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A simple example of selenium (i)

Exception { ("/html/home.html"); ("link= http riverbank mitsu optin coax 潧"); Selenium.waitforpagetoload ("30000");} @Afterpublic void TearDown () throws Exception {Selenium.stop ();}}You can see the file is garbled (link= http riverbank mitsu optin coax 潧), this is because the Selenium IDE encoding mode is utf-8:The Eclipse IDE is encoded as GBK:With the other, select the Utf-8 in the following box, link= enter the forum,

[Selenium+java] Selenium Grid Tutorial:command Line and JSON Example

then on the browser on machine B you should type Http:// /consoleStep 5 Now, the hub was already set up, we were going to launch a node. Go to Machine B and launch a command prompt there. Navigate to the root of drive C and type the code below. We used the IP address because that's where the hub is running. We also used port 5566 though you could choose any free port number to you desire. Note:you now has to give path to the Gecko driver if usin

Introduction to selenium (III)-simple RC-based application

Introduction to selenium (III)-- RC-based simple applicationAuthor: torrent Read before reading: Selenium introduction (1)-General Introduction Introduction to selenium (II) -- simple applications based on core/ide In this article "completely interpreting

Selenium-webdriver Simple Tutorial

Selenium/webdriver can be installed by Selenium-webdriver.gem package in Ruby Environment Gem installselenium-webdriver supports languages and versions with Ruby 1.8.7~1.9.2,jrbuy and rubinius Selenium-webdriver contains selenium-client, while reading, be aware that their two namespaces are in two diff

Introduction to Selenium (III.)--Simple application based on RC

Selenium Introduction (c)--A simple application based on RCAuthor: torrent Read recommended before reading: Selenium Introduction (i)--General introduction Introduction to Selenium (II.)--a simple application based on Core/ide In the "

SELENIUM2 Learning -036-webui Automation Practical instance -034-javascript in Selenium Automation application example of six (get JS execution result return value)

Selenium to get the JavaScript return value is very simple, just need to return the data in the JS script can be returned, and then through the method to return JS execution results, the method source code is as follows:1 /**2 * Get Object of return from JS3 * 4 * @authorAARON.FFP5 * @versionV1.0.0:autoseleniumdemo main.aaron.sele.core execjsr, 2015-8-9 1:39:17 Exp $6

SELENIUM2 Learning -031-webui Automation Practical Instance -029-javascript application example in Selenium automation (get element position and size)

(";"); - +Elementposition[0] = integer.valueof (position[0]); AELEMENTPOSITION[1] = integer.valueof (position[1]); atELEMENTPOSITION[2] = integer.valueof (position[2]); -ELEMENTPOSITION[3] = integer.valueof (position[3]); - - returnelementposition; -}at this point, WebUI Automated functional test Scripts section 029-javascript Example of application in Selenium automation (get ele

Selenium --- encapsulation example

1. Create two inheritance classes under the same package: 2. The code implementation in the class is: Package org. codeinfo. Demo; Import java. util. Concurrent. timeunit; Import org. openqa. Selenium.;Import org. openqa. Selenium. WebDriver;Import org. openqa. Selenium. Firefox. firefoxdriver; Public class utils {WebDriver driver = new firefoxdriver ();Pu

Selenium python bindings preliminary usage and simple reference examples

(' login ') signin_submit_ Button.Click () Time.sleep (2) # Exit Driver.close ()This is one of the simplest examples of Python selenium, and the added functionality will be based on a simple example of this extensionThen give an example of the official website, you can analyze, analysis can be confirmed by the last of

Selenium first example with Python (Windows system)

Install python (, download the latest Python version Configure environment variables. (Example), I installed Python under/installation folder with Python 3.5.2. The path set is as follows:d:\installation\python3.5.2;d:\installation\python3.5.2\scripts; Install Pip (you could search related steps from the Internet to install)(Locate To/scripts folder, to perform easy_install pip command650) this.width=650; "Title=" easy. JP

Dynamic page Crawl Sampling example (WEBCOLLECTOR+SELENIUM+PHANTOMJS)

. without selenium, calling Phantomjs directly. See the method above). Native to invoke JS, here the Parser.js code such as the following:System = require (' system ') address = system.args[1];//Gets the command line the second parameter will then use the //console.log (' Loading a Web page '); var page = require (' webpage '). Create (); var url = address; Console.log (URL); (URL, function (status) { //page is loaded!

Example of using Selenium to implement web screenshot in Python

Selenium is a tool that allows the browser to automate a series of tasks, often used for automated testing. However, it can also be used to give Web pages. Currently, it supports four client languages for Java, C #, Ruby, and Python. If you use Python, you only need to enter "sudo easy_install selenium" on the command line and return to install Selenium's Python version of client support.In Python, for

A simple look at some of the feelings after Selenium+python

There's always a big difference between open source and charging. Selenium as an open source product, is indeed already very powerful, but for QTP this NB product still appears too small pediatrics. This feeling is like a knowledge testing framework, and the other is the Cloud survey company.Talk less, coming today is a summary of some of my previous things.From selenium import WebdriverDriver = Webdriver.

(Java) Selenium Webdriver Learning---to enable simple page flipping, to remove the title and title links of the content

Selenium Webdriver Learning---to achieve a simple page, the title of the content and the title link out;This condition is suitable to be able to cycle page=1~n, and each page can be opened with the loop,Note must be their own splicing URL can be opened, such as:, you can turn to the 15th page of the article classification;;;Im

Python+selenium Learning--Simple object positioning

(' Locate by id ') dr.find_element_by_id (' username '). Click () sleep (1) # by Nameprint (' Locate by name ') Dr.find_element_by_name (' Password '). Click () sleep (1) # by Tagnameprint (' position by tag ') print (Dr.find_element_by_tag_name (' form '). Get_attribute ( ' ID ')) sleep (1) # by Class_nameprint (' Position by class ') E = dr.find_element_by_class_name (' Form-control ') try:dr.execute_ Script (' $ (arguments[0]). FadeOut (). FadeIn () ', E) except Exception as E:print (' No JS

Using selenium to implement a simple crawler crawl mm picture

, info)#Extract all conversations, write Info.txt filesTalks = Driver.find_elements_by_css_selector ("div.water-detail-content P") forTinchtalks:write_text (Path, T.text)#Close the picture of the girlDriver.find_element_by_xpath ("html/body/div[3]/div[2]/div[1]/div/img"). Click ()PrintU'The girl information is extracted and continues processing the next'Sleep (1)#-----------------------All girl information extraction complete-----------------------driver.close ()PrintU'Congratulations, all g


, directly call Phantomjs, see the above method), the native to invoke JS, here the Parser.js code is as follows:System = require (' system ') address = system.args[1];//Get command line the second parameter will then use the //console.log (' Loading a Web page '); var page = require (' webpage '). Create (); var url = address; Console.log (URL); (URL, function (status) { //page is loaded! if (Status!== ' success ') { console.log (' Unable to post! ');

SELENIUM2 Learning -022-webui Automation Practical Instance -020-javascript application example in Selenium automation (get browser display area size)

+ '; ' + window.innerheight"; A -String[] Areasize = ((Javascriptexecutor) This. Webdriver). Executescript (JS). toString (). Split (";"); - theBrowserdisplayareasize[0] = integer.valueof (areasize[0]); -BROWSERDISPLAYAREASIZE[1] = integer.valueof (areasize[1]); - - returnbrowserdisplayareasize; +}From the browser's console, execute the script as shown in the results.PS: In the actual use process, if the browser window size changes, you need to regain the size of

Web Automation 8-selenium Simple Operation method

1. Control Window SizeForm Selenium Import WebdriverDriver = Webdriver. Chrome ()Driver.get ("")Print ("Set browser width 480, height 800 display")Driver.set_window_size (480,800)Driver.quit ()2. Control browser forward, backForm Selenium Import WebdriverFrist_url = "Http://"Print ("Frist is%s"% (Frist_url))Driver.get (Frist_url)Second_url = "Http://"Print ("Seco

Python Selenium+webdriver Automation Test Example

#coding =utf-8from Selenium Import webdriver #引入selnium模块的webdriver包 #import time #引入time函数 #browser=webdriver. Firefox () #初始化打开Firefox浏览器 #browser.get (") #打开百度网站 # Time.sleep (0.3) #休眠0.3 sec. #browser.find_element_by_id (" kw "). Send_ Keys ("Selenium") #找到百度输入框的ID: KW, then enter the value Selenium search #time.sleep (2) #休眠2秒 #browser.find_element_by_id ("s

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