simulated sine wave

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Preliminary study on Electric Race (I.)--sine wave, square wave, sawtooth wave conversion

First, the topic requirements:1. Use 555 to make pulse square wave 2, using TL084 op amp to make square and sawtooth waves 3, using TLM314 voltage regulator to do DC bias 4, the square wave requires peak-to-peak 1V, sine wave demand peak of 0~2v, sawtooth wave demand peak-to

[to] square wave than sine wave output torque greater basis

Square wave driven square-wave motor has a theoretical basis compared with the output of square-wave motor driven by sine wave:The air gap magnetic field of square-wave motor can be divided into fundamental and a series of harmonics , and the electromagnetic torque of square

Principle of sine wave movement in ITF Taekwondo

Sine Wave-sine wave motionsPrinciple of sine wave movement in ITF Taekwondo This article Reprinted from: Sine

Summary 2---Multimeter measures the voltage of square wave and sine wave

Summary 2--- multimeter measures the voltage of square wave and sine waveThe voltage of the square wave measured by the multimeter is the average and the sine wave is a valid value.The reason is: the multimeter uses the integral ADC, the results are averaged. ... Why is this

Easy to do PowerPoint lesson demo sine Wave

Use PowerPoint to make courseware, because it is easy to learn and easy to make easy to become the teacher's preferred tool. What we're going to talk about today is a demonstration of the sine wave in PowerPoint. The image of sinusoidal function is an important part of high school mathematics. But for many students, the content of this class is too abstract to be understood. Therefore, the mathematics teac

How to dynamically demonstrate sine wave with geometric artboard

Sine Wave is the most single frequency component of a signal, because the waveform of this signal is a mathematical sine curve named. The courseware of dynamic demonstrating sine wave is made by using geometry artboard , and the working state of

Examples of canvas sine wave motion in HTML5

I. Requirements: Requirements: Let the ball move along the sine wave. The constructor of the ball is as follows: The constructor of a spherefunction Ball (radius, color) {if (radius = = = undefined) {radius = 40;}if (color = = undefined) {color = ' #ff0000 ';}this.x = 0;This.y = 0;This.radius = radius;this.rotation = 0;This.scalex = 1;This.scaley = 1;This.color = color;This.linewidth = 1;}Ball.prototype.

[TM4C123 single-chip microcomputer practice] configure SSI and drive DAC7811 to display a sine wave,

[TM4C123 single-chip microcomputer practice] configure SSI and drive DAC7811 to display a sine wave, I have learned TM4C123 single-chip in the electric competition over the past few days. In general, combined with the official routine and reference manual, a good oscilloscope will be much more efficient. TI's SSI is actually SPI. First, familiarize yourself with SPI. SPI is used to transmit data between the

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