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"OC strengthening" OC programming language strengthening knowledge points simple induction--Understanding the use of OC lift capacity

, one is set to retain and one is set to assign.(35) Apple's official recommendation is to use block encapsulation code, which is labeled ^, which is similar to defining variables, called calls and function calls. can have parameters and return values, and so on. In general, you cannot modify a local variable inside a block, but if you add the __block keyword to a local variable, it can be modified in the block.#import (35) class has a base class, the same as the agreement, there is a base proto

OC Basics (12) Memory Simple introduction and OC memory management

tell the compiler to handle the following name as a class when compiling.Writing specification: @class class name;Function: Declares a class that tells the compiler that a name is a class.Specific usage: 1. Use @class in. h files to declare classes.2. Use #import to include everything in the class when you really want to use it in. m files.3, the two ends circular reference solution: One side uses the retain, one end uses the assign (uses the assign in the Dealloc also does not have to release

OC Base--xcode template modification and documentation installation

sample code--example code. Apple has provided some sample code to help you learn some of the techniques of some API. It is very strongly recommended to learn the time reference, on the one hand to see the document sometimes it is difficult to understand how the actual implementation is. On the other hand, these sample codes are written by Apple's engineers, and you can see the evolution of the code style that Apple recommends from the changes in the sample code. Technical notes--Tec

Simple use and nsarray of OC arrays

, encapsulation (that is, type conversion)1. Encapsulate C-language basic data types as OC object types we use NSNumber;NSNumber *number = [NSNumber numberwithint:20];NSNumber *number1 = [NSNumber numberwithfloat:20.0];2. Encapsulates the structure and enumeration of the C language with the OC object type requiring the use of nsvalue;struct cgrect{Cgpoint Point;Cgsize size;};struct Cgpoint {CGFloat x;CGFloa

Simple Introduction to simple js template engine and simple js Template

Simple Introduction to simple js template engine and simple js Template Template address: comments and contribution code. Features: 1: The amount of code is small, and the learnin

Dark Horse Programmer--Simple OC Program

(){test(); return 0; }? one.h void test ();? ONE.M #import void Test (){NSLog(@ " call the test function "); }2) terminal Instructions ? compile:cc –c main.m test.m ? Link:cc main.o TEST.O –framework Foundation ? run:./a.out 2. . M file and . C File Mix development 1) write 3 files ? main.m #import "One.h"int Main (){test(); return 0; }? one.h void test ();? one.c #include stdio.h> void Test (){printf(" call the test function \ n"); }2) terminal Instructions ?

Turn: Realize the simple interaction between OC and JS

Oc-->js Stringbyevaluatingjavascriptfromstring, whose argument is a nsstring string content is the JS code (this can be a JS function, a JS code or their combination), When the JS function has a return value or a sentence JS code has a value returned can be obtained by stringbyevaluatingjavascriptfromstring return value.Js-->oc Using the WebView redirection principle (that is, to re-specify the value of Doc

Make a simple script with OC under MAC

continue looking down:4. Copy the MyScript executable file created by step 2 to the ~/documents/MyScript directory, which is the sibling of the file 5. Start experimenting:The CD directory is: ~/documents/MyScript (in fact, it is now in this directory) Enter the command.changeimgname.shHow is not the reaction, no response on the right, now is a step forward to the ~/documents directory of a few. png format pictures, then you can find the ~/documents dire

In OC, the User-Defined UI control is used to implement the calculator design (version 1 is simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication), ocui

In OC, the User-Defined UI control is used to implement the calculator design (version 1 is simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication), ocui In OC, the UI custom control is used to implement the calculator design (version 1 is simple addition, subtraction, multipl

Design of the calculator using UI custom controls in OC (version 1 simple subtraction, add, subtract, connect, connect)

Design of the calculator using UI custom controls in OC (version 1 simple subtraction, add, subtract, connect, connect)#import #import "ViewController.h" @interface Viewcontroller () @end @implementation viewcontroller-(void) viewdidload {[Super V Iewdidload]; Uitextfield * textFied1 = [[Uitextfield alloc]initwithframe:cgrectmake (10, 30, 300, 50)]; Textfied1.borderstyle = Uitextborderstyleline;

The simple application of agent in OC

invokes the method in the proxy//the proxy method with no arguments and no return value if ([_viewdelegate respondstoselector: @selector (Creatviewinvi EW)] {//external judgment, if the proxy object responds to this proxy method, let it execute this proxy method [_viewdelegate Creatviewinview]; }//A proxy method with no return value for the parameter if ([_viewdelegate respondstoselector: @selector (addobject:)] ) {[_viewdelegate addsub:@ "Zhang"]; The}//ha

[Objective-c] Simple implementation of an OC class

I. Grammatical specifications1. Class: Abstract description of a thing, such as the abstraction of humans, dogs and cats into animal classesTwo files in OC to describe a class1>. H: declaration file for a class declaring member variables and methods, the declaration code of a class between keywords @interface and @end ;2>. M: the implementation file for the class that implements the method in the. h file, the declaration code of the class between the

Simple operation of Nsdictionary and Nsset in OC

NSString * type, which is the method of NSObject object, which means that all OC Object has this method Setobject:forkey: The key parameter type can be any type of object and is a unique method in the Nsmutabledictionary class */3. Delete Delete based on key[MDict2 Removeobjectforkey:@ "name"]; Delete based on multiple keys[MDict2 Removeobjectsforkeys:@[@ "hobby", @ "height"]; Delete all[MDict2 removeallobjects];NSLog (@ "%@", mDict

iOS development-OC-Apple provides you with the backstage: CloudKit Simple to use

Setvalue:record[prop] forkey:prop]; }Else{UIImage*image =[UIImage Imagewithdata:info]; [Model Setvalue:image Forkey:prop]; }} succeed (model); Callback gets to the model}}]; }}Using Cloudhit to delete data- (void) Clouddeletemodelwithmodel: (Userinfomodel *userinfomodel{//Before also said that at the time of storage, we manipulate the data on the cloud is achieved by the record ID, so the name of the record ID should be an infrequently changed attribute, here is the us

Creation and simple application of OC variable array

Creation and simple application of OC variable array # Import Int main (int argc, const char * argv []) {// NSMutableArray * array1 = [[NSMutableArray alloc] initWithObjects: @ one, @ two, @ three, nil]; NSArray * array = @ [@ 1, @ 2, @ 3]; // initialize a mutable array NSMutableArray * array2 = [[NSMutableArray alloc] initWithArray: array]; // 2. specify the object Insertion Location // index to be

Simple bubble sorting via OC

1Nsmutablearray *arr = [@[@"0",@"3",@"2",@"6",@"5",@"4",@"7",@"1"] mutablecopy];2 3 for(intI=0; I1; i++) {4 for(intj=0; J1-I.; J + +) {5NSString *S1 =Arr[j];6NSString *S2 = arr[j+1];7 8Nsinteger I1 =[S1 integervalue];9Nsinteger i2 =[S2 integervalue];Ten if(I1 >I2) { One [arr replaceobjectatindex:j withobject:s2]; A[Arr replaceobjectatindex:j+1WITHOBJECT:S1]; - } - } the } -NSLog (@"sorted Results:%@", [arr componentsjoinedbystring

Oc-objection one of the learning notes: a simple start

Objection The reference problem of the unified management object, I think this is the meaning of this technology.Don't talk nonsense, let's go straight to the steps:1: protocolIt is our consciousness to know that everything revolves around agreements.The following protocol is a view of the Protocol, the Protocol is simply no longer easy.It does not expose any variables and interfaces, just to refer to the view corresponding to the protocol.I tend to write a protocol separately into a file.Then,

The Essence of OC Foundation (10) class and the simple introduction of ISA pointer and Meta class

object.4. Through the ISA pointer we can know at run time that the current object belongs to that class.Three, meta-class1, the definition of the meta-class is a Class object class, each class has its own unique meta-class, that is,(1) When you send a message to an object, the message is a list of methods in the class that is looking for the object.(2) When you send a message to a class, the message is a list of methods that are looking for the class's meta-class.A meta-class is necessary becau

A simple example of OC protocol and Proxy

Create a ticket agreement. The agreement stipulates whether the output will be left1 #import 23@protocol buyticketsdelegate 45@required6 -(void) check; 7 8 @endView CodeCreate a proxy Agent compliance protocol1 #import "Buytickets.h"2 @interfaceAgents:nsobject3 4 @end5 6 7 @implementationAgents8 9- (void) check{TenNSLog (@"There are still tickets left ."); One } A - @endView CodeCreate a person class that contains a proxy object that adheres to the protocol1 @interfacePerson:nsobject2 3@propert

OC--declaration and definition of simple class

#import class declaration: Definition of Class name The first letter must be capitalized, if it is made up of multiple words using the Hump method: Example MyBlog@interface person:nsobject{The definition of a class property: The attribute name is preceded by an underscore: example _age@publicint _age;float _height;}Definition of a class method-(void) eat;@endImplementation of the class@implementation personImplementing a class method-(void) eat{NSLog (@ "age =%d, height =%.2f people eating", _ag

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