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Cocos2dx implements erasure, I .e., eraser Effect

Cocos2dx implements the eraser Effect Dionysoslai ([email protected]) 2014/8/25 In the previous project, I was playing a picture book game and demanded an erasure effect. For details about the effect, see picture book "I Am a Tyrannosaurus". At that time, due to the tight project, is to take online Code directly to use (thanks to the younger brother introduction, specific blog, see the address, ). At that time,

Swift3.0 Learning Practice-a simple artboard (seven-color trajectory, revocable, removable, with eraser)

Write a fun little program and continue learning swift. Run effect + code + Knowledge Point SummaryOperating Effect:Code:Canvas classes: Canvases, drawing board state management, interaction, handling gesturesClass canvas:uiview{//responsible for line generation, operation and management let Pathcreator:pathcreator//is in the erase state var isinerasering:bool//Eraser View Let Eraserview:uiview override Init (frame:cgrect) {isinerasering = False pathc

word2013 How to use the eraser

   Use eraser Step one: create a table 1, open word2013, first we draw a table. Click the "Insert" button on the toolbar and click "Form". 2, in the pop-up table area, slide the mouse, you can see the small orange box with the mouse, we set up a 8 rows of 6 columns table. When you are sure you can, press the left mouse button. 3. This is the form we have just established.   Use

PS Background eraser Function detailed

Prepare to write a series of tutorials, the purpose of which is to explore some of the less common but can let us get a lot of unexpected harvest features. This is a good way to get a lot of adobe fans to look for some of the less-visible features of Adobe software, and let them play a bigger role in our work. Today we are going to talk about the background eraser tool, this tool is very wonderful, I usually do not tell him. To get to the end, the bo

Directory eraser-quick Delete

The Vista Home Basic system is installed on the mobile device, but the replication and deletion functions of the Vista Resource Manager are not so satisfactory. Especially when copying or deleting large files (folders), it is fast and slow. Sometimes, after ten minutes, the system prompts "computing the remaining time", and finally failed to click "cancel". This may lead to an error. It will take another ten minutes to wait for the cancellation. So this time I will introduce a software:Directory

Use Photoshop background eraser to pick hair for beauty

Original Effect chart Tools to use: Open the original image, duplicate a layer, with the tool to select most of the background Add a mask. Then open a piece of material dragged in and put under the copy layer. Select the Background Eraser tool, set as follows: Set front/Background color (foreground is the color of hair, background color is near hair) Then use th

Use the background eraser tool to quickly pull out a single flower in the background

Use the background rubber tool to pull out the picture has certain limits, the background part should not be too complex, preferably is a more single color, but also has the main body and the background part chromatic aberration value is bigger. This will only take a few short steps to pull out the desired picture. Original Final effect 1, open the picture, ctrl+j get Layer 1, click Red Circle, create Layer 2, placed in layer 1 and background layer, fill white as check effect and ne

Using the PS eraser to pull the drawing method efficiently

There are a variety of ways to use Photoshop to pull the map, such as: masking the map, pulling out the filter screen, outside the filter to dig up the map, channel, and so on. However, these pull-through methods have their own difficulties, beginners are often difficult to master. Today, the editor for the vast number of Photoshop to pull the map of beginners to introduce a simple operation, the effect of the ideal method-"background eraser tool" pu

Flash Eraser Tool Tutorial

  The eraser tool is used to clear redundant or incorrect parts of a graphic, and is a commonly used auxiliary tool in drawing editing. As with the brush tool, in the property options area you can select five graphics erase modes for the eraser tool, which is similar to the drawing mode of the brush tool, and is the eraser tool that this article introduces to the

Use background eraser to key transparent tulips

Use background eraser to key transparent tulipsFirst look at the original and:Original:Here's how to do this:1, open the picture, ctrl+j get Layer 1, click on the red circle, create layer 2, placed between Layer 1 and the background layer, fill white as a check effect and a new background layer.2, according to the parameters given by the figure, with the background eraser in the layer 1 rub it, pay attentio

Tutorial on using Photoshop CS6 background eraser tool

1. Open an image file. As shown in the following illustration: If necessary, read the Photoshop CS6 to open the file. 2. Select the Background Eraser tool in the Toolbox 。 As shown in the following illustration: If necessary, read the Photoshop CS6 Toolbox. 3. If you only use the default properties of the brush, you can omit this step and direct the next step. If you need to set various properties of the brush

Cocos2d-x 3.x eraser function

1.helloworldscene.hCocos2d::D rawnode* _eraser;cocos2d::rendertexture*_rendertexture;In the Init method of 2.helloworldscene.cppSize visiblesize = Director::getinstance ()getvisiblesize (); VEC2 Center=VEC2 (visiblesize.width*0.5f+origin.x,visiblesize.height*0.5f+origin.y); _eraser=drawnode::create (); _eraser->drawdot (Vec2::zero,Ten, color4f (0,0,0,0)); _eraser-retain (); _rendertexture=rendertexture::create ((int) Visiblesize.width, (int) visiblesize.height); _rendertexture-setposition (cente

Scratch (eraser) function under WP8

* (ioriginalwidth) + j]; }}After we touch the gesture, we're going to deal with the pixels.: Suppose we length=1 (referring to the size of the touch after it)If we select the red position, I'm going to make the square ( Green position) of the pixel with a distance of 1 on the edge of the red pixel transparentWe can get the start end row and column to the Green range.Then just change the color of that pixel.0; // gets the subscript of a neighboring pixel (i * l) + jAssign a value to the pictu

PS Drawing Tips Tutorial Background Eraser Drawing method

points first: 1, 90% of the case, pull the map are other more effective way to replace, pull the map is a necessity and the thing. 2, never the best way to pull the map, only in the current situation, the more appropriate method. 3, in a variety of circumstances, the PS command can be combined with hundreds of ideas to pull the map. 4, with lasso, magnetic lasso do constituency is often the most stupid, in view of this, with Lasso to do constituency, I will not speak. This tutorial first e

2015.4.25-2015.5.1 string de-weight, proportional circle design, winning machine and canvas eraser effect, etc.

1.string de-weight, HTML template value2.JavaScript Regular expression $1...$93.jquery Plugin4. Go back to the previous page and refresh the workaround:5, how can mobile phone website with webstorm write preview?workaround : Deployment to Wamp,xamp,iis, and then use the browser to generate a QR code, sweep can be opened. If it is a javaweb project, hang the tomcat phone directly to access your IP.6, Proportional circle Design 6** Solution * *:Method 1Method 27. How do you determine if two colors

Use clearRect () in the HTML5 Canvas API to implement the eraser function. html5clearrect

Use clearRect () in the HTML5 Canvas API to implement the eraser function. html5clearrect In the real world, we use a paint brush to draw on the canvas. In html5 canvas, we can also use the canvas paint brush-CanvasRenderingContext2D object to draw on the canvas. As we all know, our paint brushes are usually used with erasers to correct mistakes in the painting process and re-paint. In html5 canvas, the CanvasRenderingContext2D object also provides us

Use clearRect () in HTML5CanvasAPI to implement the eraser function _ html5 tutorial tips-

This article mainly introduces how to use clearRect () in HTML5CanvasAPI to implement the eraser function. In this article, it is very practical to erase a part of the page to display the background image, if you need a paint brush, you can draw it on the canvas. In html5 canvas, we can also use the canvas paint brush-CanvasRenderingContext2D object to draw on the canvas. As we all know, our paint brushes are usually used with erasers to correct mista

HTML5 Erase effect for eraser

Original: HTML5 Erase effect for eraser  Disclaimer: This article is original article, if need reprint, please indicate source waxes, thank you!  Recently the project just used this effect, that is, a bit like a scratch card, on the mobile device, a picture is scraped off to show another picture. As follows:Demo Please poke right:demo  This is quite common on the Internet, originally wanted to directly online to find a demo to apply his method on the

Error: Container duration eraser causes invalid iterator

Annotation: there is still a problem with the delete method 1. You should save the elements to be deleted and delete them one by one.By debehe 2008.01.22 This mistake was made again. You can't help but remember :) Each element of the container is a struct, and the elements in the struct are created on the stack. to delete an element, you must first release the memory allocated in the struct. Therefore:When iterator is used to traverse a container in a for loop, while

Example of Photoshop background eraser tool button-PS tutorial

Maybe when we mention the rubber tool group, everyone will naturally think of their role-erasure. I do not know whether the background rubber also has the function of photo deduction, or not? Let's try it together. 1. open an image, and you can find that this image can be captured in multiple ways. in this case, you can also use the simplest and simplest rubber tool group that we often use, everyone will naturally think of their role-erasure. I don't know whether the background

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