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Sitefinity CMS (ASP. NET) Shell Upload Vulnerability

Sitefinity is a content management system developed using The ImageEditorDialog. aspx in Sitefinity CMS3.x. 4.0 has a vulnerability in processing the extension of uploaded files. Attackers may exploit this vulnerability to upload webshells. [+] Info:~~~~~~~~~# Exploit Title: Sitefinity CMS (ASP. NET) Shell Upload Vulnerability# DDate: 16/11/2010# Author

Python Basics 8--Modules-Custom modules and third-party open source modules

Understanding of Modulesmodule, which implements a set of code for a function with a mound code.Like functional programming and process-oriented programming, functional programming accomplishes a function, and other code is used to invoke it, providing reusability of code and coupling between the code. For a complex function, multiple functions may be required to complete (functions can be in different. py files), and the Code collection consisting of N. py files is called a module.such as: OS i

Python notes the 3rd Chapter, modules and modules of common methods, functional programming yield, ternary operation lambda expression, built-in culvert number, common modules

Common methods for modules and modules Function-Type programming Yield Ternary operations Lambda expression Built-in Culvert number Common modules "Common methods for modules and modules"The critical #包一定要有这个__init__. py file, he is t

Python Learning-Basic 4 modules and packages and common modules

A Module introduction1. What is a module?#常见的场景: A module is a python file that contains a set of functions, such as, which is named spam and can be used via import spam. #在python中, the module is used the same way, but in fact, the module can be divided into four general categories: 1. py file 2, written in Python, has been compiled into a shared library or DLL's C or C + + extension 3 folders that organize a series of modules together (note:

Modules in Python, common modules--12

ModuleIn the development of computer programs, as the program code more and more, in a file code will be more and more long, more and more difficult to maintain.In order to write maintainable code, we grouped many functions into separate files so that each file contained relatively few code, and many programming languages used this kind of organization code, in Python, a. py file is called a module.Benefits of using modulesThe greatest benefit of using the module first is that it greatly improve

The modules defined by REQUIREJS are always returned as singleton objects, and can be used to solve the problem of mutual interference between modules by using the classes in JavaScript

There are 2 ways to define a module in Requirejs: Simple key-value pairs and functional dependencies.1. simple Key-value pairs : A module contains only value pairs, no dependenciesDefine ({ color: "Black", size:1, method1:function () {}, method2:function () {}});This kind of writing is simple, but there are a lot of limitations, just define the module's return value, do not do some additional initialization work.It is more flexible to define modu

Python built-in modules and third-party modules

1.Python built-in modules and third-party modules Built-in modules: Python, after installing Python, has its own library, called Python's built-in library.Built-in modules, also known as Python's standard library.Python 2.x online library function query, can go here:The Python standard Library Th

Python common modules-time modules

Python common modules-time modulesYun ZhengjieCopyright Notice: Original works, declined reprint! Otherwise, the legal liability will be investigated.I. Initial TIME module1 #! /usr/bin/env python2 #_*_coding:utf-8_*_3 #@author: Yinzhengjie4 #blog: e8%b7%af/5 #Email:[email protected]6 7 Import Time8 9 """"Ten categories of

Ubuntu 10.10 kernel compilation to solve the problem of cocould not load/lib/modules /... /Modules. dep

I. How to download the kernel source code: 1. Download the kernel source code in ubuntu: apt-get install linux-source Find the kernel source code package: apt-cache search kernel-source. Then, install the corresponding source code package and run apt-get install linux-source directly. In this case, the downloaded kernel source code may be different from the current kernel version (My ubuntu kernel is 2.6.35-22, and the downloaded kernel is ). 2, download a specific version of the Li

Search for and install Python modules and search for python modules

Search for and install Python modules and search for python modules 【Import Module] Unlike # include in C, the import Statement in Python does not simply insert a file into another file. The import operation is a running operation. When the program imports a specified file for the first time, it performs the following steps, 1.Find the module File 2.Compiled into bits 3.Execute the code in the module to cre

Python Basic Learning 4-functions, built-in functions, OS modules, time modules

,age): #zip to compress multiple lists together Print (NAME,SE,AG)If the list element is not as many, the loop is minimal.Map #循环帮你调用函数Filter3 modulesA python file is a module3.1 Standard ModulesStandard modules: Python comes with modules that are standard modules, which are standard modules that can be directly import

Learn Extjs5 with me. (36--design of individual modules [4 building corresponding modules according to the menu])

Learn Extjs5 with me. (36--design of individual modules [4 building corresponding modules according to the menu])The first few sections have handled the backstage, and now we have to deal with the foreground. The first thing to do is to modify the menu selection event and pass the ModuleName parameter when creating a module. To modify a function in Maincontroller.js:After you select the menu on the main

A preliminary introduction to Pydoc modules and distutils modules in Python _python

several near-standard module-level "Magic" variable names that are often used. Although those document rules are less formal, almost all third party modules and standard module documents use the same pattern. Let's look at a simplified example that uses most of the elements:Listing 1: module with a typical document #!/usr/bin/python "" "show off features of [Pydoc] module ' a silly module to demonstrate docstrings "" "" "" _

Preliminary introduction to Pydoc modules and distutils modules in Python

addition, there are several "magic" variable names near the standard module level that are often used. Although those document rules are less formal, almost all third-party modules and standard module documents use the same pattern. Let's look at a simplified example that uses most of the elements:Listing 1: module with typical documentation #!/usr/bin/python "" Show off features of [Pydoc] Modulethis is a silly module todemonstrate docstri

Getting started with Python: Common modules-shutil Modules

Object ret = shutil.make_archive (' My_proj_bak ', ' Gztar ', root_dir= ' my_proj ')  Shutil Processing of compressed packets is done by calling the ZipFile and Tarfile two modules, in detail:ZipFile Compression DecompressionImport Zipfilez = ZipFile. ZipFile (' ', ' W ') z.write (' F1.log ') z.write (' F2.log ') z.close ()  z = zipfile. ZipFile (' ', ' R ') Z.extractall (path= '. ') Z.close ()  Tarfile Compression Decompr

Common built-in modules for one of the common Python modules

. 3, Urllib, URLLIB2  Urllib2 can accept a request object and use this to set the headers of a URL, but urllib only receives one URL.  This means that you cannot disguise your user-agent string and so on. The Urllib module can provide a method for UrlEncode, which is used to generate a get query string, and URLLIB2 does not have such a function.  This is why Urllib and urllib2 are often used together. (1) Urllib2.urlopen (Url[,data,timeout]) is used to obtain Web content (2) urllib2. Response (U

Python modules (JSON and pickle modules)

JSON and pickle modules, two modules for serializationJSON module for conversion between a string and a Python data typePickle Module for conversion between Python-specific types and Python data typesTwo modules, all available with dumps,dump,loads,load 4 functions1 ImportJSON2s ='{"Key1": "Value1", "Key2": "Value2"}' #==> use JSON

Getting started with Python: Common modules-random Modules

There are a lot of places to use random characters, such as login site random verification code, through the random module can easily generate random stringImport Randomprint (Random.randrange (1, ten)) # Returns a random number between 1-10, excluding 10print (Random.randint (1, ten)) # Returns a random number between 1-10, including 10print (Random.randrange (0, 2)) # randomly selects even print (random.random) # between 1 and 100 to return the random floating-point print ( Ra

Windows Python installs Paramiko modules and Pycrypto modules (three simple steps)

article will not repeat." If necessary friends can refer to this article:// "After the installation is complete, the following is done, without error, it indicates the installation was successful:? 12 >>> importparamiko>>> SummarizeThe above is the entire content of this article, I hope that the content of this article on everyone's study or work can bring certain help, if there are questions you can message exchange, thank you for

Python Basics-time modules and Radom modules

, Tm_isdst=-1)Print(fansik.tm_year) execution results:2017ImportdatetimePrint( ()) Implementation results:2017-10-16 18:27:03.256569Random moduleImportRandomPrint(Random.random ())#random number from 0 to 1:0.06054267487515341Print(Random.randint (1, 9999))#random numbers from 1 to 9999, including 1 and 9999Print(Random.randrange (1, 9999))#random number from 1 to 9999, not including 9999Print(Random.choice ('Fansik'))#a character in a random FansikPrint(Random.choice (['Fan

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