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Making VR video player

The recent VR fire do not want, but integrated, the most VR resources are also panoramic images and panoramic video, here today to give you a brief introduction of how to make a simple VR video

Unity (VR) Video player development record (non-tutorial)--Knowledge Point: _unity

Unknowingly into the VR industry also a year, do the app, but also do the game. It feels fresh. See a lot of people in the group asking what is the ability to do VR, what you need to know. VR development requires knowledge points (individual): 1.unity, develop interface.,ios. You don't need to be proficient, but you have to know some basics, such as

GOOGLE VR SDK Development VR game, one of the VR player

Over the past year, the promotion of VR and AR augmented reality technology has been on the increase. In fact, Vr,ar technology has long ago, has not been popular, undeniable price is the biggest barrier to the impact of technology promotion. Google's biggest contribution to VR is to provide cheap Google glasses, according to Google's drawings, using two Magnifie

Simple AS3 Audio and Video Player Simple AS3 Video/Audio Media Player

Simple AS3 Video/Audio Media Player A video/audio player with simple style skin but full function youCan find for a video/audio player, whic

Ffmpeg simple video player and ffmpeg player

Ffmpeg simple video player and ffmpeg player Refer to Lei Xiaohua's simplest FFMPEG-based video player. There is always a problem when porting code to my linux environment, So I simply analyzed and transplanted Raytheon's code for

Create a simple video player

I will not talk about the sandbox mechanism of iOS here. This article uses some simple code to show you how to create a video player and whether a video file can be played. I also attached the Yuan Dynasty I. Working Principle 1. When running the program, you can play the mp4 vid

C language Simple video player (ii) based on GTK+LIBVLC implementation

Easy Video Player-full screen playbackI. Description of the courseLast time we used GTK+LIBVLC to achieve a simple video player, can be clicked button Tentative and stop playing video, as well as synchronized display of

Simple video player using videoview

The videoview is encapsulated in the mediaplayer. Android framework and provides the videoview class to encapsulate mediapalyer. This videoview class is very useful. The gallery of Android is also implemented using videoview. In contrast, it is easier to use. The mediaplayer. oncompletionlistener interface will be notified when video broadcasting is complete. In this example, a simple program is ended as fo

A simple Silverlight Video Player

The following is a simple Video Player: 1. Add a mediaelement to the Xmal page to accommodate video files. 2. Drag and Drop a slider to display the video playback progress in real time. 3. A textblock used to display the current playback time value. 4. A textblock is used to

JavaScript implements a simple HTML5 video player

Web video audio players are not unfamiliar, in IE we can run ActiveX to embed Microsoft Media Player or other local players, of course, most of us are using Flash to make the player. In the rapid development of HTML5 today, let us try to use HTML5 to create a Web page player, after all, whether it is a PC or mobile dev

Simple SWF video Player code

Simple SWF video player codeSWF Video player Code dangerous Show: The code is as follows: This article is from:

Javascript implements simple html5 video player, javascripthtml5

Javascript implements simple html5 video player, javascripthtml5 Effect: The code is simple. Js define("html5_video_player", [ '../avalon-min'], function(avalon) { function formatTime(seconds) { var seconds = Math.round(seconds); var minutes = Math.floor(seconds / 60); seconds = Math.floor(seconds % 60);

UNITY VR Video/Picture development experience (i)

the scale.z value of the ball to a negative number. Basically finished here, Next is the package released, click File-build and Setting Select Android, click on the Player setting, in other setting VR Surport selected, select an SDK (recommended Google Cardboard), then build is ready. Not surprisingly, an APK file was created and installed on your big phone to see the effect. At this point you will find th

HTML5 video Player <video> and audio player <audio> usage-

The new tags audio and video introduced in HTML5 implement native HTML support for video playback and audio playback. With this native HTML5 video player, we no longer need flash technology, the video and audio can be directly embedded into the webpage. HTML5

Unity makes 360° Panorama VR video

synthesized, it needs to be played back in QuickTime Player, which is said to be a format that unity can recognize, but it is MP4 to see it, but you can't use it if you don't turn! )5. Drag the video into unity and convert it to movietexture. If there is no auto-conversion, manually after the property importer Version is set to apply6, create a new material ball, set to particles/alpha/blended, drag the

What about the chit video player? How to use the video player

What about the chit video player? Chit player is a simple and efficient video player, supporting remote playback, BT seed playback, magnetic link playback functions, but also support the mainstream

Soso Music web Player PHP Web player used to play online video code automatically determine and select the video file type

In web development often encounter some simple video playback function, but now the video format is different, and can be dynamically added, so we have to save the video to the data Oh, OK, let's look at the paragraph I wrote a simple PHP

The simplest Video Player Based on FFMPEG + SDL: Split-decoder and player, ffmpegsdl

SDL. * SDL_CreateWindow (): Create a Window. * SDL_CreateRenderer (): Create a Render. * SDL_CreateTexture (): Create a Texture. ** [Loop to Render data] * SDL_UpdateTexture (): Set Texture's data. * SDL_RenderCopy (): Copy Texture to Render. * SDL_RenderPresent (): Show. */# include After running the result program, a YUV420P file in the program folder is read as follows. The YUV content will be drawn in the pop-up window. Download Simplest FFmpeg Playe

56 video player source code and 56 player source code

56 video player source code and 56 player source code 56 video player source codeA set of more mature Video Player project source code, by default, directly from our music network (htt

Android Video Player (i): Play video with Videoview

= "Match_parent"Android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"> VideoviewAndroid:id= "@+id/video_view"Android:layout_width= "Match_parent"Android:layout_height= "Wrap_content" /> LinearLayout>>3. Writing playback Video codeVideoview Videoview = Findviewbyid (; Videoview.setvideopath (""); New Mediacontroller (this); Videoview.setmediacont

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