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Nodejs multi-Room web chat room and nodejsweb chat room

Nodejs multi-Room web chat room and nodejsweb chat room After a long period of time, I wrote a summary of the current PPT document. Source code download: Nodejs background 1. JavaScript was first run in a browser, but the browser only provides a context2. node. js is actually another context, which allows you to run JavaScrip

NET Fox Glory version room card game in the mobile client does not appear room card room

Recently, there are individual netizens to find me, the erection of the net Fox Glory version of the game, the server opened the room card room, but there is no room on the mobile phone display, not to mention into the room. After investigation, the procedure is not a problem, the same source code, the same environment

Erlang chat room Program (9) theme room 2-room Information Management

Next, the previous article deals with the problem of "maintaining currently available topic room information. Each time the startchild promoter process is used, the current room information is saved to the ETS table. More importantly, the corresponding information must be updated every time the theme room exits abnormally or restarts. Modify the content in room

QQ Chat Room How to enter the QQ chat room approach

Users of QQ software to the detailed analysis to share the QQ chat room to enter the method. Method Sharing: Step 1: Login QQ. Step 2: At the bottom of the QQ Panel button midpoint "QQ Game" button. Step 3: Enter the QQ game, in the QQ Game search box input "QQ show chat room", Dot Magnifier button. Step 4: Then search to "QQ show chat

Search room to help the app how to import house search room to help import the housing method to share

For your search room to help users of the software to detailed analysis to share a search house to help import the method of housing. Method Sharing: At present, the house search account does not support each other to import listings, but it has an AOS function, you can use the AOS function here to two of the search room to bind together the account, and then through the AOS to guide the house. Directl

Mobile QQ Live Room How to enter? QQ Live Room access method

In the mobile phone upgrade of the new version of QQ and then click on "Dynamic Button" and then enter the "QQ Live Room" effect as follows: Step two: Then when you get into the live room, you'll see a lot of anchors: Then find a goddess you like. Click Enter, and then in the "enter the room into the interactive" button: Then prompts us to

Nodejs multi-room web chat room

the connectionSocket.broadcast.emit (): broadcasts to all clients that are removing the client that established the connectionIo.sockets.emit (): Broadcast to all clients, equivalent to the two above andCLIENT (INDEX. HTML) SERVER (APP. Msnvar app = require (' Express ') (), Server = require (' http '). Createserver (APP), Io = require (' '). Listen (server); Bind the to the server Server.listen (80); App.get ('/', function (req, res) { res.sendfile (__dirname + '/index.

How does cool dog music open the live room? How to open the cool dog live room

Cool Dog Music is more about listening to songs or making phone ringtones. However, now the cool Dog music also expands the new function, is similar to yy that can live. In the cool dog live room, the singer, The entertainer all can carry on the video broadcast, including the video K song, the video friend, the video chats and so on. So, how does cool dog music get into the live room? 1, turn on cool dog m

Combination Inquiry--computer room fee System __ Computer room Toll system

The computer room fee system Drag and finish, I will make a small summary of the combination of query (according to the statistics 4 forms need to be implemented by combining query statements). Say the operating room fee system v1.0_ Hu Yang (Modify version 8.13) program, very helpless said I really will not use field name, operator, query content, the combination of relations, in the end what is the con

How to Write a chat room in Python and a chat room in Python

How to Write a chat room in Python and a chat room in PythonI. course Introduction 1. Introduction This project class is used to implement the server and client of Simple Chat Room programs.2. knowledge points The server involves the asyncore, asynchat, and socket modules. The client uses the telnetlib, wx, time, and thread modules.3. Required Environment WxPytho

How to effectively cut off the living room and dining room

We all know that the area of the current living room is not very large, and we use a lot of hard partitions, in fact, the visual sense of the space is constantly reduced.Therefore, in many designs, we suggest using some soft partitions. If the silk products, green plants, and fish tanks form a visual separation of space, but it will not reduce the area, so we can also change the way to make the room more ag

Simple Php+mysql Chat Room implementation method (attached source), MySQL chat room _php Tutorial

Simple Php+mysql Chat Room implementation method (attached source), MySQL chat room In this paper, a simple php+mysql chat room implementation method is described. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows: The program described here is divided into 8 files: Frameset Frame page: index.php Show Chat Room content

Simple php + mysql chat room implementation method (with source code), mysql chat room _ PHP Tutorial

Simple php + mysql chat room implementation method (with source code), mysql chat room. Simple php + mysql chat room implementation method (with source code), mysql chat room This article describes the simple php + mysql chat room implementation method. This is a simple php

Implement room function and user display in ASP chat room

After I wrote the article "Implementing the private Message function in an ASP chat room," a lot of my friends wrote to ask me questions about other advanced functionality implementations. Indeed, such as room, user management and other advanced functions is a perfect chat room must have the function. The room function

Erlang chat room Program (8) topic room-Use of supervisor

The previously implemented function is equivalent to a hall. Here we are for this chat roomProgramAdd the topic room function ". After logging on to the client, the client is in the lobby, obtains all the current theme rooms, and sends a message to enter a room. Members in the same room are visible, and messages sent are only visible to the

Android chat room developed based on XMPP smack openfire (4) [create room and form; message]

This article focuses on creating rooms and packets. 1. Create a room: In fact, it is very easy to create a room, just a few words. But you need to know that the server does not help you configure room information or anything at the same time. Therefore, the following method is generally used to create a room. // Use xm

In an old game, it is said that less than 4000 people around the world can leave this room-the "dark red room ".

I. Room Escape-the dark red room" Ii. Escape from the room-"the sky blue room" Iii. Room Escape-end version of "Sky Blue Room" In an old game, it is said that less than 4000 people around the world can leave the

Secret room chat room based on Nodejs

By the holiday period will nodejs re-review and play a bit sketch to design the interface, very good. (Note: The code is collated and placed on GitHub, please follow.) )This chat room I gave it a definition of a name called "Secret chat room".Requirements :Technology Selection :Backend: Nodejs,, Middleware (EXPRESS,BODY-PARSER,MULTER,EJS), MongooseExpress: Is the Nodejs Web application framework, m

Magic go language (chat room development) and go language chat room Development

Magic go language (chat room development) and go language chat room Development [Disclaimer: All Rights Reserved. You are welcome to reprint it. Do not use it for commercial purposes. Contact Email: feixiaoxing @] This is a blog about chat room development. The original Article address is from here. This article is very representative. I don't want to t

Chat Room Web application-Ajax application, chat room web-ajax

Chat Room Web application-Ajax application, chat room web-ajax In the last two days, I am working on a simple chat room program involving jquery's Ajax refreshing page, php connection to the mysql database, simple mysql operations, and the differences between mysql and mysqli. I did this in the APPServ Web environment. The advantage of using this environment is t

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