simple text effects in photoshop cs6

Want to know simple text effects in photoshop cs6? we have a huge selection of simple text effects in photoshop cs6 information on

Photoshop CS6 paint on the paper Halo ink text effects

copy our raster text layer and compress it with the free transform tool. You can also add some particles around the particle brushset text. Use a halo brush to add some halo effects around the text. To embellish the steps, add the following optional color adjustments to all previous layers: If

PhotoShop CS6 make realistic animal fur three-dimensional text effects tutorial

PS Tutorial using Photoshop CS6 to make lifelike animal fur stereo text effect, this tutorial is very simple, mainly with an animal fur material texture, and then use the brush to create details, Create a realistic effect. Effect Chart: 1th Step Open the Photoshop

PhotoShop CS6 to create a frozen ice sculpture hand special effects making tutorial

Tutorials teach you to use Photoshop CS6 to create a frozen ice sculpture hand effects, want to learn the students to get up and learn! Tutorial Effect Chart: Original: Open the footage I gave you first, click Path 1 in the path panel and show the path in the screen Load the selection in the path, copy the image in the selection to four n

PhotoShop CS6 3D function to make 3D stereo text effect tutorial

Since Photoshop CS4, the 3D model has been provided, so that Photoshop can also make 3D of the effect, but at that time may do not feel that the control is not so good, coupled with the whole map of the feeling, is not so good, so has not used it, so in the past to make 3D text, prunes mostly through the Illustraor, the text

Photoshop CS6 Teaching: 3D stereo text Super EZ

Starting with the Photoshop CS4, the 3D stereo mode is provided so that PS can also make 3D three-dimensional effect. At that time prunes felt that the control is not so easy to use, plus the texture of the feeling is not so good, so has not used it. therefore need to do 3D stereo text, prunes mostly through the Illustraor, the text into three-dimensional, and th

PhotoShop CS6 to make a cool metal text effect tutorial

Version: CS6 Difficulty: Intermediate Estimated completion time: 1-1.5 hours Final effect: Required footage: Big Lens and optical Flare Collection by Dawiiz   First step, Create a new file in Photoshop. Size can be arbitrarily set. We selected the 1100x410, the resolution is 300dpi,8 bit RGB color, background color: Black (#000). Select the Type tool (T) to write any word you want. This d

Photoshop simple to make metal texture text effects

position in light gray: #696969 4. Copy the stripes just made, then merge the stripes, the stripes need to be longer to cover the length of the text, and then bring up the text of the selection, select menu: select > Modify > Shrink the value of 8, press CTRL Shift I deselect the delete effect as shown in Figure 7

Photoshop simple to make R stereo gradient star text effects tutorial

Want to be a superstar? First, create your own cool logo! Don't you know how to do that? This Photoshop tutorial is set up specifically to help you. Tutorial Effect Chart: First in Photoshop a new document, like 500x300 pixels, fills the gradient (using #c0cfcc and #e2e5de colors). After that, you should style your background. I think the better way is to add some white lines to

Photoshop CS6 to make 3D text for the title animation tutorial

times about where the animation panel is in Photoshop. If you choose the default installation method for Photoshop CS6, you will find two tabs in the lower left corner of the interface, called Mini Bridge and Timeline (timeline) respectively. (Note: Bridge is the Adobe series of file preview and management software, Mini Bridge is built into the PS in Miniature

Photoshop CS6 Text Setup Tutorial

Select the Edit menu, move the mouse pointer over preferences, and click the Text command on the Pop-up submenu to open the Preferences dialog box. As shown in the following illustration: 1. Text Options Use smart quotes: This is the default selection. Smart quotes, also known as printed quotes, are confused with the font's curves. Select to use curved quotes instead of straight quotes when enterin

Photoshop makes tasty cookies with text effects

This is a Photoshop CS6 tutorial that will show you the detailed steps of using Photoshop CS6 to create fun cookie text effects, and we will practice some basic PS skills, such as quick selection tools, layer masks, layer blending

Photoshop font Effects Tutorial: 3D visual Effects text

First, let's start with the nonsense. Do three-dimensional word can be used in many ways, the effect of the best, of course, or professional 3D software to do good, such as 3DS MAX, Maya and so on, can make a lot of special, lifelike stereo effect. But in the commonly used website topics, some quality ads with 3D, a general 3D software plane and web design play is not very turn, and secondly is some effect more time-consuming. So now the AI,CDR and so on can do some

Photoshop text Effects Tutorial: Trend text Poster

This tutorial introduces the production method of trend text poster. The tutorial focuses on the unique text composition and how the picture is rendered and decorated. Although the effect of the use of a lot of text, but the text does not need too much processing, the key is how to put a

Photoshop text effects Tutorial: Flesh texture of the text

This is a Photoshop text effect tutorial, mainly for you to introduce the use of material synthesis method in the photshop to create a flesh text. Preview Tutorial Resources Skin Texture Steak First step: Create a new document in Photoshop Let's start by creating a new file in

30 amazing Photoshop text effects tutorials

I believe that anyone interested in design will have a certain understanding of the effect of using Photoshop to make 3D texts. The design based on texts can be as beautiful as it is. Today, this article recommends 30 very good Photoshop text special effects tutorials. Follow these tutorials to learn how to make beauti

Photoshop animated text effects: Personalized Pink text animation

This tutorial introduces the character of the text animation method of production. The author is more to introduce the idea of animation production, with very intuitive graphics and text to detail the entire production process. These are the most basic of animation production, but also the most important. Only with complete mastery and proficiency can we be free to make our own desired animation

Photoshop text effects: Quickly make metal 3D text

Last week, I went to see a film and saw many posters in the cinema. In the poster, the effect of metal text is widely used. Let the poster add heavy and impact. With this in mind, I decided to teach the method of metal writing to all of you to learn from each other, this tutorial is not very complicated, through step-by-step, 30 minutes can get the metal effect you need.First look at the final effect: 1. Open P

Photoshop font Effects--Glass text

This is a small technique for making glass text with Photoshop. We are ready for you, it contains the text will be used in several important and cumbersome settings, download and extract you can see two files--f!logotut (no extension) and F!logotut. Acv. Please copy f!logotut (no extension) to the Lightning Styles folder in

Photoshop text effects: Super shiny texture of the technical sense of the text

This tutorial uses Photoshop to make a glass-shiny stereo WordArt tutorial, which is a simple way to make a super shiny texture, and with the material it looks like a futuristic technology. Like this effect of friends can follow us to study together. Look at the effect chart first. The version used in this tutorial is Photoshop CS5, with a size of 1024 * 768,

Photoshop brushes can also make special effects text

Photoshop can produce a lot of special effects text, but to achieve skilled operation is not easy, but with Windows drawing program, we can easily produce some good effects text, the method is very simple. Dynamic Thunderbolt What

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