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Three kinds of domain names to optimize the advantages of the site and the method of choosing a good domain name

Site optimization to select the domain name is the first step, and many webmasters in the selection of domain names are in accordance with their favorite to choose, like buying clothes, they like to buy. Some domain names make you wonder what it

Windows Server 2016-domain site links and subnet adjustments

In many cases, we distinguish between the domain control or the site synchronization is normal operation of the content is to see the two domain control ping or resolution is normal, or to see whether the two firewalls shut down, but in fact, we

Windows Server 2012 Virtualization Combat: Domain

In Windows Server systems, some services must be built in a domain environment, not only for unified authentication and resource sharing, but also for network security. To build a virtualization test, we need to build a domain environment first. Get

Domain computer Boot up Process and site info

When first joining the domain, the client makes general DNS and LDAP queries and gets a list of all the domain controllers In the domain, and it goes down the list, trying LDAP binds, and the first successful DC so it binds to-that is the F Irst DC

Website SEO: To create a suitable domain name for search engines

The purpose of search engine operation is to provide more accurate and useful information for users. This goal is to become the search engine optimizer to engage in the ultimate goal of optimization work, in building a search engine like the domain

On the strategy of "target-targeted" domain name in mainstream search engine

By the Xinhua news agency and China Mobile to create a national search engine "Pangu search" to enable creative domain name official online operation, the message aroused concern in the industry, the search market has always been a huge

Real case: Site replacement of the domain name injury

At present the author operates the website is the community-type website, the website construction has been using "www" the domain name at the beginning. In the SEO perspective, in fact, the WWW-led domain name is also a two-level domain name, in

An interpretation of the domain name selection of site experience

A good site, should have a good domain name, that will be more than half the effort, otherwise it is likely to toil and the result is "half the effort." Many people often ask me how to build a station, how to promote and so on? One of them involves

Web site Optimization Primer Series II: The choice of the website domain name

The vast majority of personal webmaster and I like, after the site is a good site to be optimized to get the search engine rankings, and then to achieve their own through the site to gain the profit of the way. So, do we have a short cut before we

Ii. Seo impact on Seo from entry to proficient domain names

A domain name is the foundation of a website. A good domain name is self-evident in the meaning of a website. Domain name query: Expired domain name query tool: easy to name China Alexa Traffic view: http:

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