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Java Send heartbeat Heartbeat pack (Byte to 16) _java

Copy Code code as follows: Package com.jxy.web; Import;Import;Import;Import;Import;Import;

Byte order-size end

From: BIG-ENDIAN (large byte order, high byte order)LITTLE-ENDIAN (small byte order, low byte order)Host byte orderNetwork byte sequenceJava byte order 1. Big-Endian, LITTLE-ENDIAN is related to

Go language Learning (10) bytes packet processing byte slices

The bytes package provides a series of functions for reading and writing byte slicesThe function of byte slicing is more, it is divided into basic processing function, comparison function, suffix check function, index function, partition

Java io (File class, byte stream and byte stream, byte character conversion Stream)

Document directory Main methods and constants in the file class Procedure Byte output stream: outputstream Byte input stream: inputstream Character output stream: writer Character input stream: Reader  File class In the entire Io package,

Byte order and size end, byte order size end

Byte order and size end, byte order size endWhy is there a byte order problem? 1. memory uses 8 bits as an address unit: the early processor address uses 8 bits as a unit (8-bit processor). That is to say, 8 bits of data can be accessed at a time,

When do you want to convert the byte order of the size end?

when you want to convert the size-end byte-order. Send and receive data through the socket (on Intel's processor) When you want to convert the size-end byte-order. For example, send an int type of data out, do not convert. Or both ends, you don'

byte order (byte order) and bit order (bit order)

byte order (byte order) and bit order (bit order)? In network programming, the network byte order and host order are often mentioned, that is, when an object consists of multiple bytes, it is necessary to pay attention to the order of the objects '

Network Programming: Host byte and network byte, network programming byte

Network Programming: Host byte and network byte, network programming byte Recently, I was using python to develop a general testing tool for testing engine services. Here I will sort out a concept in network programming that is inevitable: Host byte

Java IO stream byte stream, java IO stream byte

Java IO stream byte stream, java IO stream byteI. Common file Operations   File file = new File ("E: \ test \ javaIo"); System. out. println (file. isDirectory (); // determines whether the file is a directory (if the file does not exist, false is

Size-end byte sequence

The bytecode issue involves the hardware architecture. Currently, it is mainly about Motorola's PowerPC series CPU and Intel's X86 series CPU.The PowerPC series uses big endian for data storage, while the x86 series uses little endian for data

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