you do not need to worry about how the underlying map

Simple Introduction to XMPP protocol

1 Why ChooseXMPPProtocol In the IETF, the IM protocol is divided into four protocols, namely instant information and Presence Protocol (Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol, IMPP), presence and Instant Messaging Protocol (presence and Instant Messaging Protocol, PRIM), Se

Golang Simple TLS Protocol usage complete Example _golang

The example in this article describes the Golang simple TLS protocol usage. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Generate private key: OpenSSL genrsa-out Key.pem 2048 To generate a certificate: OpenSSL req-new-x509-key key.pem-out cert.pem-days 3650 Https Copy Code code as follows: Package Main

Use JDK Keytool in Ubuntu to configure the SSL protocol of Tomcat7.0 (simple one-way authentication version)

Use JDK Keytool in Ubuntu to configure the SSL protocol of Tomcat7.0 (simple one-way authentication version) 1. use the built-in JDK Keytool to generate the server certificate: Open the terminal console, switch to the tomcat main directory, and run the command to generate the keystore file: keytool-genkey-aliastomcat-keyalgRSA-keypasstomcat-store Use JDK Keytool

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