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Sitefinity CMS (ASP. NET) Shell Upload Vulnerability

Sitefinity is a content management system developed using The ImageEditorDialog. aspx in Sitefinity CMS3.x. 4.0 has a vulnerability in processing the extension of uploaded files. Attackers may exploit this vulnerability to upload webshells. [+] Info:~~~~~~~~~# Exploit Title: Sitefinity CMS (ASP. NET) Shell Upload Vulnerability# DDate: 16/11/2010# Author

Breakpoints && Lldb & #160;&& Use of chisel

. Method not foundNote that you cannot use the DOT syntax when using the properties of a system framework object. For example, the problem.Change to a format such as the following: Chisel Based on LLDB support for Python plug-ins, Facebook developed a set of LLDB command libraries for open source. Https://, which includes a lot of very interesting command tools.The installation method is very easy. Use the Brew tool. Specif

The fastest way to calculate the file size, output & apos; B & apos;, & apos; KB & apos;, & apos; MB &

The fastest way to calculate the file size, output amp; apos; B amp; apos;, amp; apos; KB amp; apos ;, amp; apos; MB amp; So far, it may be the fastest calculation method.Is it faster? Date_d

In-depth discussion & quot; & amp; lt; br/& amp; gt; & quot; and & q_PHP tutorial-php Tutorial

In-depth discussion of amp; quot; amp; lt; br amp; gt; amp; quot; and amp; q. Rn is the line feed of the output HTML code. the effect the customer sees is not line feed. The opposite is true for the br: I am content rn, I am content br, I am content \ r \ n is the HTML

POJ 1325 && ZOJ 1364--machine Schedule "Two-point diagram && Minimum point cover number "

), meaning that the operation I can work in machine A's mode_x mode or machine B's mode_y mode.In order to complete the work, the machine's working mode must be switched on and off from time to time, but the switching machine mode can only be done by restarting the machine, asking you to restart at least how many times. Ability to assign work to the end.Analytical:A look at A, B machines, and then according to test instructions, two machines have a matching relationship, we first construct a bin

Analysis of differences between operators & amp; quot ;=& amp; quot; and & amp; quot; is & amp; quot; in Python

Operators amp; quot; and amp; difference analysis of amp; quot; is amp; quot; Preface Before talking about the differences between the is and = operators, you must first know the three basic elements of an object in Python: id (id), python type () (data type) and value (value ). Is and = are used to compare and judg

Preliminary & oracle-18-select Statements Using the arithmetic expression & alias in SQL & join operator%distinct&where clause

informationSelect Empno,ename from emp where Sal in (1500,3000,2000);Eight, and, or, not useAnd, or, not are the 3 logical operators (operators) in Oracle. They can combine various parts of the search criteria.?For example: Query employee information with a salary greater than 1500 and a position of "salesman"Sql>selectempno, ename from EMP2 where Sal > and job = ' salesman ';For example: Query "COMM" This column of non-empty employee informationSql>selectempno, ename, comm from EMP????? 2 whe

What is the difference between & and && in C + +

Their difference is that is quite a switch statement , that is, assuming that the front face value is false then he will not continue to run the following expression, and regardless of the preceding value, always run the statement following it. can be an address operator or a reference character , which depends on what you are using; and is logical and The meaning of the is as if ((a = 78) (b = 77)) It's just a comparison operator. is a Boolean logical operation NBSP; eg:

ORACLE12C feature enhancements for maintenance & upgrades & recovery & data Pumps

you with a remedy to solve the problem.The following steps explain how to use Oracle Enterprise Manager cloud control to analyze the database state:1) Select the Emergencymonitoring option from the Performance menu on the Access database home page, which will display the first blocking session in the Hang Analysis table.2) Select the REAL-TIMEADDM option from performance to perform a real-time ADDM analysis.3) After collecting the performance data, click on the findings page to get an interacti

ORACLE12C feature enhancements for maintenance & upgrades & recovery & data Pumps

general description of what is happening in the database, and perhaps provide you with a remedy to solve the problem.The following steps explain how to use Oracle Enterprise Manager cloud Control to analyze database status:1) Select the Emergencymonitoring option from the Performance menu on the Access database home page . This will show the top blocking session in the Hang Analysis table.2) Select the REAL-TIMEADDM option from performance to run the real-time ADDM analysis.3) After collecting

PHP Add Watermark & Proportional thumbnail image & Fixed height & Fixed width class.

, 0, 0, 0, $width, $height, $this->source_width, $this->source_height); } $newPic = $this->orign_dirname. ' \thumb_ '. Time (). ' _ '. $width. ' _ ". $height.". $this->typelist[$this->source_type_id]; if ($this->saveimage ($tinyImage, $newPic)) { Imagedestroy ($tinyImage); Imagedestroy ($handle); } } Save picture Private Function SaveImage ($image, $url) { if (imagejpeg ($image, $url)) { return true; } } } $imgHandle = ne

The meaning and difference of the shell 1>&2 2>&1 &>filename Redirection

File.outA.txt[email protected] box]# cat File.errLs:b.txt:no such file or directoryIn general, "1>" can usually be omitted as ">".That can be written as above command: LS a.txt b.txt >file.out 2>file.errWith these understandings, "1>2" and "2>1" can be understood.1>2 the correct return value is passed to the 2 output channel AMP;2 represents 2 output channelIf 1>2 is incorrectly written here, it means redirecting the 1 output to file 2.The 2>1 error

PHP adds watermark & amp; proportional thumbnails & amp; fixed height & amp; fixed width class.

PHP adds watermark amp; proportional thumbnail amp; fixed height amp; fixed width class. // Add watermark proportional thumbnail fixed height fixed width in PHP. Class Image_process { Public $ source; // source image Public $ source_width; // source image width Public $ source_height; // source image height

Interval between date_diff calculation & quot; operation time & quot; and & quot; current time & quot;

Date_diff calculation amp; quot; Operation Time amp; quot; interval from amp; quot; current Time amp; quot; There are many similar comments in many blogs. comments: xx minutes and xx seconds show the comment for a long time. today, I made a comment using php's date_diff. Function get_Pass_Da

Cocos2d: CCFileUtils: sharedFileUtils ()-) getFileData (szFile, & amp; quot; r & amp; quot;, & amp; bufferSize) different platform return values are different

Cocos2d: CCFileUtils: sharedFileUtils ()-) getFileData (szFile, quot; r quot;, amp; bufferSize) different platform return values are different String pathKey = CCFileUtils: sharedFileUtils ()-> fullPathForFilename (fileName); unsigned char * pBuffer = NULL; unsigned long bufferSize = 0; pBuffer = CCFileUtils: sharedFileUtils () -> getFileData (pathKey. c_str (), "rb", bufferSize ); When I read a csv file using CCFileUtils: sharedFileUtils ()->

Sed && awk tools and some frequently used shell scripts

[$#-ne 1];then echo "Usage: $ ipaddr." Exitelse checkipaddr $ ans=$? If [$ans-eq 0];then echo "Legal IP address." else echo "Unlegal IP address." Fifi(6) Other#!/bin/bash# Display current date and time echo ' date +%y-%m-%d-%h:%m:%s ' #查看哪个IP地址连接的最多netstat-an | grep established | awk ' {print $} ' |awk-f: ' {print '} ' | Sort | Uniq-c#awk do not sort delete repeatedly line awk '!x[$0]++ ' filename #x仅仅是一个数据參数的名字, is a map that does the logical inference specif

,&& and &,| in Java | The difference from |

There are four classes in the logical operator (in Java): (short circuit and),|| (short circuit or), |Short circuit and is a logical operator in the Java language, which is recorded as amp, and is similar to logic in programming languages, but has short-circuit properties. The symbol is:. Ab, when a is false, returns false without calculating the value of B, and evaluates the value of B when a is true. (from Baidu Encyclopedia) and Ab, you need to cal

HTML character entities (about  ><, etc.)

Characters commonly used character entityNote: entity names are case-sensitive! Results Describe Entity Name Entity number ?? Non-breaking Space nbsp; #160; Less than #60; > Greater than gt; #62; Ampersand amp; #38; ¢ cent cent; #162; £ Pound pound; #163

Mysql & quot; groupby & quot; and & quot; orderby & q_MySQL

Mysqlamp; quot; groupbyamp; quot; and amp; quot; orderbyamp; quot; research-the latest content in the classification Research on mysql "group by" and "order by" -- the latest content in classificationThese two days make it difficult to query a data. The main reason is that the understanding of group by is not deep enough. This is the case.I think many people have met this requirement. Below is my content table simulationThe code is as follo

Booleantrue/falseandthestrings & quot; true & quot;/& quot; false &

Booleantruefalseandthestrings amp; quot; true amp; quot; false amp; Booleans are used to represent the concepts of true and false. they are most often used for testing if a statement is true or false and they'll play a bigger role when we discuss logical expressions. note that there is a difference between boolean true/false and the strings "true"/"fa

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