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Sinox, Macau, China many platform CAD drawings, PCB boards, ICS I know, HDL hardware description language narration, circuit emulation and design software, elemental analysis table

Sinox, Macau, China many platform CAD graphics, PCB board, IC I know, HDL hardware description Language narrative, circuit simulation and design software, elemental analysis table, can open the eyes of the world.Recent research Sinox the implementation of Windows edition Protel,powerpcb,autucad, which is considered very cumbersome. On the other thought, Sinox the

Install the Open Source PCB printed circuit board design software Fritzing in Ubuntu

Install the Open Source PCB printed circuit board design software Fritzing in Ubuntu Fritzing is a set of software for designing Printed Circuit boards (Printed Circuit Board), especially for designers, artists, researchers and amateur players. Like Processing and Arduino, Fritzing developers

PCB design software Cadsoft Eagle Professional v7.5 multilingual +downstream Products 2015.11

PCB design software Cadsoft Eagle Professional v7.5 multilingual Win64 1CDCadsoft Eagle Professiona is an easy-to-use printed circuit board design software that includes a schematic editor, PCB editingand automatic wiring three mo

Install the Open Source PCB printed circuit board design software Fritzing in Ubuntu

Fritzing is a set of software designed for PrintedCircuitBoard printed circuit boards. It is a tool especially intended for designers, artists, researchers, and amateurs. Like Processing and Arduino, Fritzing developers design this software in the spirit of openness, simplicity, and sharing. Fritzing is a simple and ea

PCB parameter calculation artifact-Saturn PCB design toolkit download and Installation Guide

Label: des HTTP ar strong data SP Div 2014 CPCB design, especially high-frequency and high-speed design, will inevitably involve the calculation and setting of PCB-related parameters, such as via overcurrent capacity, via parasitic capacitance, impedance, etc, the current carrying capacity of the wire, crosstalk between two coupling signal lines, wavelength and o

High-Speed PCB design knowledge Q &

Flexible Circuit BoardsOur company plans to use flexible circuit board design to solve the problem of signal transfer and circuit board interconnectivity in small imaging systems. Does the rigid-flexible board design require special design software and specifications? In addition, where can I process such circuit boar

PCB design experience

speed up the product market, many manufacturers now prefer to use special EDA tools to achieve PCB design. However, specialized EDA tools cannot produce ideal results or reach a 100% distribution rate. They are messy and usually take a lot of time to complete the rest of the work.Nowadays, there are many popular EDA tools and software on the market. However, apa

Basic PCB design knowledge

ability to upgrade and swap parts. The System Function Square diagram provides a basis for separation. For example, a computer can be divided into a motherboard, a display card, a sound card, a floppy disk drive, and a power supply.Determine the encapsulation method and the size of each PCB.When the technology and number of circuits used by each PCB are determined, the next step is to determine the size of the Board. If the

Use software to transfer you to linux for PCB

With the help of software, you can go to linux for PCB-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. My bashrc is as follows # Cadence PSD environment icq 111290069. CDS_INST_DIR =/opt/psd CDS_LIC_FILE = $ CDS_INST_DIR/share/cadence. license CDS_DIR = $ CDS_INST_DIR CONCEPT_INST_DIR = $ CDS_DIR CDS_SITE = $ CDS_DIR/share/local/ LD_LIBRARY_PATH

The golden principle of PCB design will never change

and high-speed digital circuits whose system performance is always limited by impedance and Parasitic effects.Rule 3: Use the power supply layer to manage the distribution of power cords and ground wires.Copper Coating on the power supply layer is a fast and simple option for most PCB design software. By using a large

The golden rule of PCB design that never changes

Although semiconductor integration is becoming increasingly high, many applications also have ready-to-use on-chip systems, while many powerful and out-of-the-box boards are becoming more accessible, but many use cases of electronic products still require the use of custom PCBs. In one-off development, even a common PCB can play a very important role. The PCB is the physical platform for the

PCB wiring design methods and requirements

ensure proper pin spacing. 7. While ensuring the circuit performance requirements, the design should strive for reasonable cabling, less use of external cross-line, and follow certain charge requirements to walk the line, and strive to be intuitive, easy to install, high and repair. 8. When designing the PCB wiring design drawing, the line should be bent as litt

[Daily circuit diagram] 7, the design of a PCB process and details • Summary--to the layman's classmates or just into the students a macro view of the General circuit board design process of the article

ObjectiveThe last two days using AD14 software designed a Bluetooth anti-loss circuit board (PCB) drawings, the middle of some details in this document, to facilitate the next design of the PCB reference. Also hope to give the layman's classmates or just into the students a macro view of the General circuit board

Preliminary understanding of circuit design, IC design and PCB design

Circuit Design: This is a very big concept, from the voltage intensity can be divided into strong electric circuit design and Weak Current Circuit Design; from the design tool can be divided into manual drawing and electronic auxiliary design, the circuit types can be divide

Brief PCB design and routine of alicloud designer 10

improper, it will also be disturbed by other signals, always EMC is a topic frequently discussed in PCB layout and wiring. For line width and line spacingFor the line width, the first step is to understand the minimum width of the processing process to avoid the failure of the PCB designed by myself. Generally, 10mil is used, which is basically greater than 4mil, while the power supply part, A separate pow

Comparison of several mainstream PCB Software

Address: Schematic Design Software: orcad can be used, and supports a large number of netlist, which is basically industry standard. PCB layout Software 1. Protel, now push alicloud designer. The mainstream of low-end design in

PCB design process

verify Sometimes, the network relationship of the painted board is different from that of the schematic diagram due to misoperations or negligence. In this case, it is necessary to check the network. Therefore, after the painting, you cannot rush to hand it over to the plate manufacturer. You should first check it before proceeding with the subsequent work. How Should PCB design and mechanism

High-Speed PCB design based on signal integrity analysis

necessary to consider how to fully consider the signal integrity factors in the high-speed PCB design process and take effective control measures to improve the circuit design quality. The powerful Cadence speectraquest simulation software and the IBIS model are used to simulate and analyze the signal integrity of Hig

Discrete component package size and PCB board process and design examples

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------Sheet TechnologyThe following parameters or tables represent only part of the plate process and simulation selection parameters, the actual production will have a certain difference (but not a small deviation!). )The simulation software uses Polar's "Si9000".1oz=28.35g,1oz copper thickness refers to 1 square fe

Summary of PCB multi-board design-layer distribution settings

Summary of PCB multilayer Design Reprinted: PCB multi-board design suggestions and examples (, 12) Design requirements: A. The component plane and welding plane are complete ground planes (shielded ); B. There is no adjacent parallel wiring layer; C. All signal lay

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