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A simple and effective charging equalization circuit for Li-ion battery

a simple and effective charging equalization circuit for Li-Ion battery This equalization circuit is made up of three identical parallel-regulated circuits, one for each battery. Schematic diagram of the circuit is as follows: Each regulated power supply is regulated to 4.2V. The principle of equalization i

Talk about the simple application of circuit breaker in. NET Core

for building microservices. Specific access to it's official website: to the point, first look at the official description of circuit breaker: What does when is a service depend on stops responding? Circuit breakers enable bypass a failing service, allowing it time to recover, and preventing your the users from Seein G Nasty error messages. Steeltoe includes a. NET impleme

Simple and practical bidirectional level translation circuit (3.3v-5v)

When you use3.3Vof the single-chip computer when,the level shift is inevitable.,will often encounter3.3Turn5Vor5VTurn3.3Vthe situation,here is an introduction to a simple circuit,He can switch between two levels.(attention is mutual oh,Two-way,not one-way.!).The circuit is very simple,only by3a resistor plus aMOSTube C

HDU 2544 (Simple shortest circuit)

{ - intM,a,b,d;//Number of relationshipsWuyi while(cin>>n>>m,m+N) the { - for(inti =0; i) WuEg[i].clear ();//Initialize - while(m--) About { $Cin>>a>>b>>D; - Eg[a].push_back (Make_pair (b,d)); - Eg[b].push_back (Make_pair (a,d)); - } A +Dijkstra (1); the if(dis[n]!=INF) -coutEndl; $ Else thecout"-1\n"; the } the the return

[U] 2.4.4 Bessie Come Home simple and short circuit problem

The most simple and short-circuit problem, the key of which is that some farms do not have cattle. These farms can go, but they cannot be included in the final answer. After all, what is needed in the question is the shortest path of cattle. Take the 'z' point as the source point and perform a naked single-source shortest path to obtain the answer. In the code, I use a hash function to normalize all the pun

The Doors shortest circuit + simple geometry

Notoginseng inti =0; - while(I a.x) thei++; + while(I b.x) { A if(C (A, B, Point{w[i],0}) * C (A, B, point{w[i],wy[i][0]}) 0) the return false; + if(C (A, B, point{w[i],wy[i][1]}) * C (A, B, point{w[i], wy[i][2]}) 0) - return false; $ if(C (A, B, point{w[i], wy[i][3]}) * C (A, B, Point{w[i],10.0}) 0) $ return false; -i++; - } the return true; - }Wuyi the intinput () { -scanf"%d", n); Wu if(n = =-1) -

HDU1245 Saving James Bond (shortest circuit + simple geometry)

James could jump, your must tell him whether he could escape. If He could,tell him the shortest length he had to jump and the min-steps he had to jump for shortest length.Inputthe input consists of several test cases. Each case starts with a line containing n Outputfor Each test case, if James can escape, output on one line the shortest length he have to jump and the min-steps he Have to jump for shortest length. If It is impossible for James to escape the that, simply ouput "can ' t be saved".

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